Preserving the unique art of Thai cuisine is the ultimate goal of Chef Rossarin Sripathum of Celadon, the famed authentic Thai restaurant of the Sukhothai Bangkok and one of the ultimate destinations for connoisseurs who seek authentic Thai cuisine.

Celadon Tasting Menu

Celebrated for its meticulous attention to detail, Celadon brings to you rare royal Thai dishes that are cooked with traditional techniques at the adept hands of Chef Rossarin, who has conducted extensive research and always sources only the finest of ingredients from across Thailand for her menu.

Celadon Tasting Menu

Chef Rossarin has her heart set on impressing her diners again with her Western-style multi-course tasting menu consisting of traditional Thai delicacies that have been elevated for fine dining yet still perfectly capture the Thai way of life in rural areas – a curated culinary experience that epitomizes Thainess and must be experienced by oneself.

Celadon Tasting Menu

Chef Rossarin’s Thai tasting menu is available for dinner every day at Celadon. Diners may opt for the Full Experience, a 12-course dinner comprising traditional Thai delicacies at THB 3,600++ per person, or choose Part of the Trails, a 9-course menu at THB 2,400++ per person. A wine pairing package is also offered at THB 1,500++ to complete this magnificent gastronomic journey.

Celadon Tasting Menu

Chef Rossarin’s tasting menu is nothing short of a culinary masterpiece. Thanks to the nostalgic touch of her childhood memories that she infuses in her food, each dish will transport you back in time, allowing you to experience the traditional way of life in the glorious era of splendor and wisdom.

Celadon Tasting Menu

The Creation of Fruit in Season

Despite its name, which may call to mind a platter filled with bite-sized pieces of fruit commonly seen in restaurants, the first appetizer is not simply that, but rather a meticulously prepared dish that showcases seasonal fruits at their peak. Currently featured is mangosteen, whose natural sweetness perfectly lends itself to Thai salad, which Chef Rossarin prepares by mixing the tender flesh of mangosteen with Thai herbs like shallots and chili. The result is a tangy and sweet mangosteen salad, served in carved-out mangosteens with the tops put back on, a simple yet elegant appetizer that makes a strong first impression and serves perfectly as an appetizer.

Celadon Tasting Menu

Rice Berry Coconut Pudding topped with Blue Crab Meat

The next course is kanom krok inspired by the Thai coconut pudding cups that she would have after school before dinner with her family. Similarly, in this tasting menu, the coconut pudding is served before the main courses. To add a savory touch, Chef Rossarin’s kamon krok features a luxurious purple batter made from ground riceberry rice that imparts a hint of natural sweetness and a rich filling of crab meat stir-fried with turmeric, coconut milk, and curry paste. These kanom krok are served in bite-sized pieces on a heated brass pan with shredded coconut in the middle, which is cooked by the heat and sends off a distinctive sweet aroma, reminding you of a rustic evening gathering around a campfire made out of coconut meal that fills the air with coconut fragrance.


Deep-fried Marinated Jasmine Rice and Preserved Pork
served with Fresh Young Ginger

The perfect encapsulation of the way of life of local people in Northeastern Thailand and their traditional food preservation techniques, Chef Rossarin’s nam khao thawd is a fine-dining spin of the well-known isan delicacy, featuring quality ingredients from the best sources. The sticky rice, which hails all the way from Surin specifically for this dish, is mixed with pork, ginger, and garlic, wrapped with foil, and left to ferment overnight, resulting in slightly sour homemade nam. The pork-rice roll is then deep-fried until golden-brown and crispy on the outside and served on betel leaves with spicy authentic Northeastern jim jaew dipping sauce, a perfect complement for the tenderness and succulence of the fragrant nam.

Celadon Tasting Menu

Alaskan King Crab, Bilimbi Fruit, Coconut and Shrimp Paste Dressing

Another favorite childhood dish of Chef Rossarin, the next dish is a salad made with bilimbi, a sour fruit used in Southern Thai cuisine, mixed with various Thai herbs, usually served as a snack or appetizer. With the vision of Chef Rossarin, this rustic menu is elevated with claw meat from the Alaskan king crab, which not only gives this salad dish a soft texture but also imparts creaminess reminiscent of coconut milk to the dressing. The salad is served in the shell of Alaskan king crab claws, garnished with dainty flowers and a bilimbi fruit cut in half as an accompaniment to this spicy salad. The result is a harmonious combination of distinctive Thai flavors and a world-class ingredient like the Alaskan king crab.

Celadon Tasting Menu

Spicy Seafood in Lemongrass Broth and Coconut Sea Shell

A Thai meal would not be complete without tom yum. With the techniques she has garnered while working with Michelin-starred chefs who have graced the Sukhothai Bangkok Chef, Rossarin puts a Western twist on the presentation of this Thai delicacy. Diners are served a bowl of seafood and herbs, with jumbo shrimp, fish, cuttlefish, and chili sitting at the bottom. What appears to be a cockle shell is then placed on top, before a hot lemongrass broth is poured over it, dissolving it into the tom yum and revealing that it is actually concentrated coconut milk shaped like a cockle shell – a stunning molecular gastronomy technique that gives novelty to this familiar Thai dish.


Fermented Rice Noodle topped with Sweet Chili and Golden Bean Curry Sauce

The next course is a local dish of Central Thailand that has becoming increasingly rare in Bangkok. Tender fermented rice noodles are freshly made, served with deep-fried vegetables and topped with the curry sauce that Chef Rossarin makes from scratch. To make this legendary sauce, she roasts golden beans in a pan until fragrant before grinding them with shallots, cilantro roots, curry paste, and coconut milk, transforming the ingredients into a thick sweet curry sauce with a hint of heat. Upon serving, golden deep-fried shallots and dried chili are sprinkled on top to add crunchy elements, completing this tour de force that showcases Chef Rossarin’s culinary prowess.


Chef Rossarin has decided to present the main courses in a Thai style, serving all the dishes at once for diners to choose and enjoy with jasmine rice, which is infused with the fragrance of the coconut shell it is served in.

Thai Sardine served with “Khlong khon” Shrimp Paste Dipping Sauce
and Braised Green Papaya in Coconut Milk

The first main course is a dish that brings together the crème de la crème of local Thai ingredients. The spicy Thai-style dipping sauce showcases “Khlong Khon” shrimp paste, which imparts a hit of saltiness, and is served on top on green papaya braised in coconut milk that not only infuses it with its sweet fragrance and but also gives it a firm texture reminiscent of baked potatoes. To top it all off, the dish also features Mae Klong sardines, renowned to have the best flavor among Thai sardines and known for their distinctive “broken necks.” To make them more appetizing, Chef Rossarin removes their heads and debones them, presenting just the meat. Served with jasmine rice, this dish offers a rich array of Thai flavors and demonstrates the superior quality of Thai ingredients.


Southern Style Braised Pork Belly, Rotten Egg of Liquid Five Spices

A well-known delicacy from Phuket, this main course is pork belly braised in a sweet and rich Chinese five-spice and soy sauce broth. The advanced culinary techniques required in its presentation make it one of the most complex and demanding dishes on the menu. First, eggs are boiled until the whites start to set and then left in vinegar to dissolve the shells. With a syringe, the yolks are then drained out, and the hollow space inside is rinsed with mineral water to remove as much yolk as possible before the braising liquid is injected inside. After this process, the eggs are chilled in a refrigerator, and they are placed in a steamer to reheat the sauce inside before they are served with pork belly. To enjoy this dish, diners must cut into the eggs to allow the luxurious brown sauce inside, which is why they are called rotten eggs, to ooze out and mingle with the pork. With these Michelin-star techniques, Chef Rossarin has elevated this local dish and taken contemporary Thai cuisine to the next level.

Celadon Tasting Menu

Baked Hidden Treasure Mushrooms
with Fresh Thai Aromatic Herbs

This vegetable dish is inspired by the local Northeastern delicacy laam pra, or fish cooked in bamboo. However, Chef Rossarin’s version features imported wild mushrooms instead, such as shimeji from Japan and oyster mushrooms from Bhutan. Mixed with various herbs, including kayaeng, a local herb with a unique aroma, and steamed in bamboo, the mushrooms are infused with distinct fragrance and a hint of saltiness — a magnificent harmony between imported ingredients and local Thai cooking techniques that is bound to please everyone alike.

Celadon Tasting Menu

Southern Style Yellow Curry with Snow Fish and Toddy Palm

The last main course in the Thai tasting menu gives center stage to toddy palm, another childhood favorite ingredient of Chef Rossarin, which she pairs with the highly-prized snow fish. To showcase these ingredients, she has chosen to serve them in Southern-style yellow curry, known for its pungency and strong flavor. Because their mild flavors, the toddy palm and the snow fish help mellow out the spiciness of the yellow curry, especially when eaten with hot steamed rice, allowing it to appeal to a wider range of palates.

Celadon Tasting Menu

Traditional Rice Cake topped with Young Coconut Meat,
White and Black Sesame and Homemade Coconut Ice Cream

For this dessert, Chef Rossarin puts her own spin on the traditional kanom thangtaek, a Thai rice cake with a coconut filling commonly found in temple fairs across Thailand. To create her own version of this sweet treat from her childhood, she learned how to make it from a renowned vendor in Saphan Mai, whose kanom thangtaek is not infused with nommaew, an aroma that many find to be overpowering. Also, the rice cake is filled with shredded young coconut flesh, as opposed to the coarser meat of older coconuts called for in traditional recipes, and is topped with fios de ovos and Celadon’s homemade coconut ice cream. The combination gives rise to a unique creation, a slightly sweet and tender dessert with the gentle fragrance of warm young coconut meat, which she has named kanom thangthong (bucket of gold) – another dish that Chef Rossarin has added a contemporary touch to broaden its appeal.

Celadon Tasting Menu

Candied Coconut wrapped with Roasted Pancake

The final course is kaysorn lamjiak, a traditional Thai snack that has become a rare treat thanks to its complex and demanding preparation. To make the filling, shredded young coconut meat is cooked with palm sugar until it is thick and aromatic. The candied coconut is then shaped into thin logs and rolled on thin pancakes made from sifted flour cooked on a hot pan, resulting in bite-sized log-shaped snacks.

Celadon Tasting Menu

To conclude the 12-course dinner, Chef Rossarin served up crispy coconut crepe rolled into cones for us to snack on during our postprandial conversation.

Celadon Tasting Menu

The tasting menu offered by Chef Rossarin Sripathum of Celadon does not just epitomize our pride in Thai cuisine but is also an extraordinary gastronomic experience for gourmands from overseas. After all, it is not often that you can enjoy rare local Thai delicacies that are products of local wisdom passed on from generation to generation, made with ingredients of the finest quality and served in a magnificent fine-dining setting. The Thai tasting menu is now available for dinner at Celadon, the Sukhothai Bangkok.

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Thai Tasting Menu

Celadon @ The Sukhothai Bangkok,

Daily from 18:30 – 23:00 hrs.

Classical Thai Dancing Performance at 20:00 hrs. and 21:00 hrs.

Full Experience (12 dishes) at THB 3,600++ per person

Part of The Trail (9 dishes) at THB 2,400++ per person

Wine Pairing package additional THB 1,500++ per person for 5 glasses of wines (5 selected)


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