From the traditional Siamese recipes to the modern food processing methods, Thai cuisine has spread its distinctive flavors and unique characteristics around the world over the past centuries. While countless Thai restaurants in Bangkok are focusing more on the contemporary gastronomy or the so-called fusion food, the award-winning restaurant Celadon at The Sukhothai Bangkok offers a great escape from the downtown hustle and bustle with pure authentic Thai dishes from the ancient records.


Located a few meters away from the hotel’s main entrance, this Sukhothai-inspired pavilion is set among the lush gardens where some of the ingredients are being planted and picked to serve its guests. Upon entering, a passionate staff walks us through a narrow passage into a high ceiling dining space with ceramic tile flooring and white walls that blend seamlessly with classic dark wood and decorative wood carving sculptures creating a lustrous and luxurious ambience with a modern twist.


Meanwhile the large windows showcase a picturesque pond full of beautiful lotus blossoms, exuding a sense of serenity and relaxation to the dining area which is capable of accommodating up to 120 diners.


Further, the restaurant also provides its guests a chance to enjoy an exquisite meal with an elegant traditional Thai dance performance, accompanied by duple rhythm of the classical Thai melody.


After a couple of years of trial and error, Chef Rossarin Sriprathum and her culinary team have recently introduced Celadon’s newest menus featuring sumptuous and authentic Thai dishes inspired by the Royal recipes of Princess Sadab Ladawan, in the reign of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) and M.L. Nueang Nilrat. Her creations promise the original palates of Thai food that can hardly be found elsewhere, even in Bangkok. This includes the addition of the kid’s menu that she creates to ensure that future generations can also appreciate the art of Thai delicacies


“My biggest concern as a chef is that the authentic flavors of Thai food might disappear from our society due to the rise of the fusion cuisine,” says Chef Rossarin. “I really want the next generation to get to know the real taste of Thai food that is passed down from generation to generation. I personally believe that it is very important for the young people to preserve Thai cuisine as identity of the nation.”


Once again, Great Gastro has returned to Celadon to chow down the new tempting menu created by Chef Rossarin, and we would really like you to try it as well.


Khong Waang Celadon

A sumptuous feast starts with a flamboyant crowd–pleaser, Khong Waang Celadon. The menu features 5 month-watering appetizers: Tung Thong Goong, a deep fried prawn in pastry sheet with a nice crust on the outside and firm chucks of meat on the inside; a beautiful rare treat Chor Muang, a steamed dumpling filled with minced chicken and shaped to resemble a flower; Kanom Jeab Thai, steamed love bird shaped dumpling filled with fresh fish; Sangwa Scallop, a smoked scallop salad with Thai spicy and sour dressing and Thai aromatic herbs, served in egg net; and a fantastic Chicken satay, grilled chicken skewers topped with homemade peanut curry sauce, all come in small portions.


Miang Kam

The one-bite traditional Thai snack Miang Kam arrives with the carnival of ingredients like toasted dried shrimps, roasted coconut shavings, peanut, lime, and ginger. Small pieces of each item will be wrapped in the raw fresh chaplu leave and topped with palm sugar syrup. The distinctive taste and scent of the herb perfectly complement the sugary dipping sauce creating a great blend of Thai flavors, all in one bite.


Plaa Nuea Makeua Pao

Among the wide selection of Celedon’s menu, the restaurant’s exclusive Plaa Nuea Makeua Pao stands out. Chef Rossarin has crafted this menu for health-conscious using organic herbs from the restaurant’s backyard. The combination of the nicely cooked Charolais beef, grilled round eggplant, and the sweet chili sauce enhance the ultimate fragrance and flavors, providing a flawless balance of sweet, sour and spicy


Tom Som Plamuek Kai

The delicate dinner continues with Tom Som Plamuek Kai or the spicy and sour squid soup providing an exotic flavor and a pungent aroma from carminative herbs such as Siamese ginger, spring onion, and roasted shallots. The soup is flavored with tamarind juice to create the delightful sourness instead of using lime juice as in Tom Yum Goong, while the fresh whole squid leaves behind a mild sweetness with a slightly chewy texture


Panaeng Gai Yaang Bolan

More remarkably, Panaeng Gai Yaang Bolan has quickly become one of the restaurant trademarks with its creamy and sweet savor of the chef’s homemade dry curry paste and coconut milk. The chicken in the curry is grilled in a banana leave, keeping it unfailingly juicy and tender while infusing it with a subtly sweet flavor. The dish is without doubt a palatable blast from the restaurant.


Bualoy Kaikem Nai Maproaw Orn

For a sweet end, Celadon is offering a dessert combo for ending your sugar cravings. A Thai favorite Bualoy Kaikem Nai Maproaw Orn comes with the whole young coconut stuffed with salted egg and warm glutinous rice balls made in different vivid colors.


For those who keen to try the traditional Thai cuisine with the original tastes from the ancient recipe in a tranquil and serene ambience, you definitely have to visit the authentic Thai restaurant Celadon at The Sukhothai Bangkok. Chef Rossarin Sriprathum promises to take you back in time to the period of King Rama V as she serves you with the identity of the nation, hardly found in other restaurants.


New Pure Thai Authentic Menu

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