Bangkok is truly one of the world’s gourmet paradises. Whether it be by type of fine dining or casual dinner, one can find just everything and anything here from to bottom. Within various options, the customer selection does not just line upon a 5-star-hotel title anymore. Restaurants nowaday have made the effort to put up front their idea and identity to catch audience’s attention.  


Experienced Executive, Chef James Norman is another one who keep this trend in mind by put aside a restaurant old-school serving by creating a brand new concept to surprise worldwide audience at Niche, Siam Kempinski.

“Niche is an all day dining restaurant, so it has to be open from twelve to midnight. From this 12 hours of services, the same food has to be served at lunch, has to be served at dinner. We have to look at what else we have at this hotel. We have Sra Bua which is special, very different, very unique. We have Brasserie Europa that served their very own types of food, so here we have to please people, by doing it in Niche idea, relax and informal. When we have this concept, It’s so easy to go down the road we use to did before, giving burger, pad thai, and so on because people always order this and people will always be happy with it but they won’t remember it and they won’t come back for that.”


By this matter, Chef James drawing upon a wealth of experience gained at five-star establishments in Europe, Middle East, and Asia to create an exciting concept where diners select dishes prepared in an ‘Asian’ or ‘non-Asian’ interpretation. Allow the guest to choose their favorite ingredient and have it cooked and presented in an ‘Asian’ or ‘non-Asian’ style.


“I don’t want to use any Thai words as soon as you use a word like Pad thai, you have an expectation of it. Automatically in your mind, you know what it’s gonna be. To avoid any confusion. We make it same with Western food. We list a principle the ingredient, and that’s it.People can imagine how their dishes are going to be.”


“I also want to make a portion smaller, so it gives people a chance to have 2 starters, has choices to play with more than one starter one main course. If you play around, if you share the food is generously smaller bites, it creates automatically relax”


In most of the restaurant, the relationship between Chef and team is more like a boss and employee. Here at Niche Chef James believes that healthy work relationships are crucial to the success of business.

“my assistance used to work in 7 countries our food and beverage works in several countries together we pound our experience together. We have a local team here which also work with other chefs so it not just me sign right on a menu. I have my own idea my vision, but If I can get other people involved and make them feel they have a say in a menu and of course, the quality shows.”


“knowledge expands, the flavor expands, and the expertise expands” is the main concept working with Chef James for the guests to experience Asian and Non-Asian from a different angle not only Thai and European but from all over the world. The starters, the main course to dessert and drinks menu follows the same concept where the principal ingredients play the main role.



“What we have for principal ingredients is a lot, you could go for scallops, ribs, beef and much more. However, it’s harder for a dessert when I came here I came to a great wall. So,we take something so simple that everyone can know, everyone can understand and everyone like, so we do a doughnut, we served it long and from a Doughnut, you can easily add a flavor. For example, Asian has Doughnut Eclair with Thai Tea Custard, Condensed Milk, and Grass Jelly, Non-Asian has the same one with Strawberry Jam and Whipped Cream.”


Over his impressive career covers 23 years of professional culinary experience in Europe, Middle East, and Asia and includes appointments working for the Sultan of Brunei at the Empire Hotel & Country Club in Brunei and for Guy Savoy in Paris. His exquisite creation is, of course, reflecting his hard working, leadership and unique experiences. Do not miss the chance to try one of the most creative scenes for new Niche dining experience.

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