Since its opening a year ago, Theo Mio has brought to Bangkok the same creative flair that earned London restaurant Chef Theo Randall at InterContinental London Park Lane such tremendous acclaim, including being the only U.K. restaurant selected for the coveted Cucina d’Italia gourmet guide.

Theo Mio with Chef Theo Randall 07

Now, the author, television presenter and renowned Italian cookery expert returns to his first-ever venture outside the U.K., Theo Mio at InterContinantal Bangkok with a five-course dinner menu created by Theo Randall specially for the event. On this very special occasion,  Great Gastro has a chance to give a warm welcome to British chef Theo Randall to share his idea and passion upon a culinary.

Theo Mio with Chef Theo Randall 02

I came here 3 years ago and I know it is a very competitive market. It’s a good thing. Competition always good for creativities and I thought It a very great opportunity cos it’s very few sites in Bangkok that have got this much open space, quite, light and airy. We are in the hotel but it’s almost like suppurate entrance so we get a lot of walking passing trate. Guest in a hotel can use, siting in a bar and have a pate of pasta and a glass of wine while we can have four courses meal.

Theo Mio with Chef Theo Randall 03 - Burrata con Asparagi Grigliati

As a top-class celebrity chef, “Consistancy” is the most essential point to make a restaurant successful. 

“The consistency and quality when you have a consistent food, you have a consistent customer, so it’s very important that you have a you offer good value for money friendly environment and a food you want to go back fore. It’s not all about food, it’s about how you feel when you are in the space and what I like about a space is it got a nice relax field and staff are very well trained.”

Theo Mio with Chef Theo Randall 04 - Taglierini con Aragosta e Chorizo

What served here at Theo Mio is, of course, authentic Italian food. You can’t go wrong with pizza and pasta. Chef Theo has his idea to keep all his ceration as fresh and simple as possible so that people won’t get confuse with the falvours.

My say is “Fusion is confusion” when you make a fusion like Thai food with Italian food, it doesn’t work. What I will do is carry what we are doing create great Italian food in Bangkok. When I first came here 3 years ago, I spent 2 trips looking what just looking at what produce is available before I open the restaurant and you get some produce grown here you can’t get in Italy. Some are similar so we adapted the recipe to corporated by using Italian cooking method.”

Theo Mio with Chef Theo Randall 05 - Selezione di Antipasti Theo Mio

But we work together to make sure to have menu that is suit for thailand  Because the taste is different maybe a bit more seasoning, a bit more spice a little bit more acidities. Also, sharing is very important if you look at the thai market everyone likes to share food. I think that’s important. Italian food is very much like that.

Theo Mio with Chef Theo Randall 06

Moreover our talented chef shared with us about his upcoming plan for Theo Mio in 2016 and 2017, his idea and improvement to be achieve. 

“The restaurant is very organic based. The food here is exactly the same with the one I have been doing in London. The food is very simple and I think that is actually a lot of people really like rather than have it too fancy. It’s very good value for money cos you can share things. You could have like an antipasti, a couple of pasta and main course. With 4 people you can share some different dishes.

Theo Mio with Chef Theo Randall 08

What we are trying to do is working on what we are already achieve and continue to deliver a good consistent quality of food, quality of service which is crucial for a restaurant. We are doing a brunch menu which is coming very popular on saturday and sunday and we change the menu according to the season so there is more culture in a things, we always changing and creating new dishes” 

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