For many, food is not only just a fuel for living, but its taste and design tells much more about their personality. Mana Cuisine by Blue Elephant is one of the finest examples. The chic restaurant is created by the cooperation between CHI Ultra Lounge, the first Funk-Shui-style supper club of Bangkok and Blue Elephant, the world’s famous Thai restaurant. To present its new menu in a concept of “Divide Nourishment”, we are warmheartedly invited.

CHI Ultra Lounge

Divide Nourishment is a modern fusion food mixing Thai taste with local ingredients. It is also served in an extraordinary display. The courses are classified into 3 natural elements: Fire for meat-based food, Water for seafood, and Earth for the vegetarian. Each set has an appetizer, soup, main course, and dessert. Also, it is possible to change the food order by yourself. Before we start with the food, let’s get to know the place and the chef who creates our meal.

 CHI Ultra Lounge

The restaurant Mana, situated inside CHI luxury supper club in downtown Sukhumvit, presents a new dining experience with a modern Asia architecture. Their interior is inspired by a modern Asia with the 70’s Kung Fu style, the Macau casino’s vibe, and the old Chinese art, which brings guests to live in the charming East Asia atmosphere. Another highlight about this place is the high-tech lighting system that shows a cool dragon flying above the ceiling.

CHI Ultra Lounge

It’s not only their interior that amazes us, but also the food. It came with a new concept inspired by 5 elements from the Chinese Feng Shui. Chef Anthony C.S. Bish, Chef Anchana Ratanakovit, and Blue Elephant Phuket crews had been working together finding this recipe for 1 year. The ingredients are all from locals and the vegetables and fruits from the royal project. Today we chose the Fire and Earth menu to try. Let’s find out what they all will taste like!

CHI Ultra Lounge

– Fire –

This course is for the meat lovers. With local premium meat, you can surely enjoy this meal. Beef, Chicken, or even Sheep, you name it!

CHI Ultra Lounge

Starter : Beef Salad 58’c Sous Vide

(Confit quail egg yolk and mixed wild greens)

Grilled beef with northeastern style dipping sauce makes this dish almost as good as the main one! The beef is served with quail egg confit in oil, which adds texture and creamy taste to the dish.

 CHI Ultra Lounge

Soup : Foie Gras Tortellini

(Braised duck, krachai broth, pickled daikon and baby bok choi)

A clear soup to clear the taste. Not only this dish adds sweetness from baby bok choi, sourness from pickled daikon, and nice scent from krachai broth, this tortellini is also fully stuffed with Foie Gras and braised duck.

 CHI Ultra Lounge

Main Chicken Roulade

(Soy-citrus Jus, organic black rice risotto, sautéed greens)

This plate is just full of flavors! Black rice risotto is served with the roasted thigh. The rice is an organic product from the Royal Project. Baked in risotto-style and added some sour with lime, diners can enjoy this meal with roasted thigh with two yummy dipping sauce: sweet & sour orange sauce, and spicy green sauce. This risotto is definitely something unique one shouldn’t miss!   

 CHI Ultra Lounge

Dessert : Banoffee-ish

(Caramelized Thai Banana, Chocolate soil, smoked banana cream and Rosemary cream)

For those of banoffee fans, this menu surely won’t fail you. Our chef has picked the best of banoffee , then recreated a new dessert with ripe Lady Finger banana, smoked Lady Finger banana cream, oreo cookies, and chocolate powder. One special feature about this meal is the rosemary cream. Rosemary is typically used for savory dishes, but this time, it is made as a thick velvety cream. I can’t believe its scent can mix so well with banana and chocolate. I highly recommend this plate and guarantee you can’t find this menu from anywhere else!

 CHI Ultra Lounge

– Earth –

For those who would love to go  healthy, CHI presents another fancy set of vegetables where garlic, shallot, and milk is used to season up the tastes.

CHI Ultra Lounge

Starter : Long Eggplant Salad, Charred

(Burnt shallots, roasted Thai pesto and tamarind dressing)

‘Easy and Tasty’, our starter features a dish for everybody, a whole burned eggplant served with two different styles of sauces: a hot and spicy fried chili paste and a sour-sweet tamarind sauce. A sweet and juicy eggplant combines with two special sauces created a great combination which can  perfectly fresh up your mood in the same way with fresh oyster.

CHI Ultra Lounge

Soup : Borscht

(Beetroot, red cabbage, potato, sour cream, dill)

Spice up your meal with our next colorful soup, ‘Borscht’, an eastern European hot soup originated from Austria. This appealing dish has its red from beetroot, red cabbage and potato.The soup itself is sour with just a little of sweet, adds a creamy taste from sour cream and cream dill.

 CHI Ultra Lounge

Main : Yellow Iranian Saffron Curry

(Homemade paneer, mixed grilled vegetables, violet potatoes, burnt corn and popcorn)

What has been presented here as the main course is varieties, a fine selection of colorful mixed grilled vegetables: tomato, asparagus, cucumber, violet potatoes, corn, and popcorn. This dish has an unusual combination of tastes textures. Paneer, a well-known fresh cheese from the southern part of India which makes for a soft, malleable consistency makes this salad become more characteristic.  

 CHI Ultra Lounge

Dessert : Deconstructed Cheesecake

(Mango and passion fruit, spiced biscuit)

Forget about all cheesecake you have ever know, Deconstructed Cheesecake is a creative sweet which the ingredients were classified into small pieces: a sour cream cheese, a creamy butter soil, a fresh mango and passion fruit, and a crispy biscuit. If you are a sour lover, you would love this combination.

CHI Ultra Lounge

Moreover, once you order the food, the restaurant will welcome you with special amuse bouche from each set. For example, a lamb shoulder with steamed bun for Fire set and a Thai style Savory Leaf Wraps filled with nuts, mango sauce, and chilly for Earth set. What we would love to mention here also is an Entremet which will be served after soup to clean up your taste before the  main course arrived. This fresh up dish features ‘Sparkling Fruit’ made of non-seed grapes filled with carbon dioxide.

 CHI Ultra Lounge

For those who love to drink, all the creative set also comes with signature cocktail pairing: Berries cool, a sweet fruity alcoholic drink for Fire course and CHI element, a mojito-alike fresh up kind of cocktail for Earth course.

 CHI Ultra Lounge


After the main meal, if you still want to stay a bit longer at this fantastic golden dragon chamber. We would love to invite you to the newest promotion, Aperitivo!, where 5 plates of tapas and free flow Chandon sparkling wine are all served you at only a price of 555 THB for 1 hour. Here we have details for those lovely tapas which might be considered.

 CHI Ultra Lounge

Roasted Pumpkin salad

A roasted pumpkin cubes mixed in spicy Thai-style seasoning powder. The pumpkin itself is sweet and creamy, almost like baked potato with just a slightly smell of vegetables, this menu is suitable to those who love pumpkin and who is not.

CHI Ultra Lounge

Northern style chili dip with crispy crackling

If you once enchanted by an authentic taste of the North, do not miss a chance to try this Northern style chili dip. Using a tapioca crispy crackling instead of pork rind, this menu presents a local dish in a healthy style.

CHI Ultra Lounge

Summer Prawn

Enjoy this creative tapas served you a steamed tiger prawn in spicy seafood sauce together sweet and juicy watermelon. This unique dish will surely satisfy your appetite.

CHI Ultra Lounge

Carpaccio Scallop

A  thinly sliced of fresh scallop served with spicy seafood dressing. This dish comes with a full sense of the sea, try it and you will love it.

CHI Ultra Lounge

Grilled, seasoned beef on a stick

A medium rare grilled cube cutting local meat served with sweet BBQ sauce alongside with a fresh tropical delight, pineapple cube.

 CHI Ultra Lounge

All in all, Mana Cuisine by Blue Elephant is not only a chic restaurant with creative concept, the food here is also represent the next level of Thai culinary by using ingredients from Royal Project to support Thai communities combines with unique cooking style to give you the best dining experience. Give yourself a chance to savor fabulous Divide Nourishment Asian food at CHI. The restaurant open from Tuesday-Saturday.  19.00-22.30 for dinner (1,800++ THB per person) and 19.00-21.00 for Aperitivo, tapas and one-hour free flow Chandon sparkling wine promotion (555 net THB per person).

 CHI Ultra Lounge

Mana by Blue Elephant

CHI Ultra Lounge

The Club open on Tuesday – Saturday from 19:00 – 24:00 hrs.

Dinner menu from 19:00 – 22:30 hrs.

Aperitivo tapas + free flow  from 19:00 – 21:00 hrs.

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