It’s wholesome, homely and comforting—there’s something about Chinese food we just can’t get enough of. However, if you keen on something modern, yet still have some room for traditional, here is where you meant to be! Expect only the best at this elegant Chinese restaurant, China Table at Venues, Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok, from a wide selection of classic Cantonese cuisine presented with an artistic touch to dishes with a decidedly modern twist, chef Bruce Hui is here to introduce you to a whole new world of Well-executed modern Chinese cuisine.

China TableChina Table

With almost two decades of experience in a wide range of world-class Chinese kitchen from his hometown Wuxi to Sichuan and Hong Kong, Chef Bruce comes with special menu features the modern style cooking in Chinese flavors (with Western, local and Classic Chinese recipes influences). The innovative chef’s noteworthy dishes include salad, noodle, dim sum and much more.

China TableChina Table

“Modern is not only for Western. Most of the customers know Chinese cuisine as a comfort food for family gathering, What I try to propose here at China Table is how Chinese food could be more creative and playful” Chef Bruce shared with us his passion for driving China Table from a traditional Cantonese dim sum house to a contemporary all-day dining place for every generation.

China TableChina Table13

“Contemporary yet heritage-inspired” is not only to describe chef bruce’s innovative cooking style, it also matches perfectly with China Table main concept. With modern oriental design, this contemporary Chinese restaurant on the third level of Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok is enhanced with a range of traditional Chinese elements from antique blue and white to Chinese brush paintings. Diners could also enjoy a generous open-plan dining space with a choice of four additional private dining rooms for exclusive private function and family gathering.

China TableChina Table

When it comes to the food, it could be hardly said without proof. Follow Great Gastro and see how Chef Bruce’s fusion of ideas looks like with our Exclusive Review, the first time his secret unveil. 

China Table

Fresh mixed vegetables and shrimp with roasted sesame salad dressing in ice bowl

This chic yet refreshing salad served in a beautiful ice bowl is not only good for decoration, but also great for keeps vegetables fresh and chilled. Keeping cool with ice, our salad is perfectly served alongside a fantastic dressing with Japanese inference. With a mixed of wasabi, roasted sesame and shrimp eggs on top, this salad goes great with different textures from fresh vegetables, tomatoes, corns, and shrimps.

China TableChina Table

Crispy spicy taro slice with golden prawn dumpling

Forget about what you use to know about dumpling, this innovative dim sum is totally awesome with an idea to combine a deep fried golden prawn dumpling with taro sticks covered with sour and spicy Thai style sauce. A prawn dumpling is delicate handmade parcels encasing a big piece of prawn, another must-order dishes at China Table.

China TableChina Table

Home-made okra cuttlefish ball served with satay sauce

Cuttlefish balls made from chef’s secret recipe are also an easy win, with a chewy and smooth texture. Mixing a cuttlefish meat with a little bit of salt giving more texture and smell which goes perfectly well with satay sauce made of mixed nuts, chili, and garlic. A highlight is also its unique presentation, covered in fresh okra, then wrapped with a transparent plastic, this surely a creative trick to surprise an audience.  

China TableChina Table

Cigar prawn

While original Fried Spring Rolls only goes with minced prawn and pork, the one you get here is even more special. Order up Cigar-like new style fried spring roll, dense with a big cut of premium fresh prawn roll in a thin crispy skin. This crisped golden cigar served you with special sweet and sour sauce with a touch of Thai by added up chili and tamarind.  

China TableChina Table

Pan-fried coconut milk and cuttlefish noodle served with  mixed nuts sauce

Take a big size cuttlefish and slicing it thin like noodles create cool texturally with some sense of the sea. The soup was excellent – sweet taste obviously came from a fresh coconut milk, and a little bit of red chili paste taste. It was creamy but light and simply good compare to Khao Soi (curried noodles soup). The chef added also a mixed nuts sauce to create a powerful flavor for a soup.  

China TableChina Table

Dim Sum – Mushroom buns

Steamed buns are quite possibly the best thing ever! For those who fall in love with this light and item, don’t leave China Table without trying these fabulous Mushroom buns! Chef Bruce had the idea of this menu from a real shape of a mushroom, then filled with a rich seasoned mushroom mixture. Live it up and go playful with brown colour from red bean and cocoa powder, these unique buns was heated hot, then served in a traditional steamer basket. It’s totally amazing.

China TableChina Table

Fame for their ability to combine many different tastes into exquisite, complex flavours, China Table’s menu holds much interest such as a Foie Gras special collection features the French classic luxurious delicacy in Chinese flavors, and a lengthy selection of authentic, home-style Chinese-Indian dishes, which is hard to see and close to lost. 

China Table

Situated just next to BTS Asoke and MRT Sukhumvit, China Table brings you the best of the authentic flavours served with a creative modern twist, top that off with discreet and attentive service. If you looking for a new dining experience with stylish interior and innovative cooking, put China Table at Venues, Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok on the list of your wish! Recommended by Great Gastro

China Table


The New VIBE of Chinese Cuisine

China Table @ Venues, Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok

Lunch from 11:30 – 14:30 hrs. ( Sat-Sun from 11:30 – 15:30 hrs. )

Dinner from 18:30 – 22:30 hrs.

The new Modern Chinese menu available soon.

More information or reservation

Call : 02 254 9005 / LINE@ : @greatgastro