A background is more important than the foreground. Your food will taste better if you know the chef. Sometimes it’s the small touches that make the biggest difference when you know a story behind. Here is some simple for those who are in love with Italian cuisine, Great Gastro brought you yet another inspirational story from Chef David Tamburini and his “100 percent Italian”, which will surely make you love Italian food even better.

David Tamborini

Following his recent position as Executive Chef at Giando Italian restaurant, Hong Kong, Chef David Tamburini is now welcomed as a new leading chef at La Scala restaurant, The Sukhothai Bangkok. Born and raised in Tuscany, Chef David’s passion for food combined with his alternative way of cooking led him to Thailand, a new destination to propose his beloved authentic Italian food to wider audiences.

David Tamborini

Bringing with him the different components and traditional recipes of southern Italy, David is introducing a unique selection of seven special dishes including risotto with Green pea, a very typical Italian food with a little bit of twist from marinade and ginger, and ravioli with an idea to combine two very different ingredients from the cheapest cold cut, mortadella, and very luxurious champagne foam. All his classic creations are mix up a classic recipe with a contemporary idea is a fine remix indeed.

David Tomborini

“What I love the most in Italian cuisine is that everyone has his own way of cooking. In French, they could defy the recipe that you need to follow. However,in Italy, everything changes every 20 km. Maybe for Italian kitchen, it’s more important to get to the point (a flavor) by different ways.”

Back in Italy, Chef David studied the different components and traditional recipes of southern Italy and expressed his desire to give to them a more contemporary flavor, whilst developing a personal cooking style based on the respective ingredients and techniques. “To propose to the audience a very true Italian flavors.” is a big passion in working here with La Scala.

David Tomborini

“Contemporary of course, but all the time I start with something very classic, but we are in 2016 so I have to make in a more contemporary. Add some twist but at the same time not losing the point of 100 percent Italian, I want to put my idea, of course, but again this more important is a taste of the food.”

To bridge a gap between Thai and Italian is, of course, a big challenge to conquer. However, Chef David is very positive in working in a multicultural environment.

“I like Thai food, most of the time I enjoy everything without asking a name.I do like the way of flavor that you use. The idea is almost similar to Mediterranean. In the same dish, you could have spicy, acid, and sweet, very interesting for a flavor balancing.”

David Tomborini

“After spending a year in Hong Kong, Thai customers seem to be a little bit different. They are more interesting in my style. Open to trying new food and for example, I quite surprise about in fact Thai people can have pasta authentic. In Hong Kong, I have a few issue because they eat noodles so the idea of eating pasta is to have it softer, not in an Italian way. So here I am very happy. ”

Chef David told us in depth about his experience working with Asian customer before shows his outstanding tattoo with the inspiration behind.

David Tamborini

“Tatto have a story behind. I got the first one when I was 19 and it was pretty different compared to how you see it now. Let’s say it’s a part of my history, just like a diary on my culinary journey.”

With a combination of traditional Italian recipes and his own renowned creations, Chef Devid is proudly introducing you to his special menu to all discerning Italian food gourmands here at La Scala, The Sukhothai.

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