Have you ever chosen a restaurant for its design? In the world of Fine Dining, style and concept are, like the taste of food, a selling point. L’Appart at Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit, the restaurant and bar in Baron Haussmann style, presents an interesting story of a Parisian man and a grandson to represent the luxurious life and culture of the 19th century in its interior.


L’Appart displays a luxurious Parisian apartment of a wealthy old man. He gave this place to his only grandson before he left for his journey around the world and that is why we can see his exotic collection from different places.


Later, the grandson decided to run this place as a meeting place for sophisticated palates. For those who join will enjoy a contemporary French dishes prepared by the famous chef Jerome Deconnick.


Chef Jerome told us about his ideas; his work which remains the traditional French taste but representing in a contemporary style, and the Thai taste that is added for his Thai fans, i.e. to change from salty to spicy and sour.

“The core of French cuisine is the sauce. It has a perfect balance of all ingredients. French is different from Italian. They are famous for containing ingredients’ original tastes. Our sauce comes from a long hour of stewing, from chefs to match the most perfect with each menu, and from a delicacy of choosing the right temperature to cook for the best proteins with highest benefits. All is for our beloved guests to have the best of the best from visiting us.”


The restaurant is divided into rooms like a real apartment: a lounge, a library, a living room, a personal room for a private party, and, of course, a kitchen, specially designed as an open kitchen for guests to be able to interact closely with the chefs.


After we are finished with touring the place, now it’s the meal time. Let’s see what chef Jerome has prepared for us today!


63’C duck egg mollet
(Bordelaise sauce, ventreche, mushrooms)

This poached egg is more special than just a random boiled egg. The egg is boiled at 63-degree celsius for 35 minutes. Chef Jerome told us that each protein in an egg have a different saturation point, and 63 degree is the best degree to boil a perfect egg. The perfect egg means egg whites are set yet soft and egg yolks are cooked but will melt when cut. This specialty won’t come just alone but with wine sauce and a mushroom.

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Hokkaido scallops and tiger prawns
(citrus salsa, barley, chorizo coulis)

Freshen up the meal with the Spanish-inspired seafood plate. Big, grilled Hokkaido scallops and premium tiger prawns are served with chorizo coulis sauce and barley rice. Not only the taste from the sea but a mixed texture and fresh scent from European herbs will surely satisfy your taste buds.


Slow cooked pork tenderloin
(grain mustard, green lentils, cigar jus)

A classic French meat plate. Chef Jerome has chosen premium pork filet with tiny soft fat, sliced into a thick piece and rolled with mustard seeds, before sous-vided and seared. The soft meat with salty spiced sauce matches perfectly with sweet beetroot fried with butter. He chose this menu to represent the house of the wealthy by choosing only the finest ingredients with modern cooking style.


Signature dark chocolate fondant
(Milk ice cream, raspberry)

To end the meal in a Parisian way: a classic dark chocolate fondant. Chocolate lava cake freshly baked with homemade milk ice cream.


Another enjoyment at L’Appart is to be able to choose a seat yourselves, as each room has its own vibes. The classic vibe in the living room, private in the library, or at the kitchen to immerse oneself with cooking. For those who want to have a private romance, then the outdoor area at the lounge is a must.


Not only the food that is superb here, but also cocktails. Famous cocktails like Franco-Thai cocktail (Lemongrass and Tabasco sauce), or French Passion (Passionfruit and Lime) are there to serve.


Be the uncle and his grandson’s guest at L’Appart, the timeless French restaurant with contemporary dining experience at the top (32nd) floor of Sofitel Sukhumvit hotel.




Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit

Open daily from 19:00 – 22:30 hrs.

L’Appart Lounge for drink from 17:00 – 01:00 hrs.

More information or reservation

Call : 02 254 9005 / LINE@ : @greatgastro