Afternoon tea, a light meal typically eaten between 4 pm and 6 pm, normally give us an image of western tea meal accompanied by luxury ingredient sandwiches, scones and usually cakes and pastries. However, speak of Thai Afternoon tea might give you a surprise. Let’s forget about western sweet because today Thai traditional desserts are in the lead!

Wondering around Ratchaprasong, if you happen to looking for some place to chill out, sip a glass of tea or having some delightful dessert, here is the place you meant to be! Situated within the attached boutique Erawan Bangkok Mall, the Erawan Tea Room serves authentic Thai cuisine and a selection of fine tea collection. Combining western tea custom with various Thai dessert, Thai Afternoon tea is the perfect east meet west creation.

Erawan Tea Room

Served in pale blue porcelain with a shape of Lotus, how would Thai Afternoon Tea surprise us today? We are about to find out soon enough.

 Erawan Tea Room

As a tradition of Afternoon Tea, always the savory goes first! Instate of western style sandwich, the tea set comes up with Thai snack which is: a moister pudding-a-like steamed fish with curry paste, a sweet and chewy Thai steamed rice-skin dumplings, a sticky rice with grilled chicken, a deep fried spring roll and a pine apple served with salty and sweet sauce.

 Erawan Tea Room

The second tier presents a combination of western and Thai desserts. The Thai dessert set included a chewy sweet and a bit salty Steamed Banana Cake with Banana leaves and a sweet coconut jelly while western dessert present a green tea roll followed by a chocolate tart. Scone with clotted cream and jam is, of course, available in this tier.

 Erawan Tea Room

The top tier features an all-star Thai dessert: a cream coconut Crispy Rice Pudding with sweet corn, a small bite-sized Thai Crispy Pancake, a Chocolate coted Crispy egg roll with black sesame. And the last but not least, our all-time-famous Mango sticky rice, a summer dessert with the sour taste of mango and sweet creamy taste from sticky rice and coconut milk.

 Erawan Tea Room

If you are a big fan of Thai dessert, this Thai Afternoon Tea is a must! However, if you are not yet fancy of Thai sweet, join us here and you would change your mind! Thai Afternoon Tea Set is available daily from 2.30-6.00 p.m. If you happen to pass by Ratchaprasong area, do not forget to drop by and say hi to this fabulous set of sweet!

 Erawan Tea Room

Afternoon Tea @ Erawan Tea Room

Grand Hyatt Erawan

Available daily from 14:30 – 18:00 hrs.

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