When you think about one special meal, taking a buffet is one of the first things that will pop up, isn’t it? Not only because there are varieties of food to choose from, but the atmosphere is also very relaxing. Wait, there are many hotels’ buffets to choose, how can you know which one is good!? Today, Great Gastro is delightful to take you to experience one of the great buffet with jumbo assortments: intercontinental and oriental food, seafood, and dessert in a luxurious yet friendly setting. One of a kind that you shouldn’t miss!

Espresso Buffet

Espresso is the name of this modern buffet restaurant at the Intercontinental Bangkok situated close to Central World Shopping Center. There you can find a collection of food from all over the world with 5-star services. Today, however, the restaurant had welcomed us with a different feeling, because the new Executive Chef Koenraad Inghelran, is now on duty. This Belgian chef has a talk with us today to share his ideas and inspirations about gourmet, skills, and cooking.

Chef Konrad

Even though he’s not from around, but chef Koenraad isn’t a new face for Thai gourmet society at all. He has served important nation leaders in region meetings in Vietnam, Burma. fun fact: he also used to be personal chef of Nelson Mandella, the legend of South Africa too! 

Espresso Buffet

His fusion style of cooking merges well with his intercontinental cooking experiences and cultures to create a perfect combination of the meal. He told us about his inspirations obtained from working with other celebrities chefs in the UK.

I started my career working in a Classical French style: butter, cream, and thick ingredients. But I have learned new intercontinental cooking techniques in England, for example, Australian style is to use only spices and olive oil. Since then I have always dreamed of creating a meal that mixes ingredients from different cultures, including to create food pairing meals which match unparalleled ingredients like watermelon and oyster. Never thought that they can pair before? Me neither (laugh).

Espresso Buffet

Chef Koenraad is glad to come back to work in Thailand again. He perceives Thailand as a place full of hidden treasures of high-quality ingredients, lovely work environment with colleagues and skillful chefs that can share their tips and tricks. “Soon Thailand will become the trendsetter and cooking hub of Southeast Asia” he said with confidence.

Chef Koenraad Inghelram

If food is an art of creativity, chef Koenraad told us his new ideas that can be found at the Espresso and at other restaurants in InterContinental Bangkok.

“First of all, I am a meat and seafood kind of guy. I like them because they taste really good without a huge cooking procedure, plus, their taste varies from place to place. Since the localization trend is on the hype at the moment, organic food and sustainable ingredients are things I keep my eyes on. About upcoming plans, I want to do something with the High Tea and Coffee Break because these are restaurant’s first impression. If customers are satisfied, they would probably stay for dinner, or come back next time.”

 Espresso Buffet

You are all invited to taste Chef Koenraad Inghelran’s meals at the Espresso restaurant. Not only his food that will be served, but also others from the buffet zone from many other skillful chefs: Indian, Arabic, English and more.

Espresso Buffet

Before we end this article, here are some examples of what you can enjoy at this place. To start the meal: take your choice of bread and cold cut, then some fresh salad to mix and match as you like.

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Next is the highlight of the buffet: Seafood on ice, which is selected from best sources. Tiger Prawn, Alaska king crab, or even fresh oyster are ready to serve!

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Another corner that you shouldn’t miss is the Japanese line. How about some fresh sushi, sashimi, even salmon, otoro, giant squid, or sweet shrimp? Or if the Japanese are way too mainstream, there’s the Chinese line next door! High quality roasted duck, roasted red pork, boiled chicken, and different assortments of dim sum will definitely going to make your day.

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Another section you will enjoy is the Grilled station. There you can choose your favorite types of meat from chicken, pork, beef, or fish, to grill and serve hot at your table.

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More? Well, there are the cuisine lines to satisfy all your needs. These Thai, Indian, or Western cuisine will not let you down!


Of course, dessert is a do-not-miss! There are a long list of dessert waiting for you here at Espresso: cake from Shu Cream, fruit tart, pie, fruit salad, or Thai dessert, fresh fruits, and ice cream. I guess you just have to spare some part of your belly for this now!

Pictures look yummy, but have it in reality would be even better! For those who still can’t decide what to do this weekend, the Espresso is one of the best options.

Espresso Buffet


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