For diner who’s looking for finest experience in luxury yet comfortable place. Have lunch with cool imported mineral water, or have a fine dinner along with the great imported wines. “Water Library” is sure, always be in the top list. Today, Where To Fin brings you to experience the exclusive experience on fine dining at Water Library.

The Place

Water Library is located on the 2nd floor of Chamchuri Square. This fine dining restaurant coming with luxurious, modern and elegant feeling. With high ceiling under the glass dome create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere during day time, while turn to be an elegance sanctuary at night. The dining table setup around the large shelf column for stored the exclusive collection of mineral water. With over 30 labels of sparkling and stills, “Water Library” is the restaurant where offer the most variety choice of water in Bangkok. Beside the greatest water collection, this place also provide the quality wine which carefully selected by professional sommelier. Restaurant’s own wine cellar feature some exclusive choice from  the owner of Water Library’s personal vineyard such as Reference Book from Napa Valley, California. (Exclusive at Water Library & Godfather Wine Boutique only)

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 The Chef

The man behind the finest experience at Water Library who now lead the whole restaurant not just the kitchen. Ladies & Gentlemen, the executive chef and general manager of water library “Chef Mirco Keller”.


Chef Mirco Keller : General Manager & Executive Chef @ Water Library

Chef Mirco has a strong passion in cooking since he was young, all inspire by his grand mother’s kitchen. He used to work at many famous restaurant in Germany include a few name with Michelin star. Chef Mirco specializes in his original cuisine, European. After a few year of hard working, he felt it time to go further and explore more of the world. Then the chance has come when he got an invitation to perform his professional culinary skill at Water Library @ Chamchuri Square. After he came to Bangkok, he start to interest in Thai cuisine and Thai cultures. So he mix the unique of Thai taste in the finest European dish, result is the impressive collection of fusion cuisine.

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“ Thailand is the most generous country in the world. I love when Thai people share with each other, so I also want to share my life, share the exclusive experience on my recipes as well. ” – Chef Mirco


Water Library introduce the new series of Chef Mirco’s creative “Seasonal Tasting Menu”, 5-course menus which combines unique elements from Asian & European together. Each dish cooked with high-quality ingredients by meticulous culinary technique of Chef Mirco. Available only this season. We exclusively bring you the details of each dish. Let discover!

Tartar of Scottish salmon with smoked eel, roasted cauliflower and beetroot jus


“Many Thai people like to eat salmon, I would like to cook special salmon menu for them.” Chef Mirco said.  Mixed of succulent Scottish salmon and smoked eel create new aromatic fresh Tartar served with dark red jus. The jus made of juicy sour beetroot which add more taste to the dish. Chef Mirco add more interest with juicy salmon eggs and roasted cauliflower. This is a perfect dish to start an incredible meal.

Seared Canadian scallop with eggplant, miso and green apple


Seared giant Canadian scallop served with eggplant in Miso sauce plus fruity aroma of green apple. Perfect cooked scallop tasty than usual with salty taste from mixed of eggplant and miso sauce. The taste of this menu not only be harmonious, but also be tasty. Should you sip the great Sake while eating this menu, it would be so perfect!

Pan fried Perigord foie gras with cabbage, peanut, mandarin and duck sauce


‘Foie gras’ represented French cuisine and ‘Chinese cabbage’ represented Asian cuisine, served with Mandarin sauce and peanut sauce, blend the feeling of two culinary culture by duck sauce. The dish take you to the perfect experience while you eat it altogether. Chef Mirco use presentation technique to lead diner to the incredible taste. “I like to put all of ingredients in the center of the plate to convince them to focus at it and enjoy the blended of its’ taste in one time!” 

Fillet of Pomfret with white asparagus hollandaise and black truffle


Fillet of Pomfret served with black truffle and white asparagus, topped with creamy hollandaise sauce made with butter, eggs and lemon juice. One of the main course created by Chef Mirco. “I love the sweet taste from black truffle and juicy from white asparagus on this menu.” He added.

Five spices flavored venison from Picardie with corn, cranberry jam and Kampot pepper sauce


The high-quality venison beef, imported from France, cooked with five spices and topped with fine Kampot pepper sauce, served with sour cranberry jam. The venison beef is very soft and tasty. Chef Mirco said “I advise you to eat these venison beef with my cranberry jam, this how you will know all the flavors on the dish”. We savored this menu together with ‘Reference Book’, exclusive wine from Water Library’s own vineyard in Napa Valley, California which recommended by sommelier. It lift up the taste of venison and make it all perfect!

Yuzu-vanilla jelly caramel espuma, cherry, crumble


The sweet Yuzu-vanilla jelly with caramel espuma combined with crumble would make the tastes of softness and crispy. However, the sour of cherry at the bottom of the cup would make you feel fresh again. This is what it call the “Finale”!

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This Seasonal Tasting Menu also come with a wine pairing package which carefully selected from exclusive wine cellar of Water Library by the sommelier. To experience the perfect taste from every dish, the wine pairing package is what we highly recommended.


Seasonal Tasting Menu with Wine Pairing option

Water Library @ Chamchuri Square is perfect for diner who seeking for a place to savor the finest dish. It’s a relaxing place during the day time while turning to be more glamorous at night. The dinner experience is what we can say “One of the best place for your special meal” Beside the rotated “Seasonal Tasting Menu”, Chef Mirco also prepare the “Classic Tasting Menu” and great selection of a la carte menu for your choice. The beverage is what you shouldn’t miss. From collection of the most variety imported mineral water to exclusive wine from it own vineyard. Where else to dine in the exclusive finest way like this?


The finest dish pairing with the Exclusive wine (Reference Book) from the restaurant own vineyard

 Water Library Chamchuri Square

Lunch : 11:30 – 14:oo hrs.

Set lunch (3 course menu) at THB 990++ per person

Dinner : 18:00 – 22:00 hrs. (Last order 21:30 hrs.)

Choose from “Seasonal Tasting Menu” or “Classic Tasting Menu” or A La Carte

Set Dinner price at THB 2,900++ per person for 5 course menu

Plus THB 1,600++ per person for wine pairing package (5 Glasses)


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