Our Inspiration


Where To Fin is happened from our passion on dining experiences in many best restaurants and bars in Bangkok, which all these experiences we cannot replicate in our own kitchen.


As well the word called “FIN”, is a feast for the senses whether we perceive from a great quality of food and service, great ambiance of restaurants and bars, new combination and layers and nuances of flavor. Likewise, it becomes the idea of how ‘Where To Fin Bangkok’ is established.

And it came up with the inspiration that we want to collect all these places into one application.


So, Where To Fin Bangkok or ‘WTF BKK’ has launched in the mid of 2014 which gathers all needed information by instantly updated as well as providing a recent and accuracy information to users with the most simple and easiest way.


“ To perceive one of the best feelings from what and where you eat is the way to fulfill your happiness for a moment.”   


What is Where To Fin Bangkok


Where To Fin Bangkok is an application that gathers all information of Bangkok’s best dining and drinking spot, where offer excellent experiences. Providing recent and accuracy information to user in the most simple and easiest way. Moreover seeking for innovative solutions to improve and create future channel of advance communication.