1823 Tea Lounge by Ronnefeldt at Gaysorn, Bangkok (the world’s first luxury Tea Lounge by Ronnefeldt) hosted the food and tea pairing event offering the chance to experience Ronnefeldt Premium Tea pairing with 1823 degustation menu which based on Ronnefeldt Tea by Tea Master on Friday, 31st March 2017, in a premium tea lounge ambience embodying legendary spirit of Ronnefeldt Tea, a brand with a rich history of 192 years, discerning tea lovers can relish in exquisite blends from the exclusive tea. This first “Tea and Food Pairing” is the kickoff of the whole year “Tea Tasting” that planned to roll out every month with ticket price of THB 1,823 net

1823 Tea Lounge

A sensorial journey into the World of Tea conducted by our Tea Master who will reveal the history and the mystery of Tea. This first session of degustation is a voyage into the heart of Tea, an invitation to discover how to assemble food and tea, and how to awake your senses, your palate with 1823 Tea Lounge original creations.

1823 Tea Lounge

All Tea journeys include;

  1. Japanese Kabusecha

Origin: Japan

Description: Organic Kabusecha Green tea is delicate and on the palate can be found fresh nuts and sweet pears. The leaves are a beautiful deep green colour and turn to a dark gold resulting in a slightly cloudy cup.

Paring with 1st Course (Starter): Mille Feuille of Hokkaido Scallop & snow pear, Ruby Pomelo, Jasmine tea bubbles, Tomato nage, Karasumi, Matcha oil

We imagined an ocean breeze with its floral scent, making Jasmine Pearl tea a natural pairing for scallops. Hokkaido scallops have a delicate taste of the seawith strong umami. The crisp nashi pear slices accentuates the scallop’s sweetness, which is brought togather by the vegetal bitterness of matcha oil.

1823 Tea Lounge
1823 Tea Lounge

  1. Yunnan Black Mao Feng

Origin: China

Description:  rich golden colour with malt and fruity notes.

Pairing with 2nd Course: Merlu (Hake Fish) poached in Tarry Lapsang Court Bouillon, Champignon mushrooms, Pickled onion petals, Tarry Lapsang Rouille, Mussel & Tea Dashi

Merlu is a firm fleshed ocean fish with an assertive flavour. Dried over smoking pinewood in the Wuyi Mountains, this unique tasting tea was a perfect pairing. To accentuate the fish’s meatiness, we prepared a mussel and tea dashi with a savoury, marine flavour. To complete the dish, champignon mushrooms, bound together with a Tarry Lapsang rouille brings a touch of earthiness and spice to the dish.

1823 Tea Lounge
1823 Tea Lounge

  1. Darjeeling Springtime

Origin: India Himalaya

Description: A tender and yet flowery Darjeeling tea harvested in spring on the southern slopes of the Himalayas.

Pairing with 3rd Course: Ceylon Tea Rice with Salmon Roe & White Truffle Oil

Truffle with rice is our Asian take on ‘truffle pasta’. Each bite is accompanied with a burst of briny salmon roe that is held together by the true star, the tea cooked rice. When cooked in tea, the rice takes on a different dimension, keeping all flavours in check whilst intensifying them harmoniously.

1823 Tea Lounge
1823 Tea Lounge

  1. Golden Assam

Origin: North East India

Description: An exquisite blend from one of the best gardens in Assam. Golden Tips lend this tea its noble character. Spicy and malty, yet fine and aromatic.

Pairing with 4th Course (Dessert): Earl Grey Ice Cream, Chocolate Soil, Raspberry Sphere, Aero chocolate

A deconstructed version of our best selling cake. The ice cream is mostly tea with a bit of dairy, so it carries the flavour of bergamot well and cleanses the palate. The raspberry jolts the palate before giving way to different textures of dark chocolate from the Caribbean.

1823 Tea Lounge by Ronnefeldt
1823 Tea Lounge by Ronnefeldt

Indulge in a pleasingly sophisticated experience of Europe’s tea excellence today at 1823 Tea Lounge by Ronnefeldt, Level One, Gaysorn Village.

1823 Tea Lounge

“Journey the world through TEA”

with 1823 Tea Lounge by Ronnefeldt Tea Master

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