How could we finish this seafood month without Japanese food? We are more than delightful to introduce you to the magnificent Japanese restaurant for all the seafood lovers. How nice to have a premium quality seafood cooked in traditional Japanese style served in front of you? Interested? Let’s visit KiSara restaurant at Conrad Hotel and check this out!

Kisara Restaurant

Kisara, an authentic Japanese tradition, culture and cuisine, where you can enjoy authentic Japanese dining experience and traditional atmosphere. This exquisite includes a Teppanyaki table, sushi counter and tatami rooms.

Chef Kenji Shindo

You can either relax in the restaurant and private dining area or enjoy the culinary activities while dedicated chefs prepare a variety of delicious Japanese specialties.

 Kisara Private Room

Situated at the 4th floor of Conrad hotel, KiSara run by Chef Kenji Shindo, an experienced chef from Japan. There are more than 200 menu to choose in which represent the concept of ‘food as art and dining is contemplation’. Feel free to drop by and enjoy Japanese culinary heritage from 11.30-2.30 p.m. or 6.00-10.30 p.m.

Kisara Menu

Double Crunchy Roll

Prawn tempura, avocado and cucumber roll covered with crispy tempura batter

For those who loves texture of the crust and crumb, you should definitely try the Double Crunchy Roll. The roll comes with a crunchy prawn tempura, juicy avocado, and fresh cucumber, wrapped in seaweed and sushi rice and coated once again with crispy tempura batter and tobiko (flying fish roe).

Kisara Menu

Dragon Roll

Grilled eel and cucumber roll covered with avocado

Almost too pretty to eat! A salty and sweet Grilled eel roll accompany by juicy cucumber, then covered with a slices of avocado on top. The delightful grilled eel with just a touch of sweet made a great combination with buttery avocado before finish up with a refreshing sense of cucumber.

Kisara Menu

Gifu-ayu Shio-yaki

‘Gifu-ayu’ Salt grill sweetfish

Here comes the chef’s recommendation! The Ayu fish from Gifu province, Japan grilled with Moshio volcanic salt. Living in a cold river, this fish known in Japan as the “queen of freshwater streams” or a “Sweet fish” for its meat is as sweet as melon with aroma refreshing smell. This extraordinary seasonal fish is very popular among Japanese people rarely found outside Japan, but you can experience it here at KiSara. Curious? Come and find out!

Kisara Menu

Snow Fish Sasa-mushi with Truffle

Steamed snow fish and black truffle wrapped in sasa leaves with sakura sauce

A soft and tender steamed snow fish served on Sakura sauce, a signature recipe using varieties types of seasonal vegetables and fruits, chicken stock and Japanese miso as a based. This menu well captured the sense of art and harmony of Japanese cuisine.

Kisara Menu

Tokujyou Unagi Hitsumabushi Gohan

Premium sliced grilled eel, egg omelet and oba leaves on a bed of steamed rice served with miso soup

If you once fall in love with Unagi rice bowl, this menu will surely enchanted once again! This main dish for today features first class quality eel imported from Japan grilled over a fire. The sweetness of eel meat accompany by egg omelet, then spice up with Japanese aroma smell of oba leaves. The grilled eel served without sweet sauce is the highlight of this menu, allow you to experience the real taste and smell of eel with premium quality. For those who want something more adventurous, we suggest you to fill the rice bowl with a hot miso soup, then topped up with wasabi, dry seaweed, minced spring onion and pickles. This will surely bring you a new experience of dining.

Kisara Menu

Save room for dessert! The collection of sweet treats is coming up! What KiSara bring us for today? Let’s check it out

Kisara Dessert

Matcha Cream Brulee

Green tea cream brulee

If you get tired of traditional Japanese sweet, here comes a creative Green tea cream brulee! A buttery and creamy green tea custard topped up with crispy sweet grilled caramel before finish up with Red Bean Paste at the bottom. This will surely bring you love at first bite! 

Kisara Dessert


Japanese small round rice cake

Go with something more traditional with Daifuku, a big pieces of chewy rice cake filled with red bean paste. The cake is moist and fluffy, bending without cracking while being cut.

Kisara Dessert

Yuzu Milk Chocolate coated ice cream

Yuzu Milk Chocolate coated cubed ice cream served with mango plum wine sauce and wasabi cream

The sour the better! If you are a sour lover, we highly recommended you this ‘Yuzu Milk Chocolate coated ice cream’. The Yuzu milk ice cream surprise us with a freshly sense and a sour taste from orange then covered with crunchy thin chocolate. The fancy dessert served with mango plum wine sauce which, again, spice up the sour yuzu orange taste. The wasabi cream isn’t cloyingly sweet, but more creamy and fluffy.

Kisara Dessert

Ice cream with red bean

Your choice of red bean green tea or vanilla ice cream

Back to basic! The Ice cream with red bean is always a safe choice. Enjoy homemade ice cream available in 2 flavors: vanilla or green tea. Then pair up with, of course, red bean paste, an ice cream best friend.

Kisara Restaurant

Those fancy example is just the brief review of this fantastic restaurant. KiSara hidden gems is also : an Ida Beef, the most luxury beef from Japan, a tepanyaki served by one and only tepanyaki female chef in Thailand, a Sushi Lunch Buffet at sushi counter available from 11.30-2.30 p.m. for THB 1500 net. Find out more by yourself at KiSara!



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