French food is now dominated Bangkok’s fine dining scene and yet still going strong, both in its traditional form and casual one. Great Gastro picks out one of the capital’s finest French fancies, La VUE, to make you fall in love with an exquisite menu and exceptional atmosphere.


Understated deep red and black create a sophisticated ambience, La VUE on the 25th floor of Siam@Siam Design Hotel Bangkok is not only one of the most Parisian spots but also one of Bangkok’s best value restaurant. The name “La VUE” (the view) is reflecting it’s breathtaking 270°view of old town- Golden Mount – and business part of the city. Suitable for those who fancy Casual romantic restaurant.


Follow a hotel’s concept, the dining room decorated in eclectic rich and vibrant colour where dining tables were set up around a three-sided mirror room. There are various things that make the restaurant look pleasant and amiable, and the interior decorations contribute to its major chic and homey style beside luxury French taste.


La Vue offers truly exquisite menus by renowned chefs with years of experience in Southern Mediterranean cuisine. Alongside an original menu, Follow Great Gastro to enjoy an evening of gastronomic adventure with the “Degustation Menu Set” features 7-Course splendid menu to fill your heart with an art of French cuisine. Started from August, this wonderful promotion allows you to choose your dishes from severals options. Before the start, diners will be welcome with breadbasket and Echire butter.


I Course : Amuse Bouche

A small complimentary Amuse Bouche is a first serve. Sent out by the chef to whet diners’ appetites, this daily created tiny appetizer is a crab meat salad mixed with flavorful herbs: Mustard, Celery, and Onion. Best bite of different flavor creation.


II Course : Invitation To Begin

Two choices of appetizer are available

Homemade Duck Rillette, grilled French bread with pickle salad

A lush, savory blend of slow-cooked duck meat Rillette served aside a crispy grilled French bread. Add a generous portion of Rillette and pickle salad on a bread, this traditional French favorite offers a lush texture and a fantastically rich and savory flavor– perfect as a barbeque appetizer!


Salad of seabass caramelized fennel, pine nut, citrus sense

Pan-Seared Sea Bass done perfectly with an aromatic scent of sea salt. The highlight is also a simple yet fantastic sweet honey caramelized Finnel mixed with pine nut, which offers abundant flavour combinations with a fresh touch of orange. A fun parts about eating this salad is enjoying all the different textures and flavors.


III Course : A Soup A Delicate Warming

A soup could choose between a clear and a thick soup.

Squid ink marble hot oyster Vichyssoise, truffle oil sense

Getting hungry with amazing combinations of fresh oyster and cream soup. Served in a tall glass, a classic rich soup flavored with aromatic oyster, cream, and salt. A fresh and fabulous fat oyster is again served separately.


Norman’s country style soup

A very traditional French soup made from a mixed of meat, potato, and vegetables. A soup was naturally sweet with an earthy smell. Live it up and go more playful with chewy sorrel at the bottom.


IV Course : Sherbet

Raspberry Calvados Sherbet Normandy Style

Re-awaken the appetite with a Normandy Brandy Raspberry Sherbet. A sweet and sour fresh up to clear your pallet between a meal.


V Course : Main Course

A main course goes more varieties with 4 kinds of dishes in different flavors.

Slow cooked beef cheeks with carrots, light gravy garlic cream sense

Melt-in-your-mouth slow cooked beef cheeks will surely satisfy your appetite! A tender, juicy and flavoursome beef is served with light gravy sauce which not too strong to overcome beef flavors.


Salmon loin unilateral, royale trumpet red wine puddle with a early dew chlorophyll

A perfect cooked salmon with juicy, tender yet crisp, rendered skin comes with light red wine sauce and buttery pan-fried mushrooms.


Poultry stew, white sauce truffle sense, potato mousseline

Slow cooked chicken in white sauce and truffle proves to be rich, tender and succulent. This malt in your mouth poultry stew is quite hard to resist.


Duck leg confit, sautéed potatoes, light gravy rosemary sense

From the crisp skin to the tender meat inside, La VUE Duck Confit is served with mash and baked potato and Rosemary sauce on the side. This great combination is one of those dishes that will totally keep you coming back for.


VI Course : the Dessert

A dessert course features 3 menus.

Crème Bluree Senses of the Garrigue & black truffle

A light sweet rich custard base creme brulee with a touch of truffle.

Apple tarte, Whipped Cream & Vanilla Ice Cream

An apple cooked in white wine and sugar which gives an outstanding distinctive flavour. This might sound sweet but it actually well balanced by buttery tart and vanilla ice cream.


Floating island, Vanilla Caramom Custard Cream

You would definitely love this! A cloud-light fluffy cake with a generously sweet meringue sits on atop. A Vanilla Caramom Custard Cream underneath was actually just right and the sweetness did not overwhelm a cake – it makes a perfect bite every time.


VII Course : Coffee & Tea

Coffee and Tea after dinner is surely the best refreshment.


This classy Bangkok’s dining scene remains a prime example of just how premium French fine dining could be. And arguably, this marvelous La VUE takes traditional French full course dishes and serves them in casual style by a care-free atmosphere, meaning you get a high-class dinner in a friendly service which we would love you to come and experience.




French Degustation Dinner Menu

La VUE @ Siam@Siam Design Hotel

Open daily from 18:00 – 23:00 hrs.

6 Course Degustation Menu at THB 1,700++

7 Course Degustation Menu at THB 2,000++

A La Carte menu available

More information or reservation

Call : 02 254 9005 / LINE@ : @greatgastro