No matter how the world turns around, Dim Sum, a classic Chinese delight, is always at the top of mind for those who enjoy the oriental classic culinary. Talking about Dim Sum, a verities kind of dumpling and steam bun might be the first thing crossing your mind. However, today Great Gastro will bring you something a bit more excited with a Fusion Dim Sum where the western ingredients meet perfectly with Asian cooking technique. How would this inoperative dish look like? Here we are about to find out.

Lok Wah Hin

We visited Lok Wah Hin, a Cantonese style restaurant decorated in classic traditional style as if you are dining in a wealthy Chinese house from the last century. The award-winning Lok Wah Hin, having been voted the Best Chinese Restaurant in Bangkok for 14 consecutive years, offers an extensive array of creative discerning diners a vast array of over 300 delicacies from around China.

Lok Wah Hin

Dim Sum Fusion Set is a special Dim sum creation present 10 French-Chinese dishes in which will amaze you by an unexpected appurtenances and tastes. Feeling adventurous? Let’s check it out!

 Lok Wah Hin

Frog Provencale

Deep fried frog with garlic, parsley topped of tomatoes concusses

It’s quite rare to see frog cooked in Chinese dishes. This special dish served you a crispy deep fried frog in which this chicken-a-like meat again fried with Chinese style sauce based from garlic and chili. The dish goes a bit more European by topped up with sour and sweet tomatoes concusses.

Lok Wah Hin

Petoncle Garlic Butter

Gratinated scallop in its shell with garlic butter and Emmental cheese

A tender grilled scallop served with garlic butter sauce. The aroma smell of butter makes a perfect combination with juicy scallop before spiced up a bit with salty Emmental cheese. The taste was light with just a touch of salty. Lady might like this!

Lok Wah Hin

Ravioli of Prawn

Wanton stuffed with sautéed ratatouille and sautéed prawn with tomato sauce

Ravioli, European wan ton, goes a bit more Asian by put in a deep fried and turn to a crunchy wanton stuffed with sautéed ratatouille and sautéed prawn. This remarkable dish served with sour tomato sauce which is a perfect answer for harmonic the taste.

Lok Wah Hin

Oyster Fren-Chi

Oyster with vegetables brunoise Chinese shao hsing hua tiao chiew sabayon sauce

Grill oyster mixed with spicy Chinese style sauce, then served with cream base Italian sauce. This dish, again brings a wonderful taste of Asian and Europe.

Lok Wah Hin

Salmon Dumpling 

Mousse of spicy salmon stuffed in spinach leave topped with salmon egg

Salmon fan must love this, a dumpling filled with mousse of spicy salmon and spinach. The smell of salmon is a highlight, this dish combines a Chinese dumpling with French creation in such an impressive way. Eat it with salmon egg and you will find out, one piece never be enough.

Lok Wah Hin - Fusion32

Crab, Scallop Dumpling

Dumpling of scallop mousseline stuffed with crab meat and accompanied with French pepper sauce

Isn’t crab dumpling looks a bit too simple? Go broader with sweet and juicy crab, scallop dumpling served with creamy and sour with just a touch of spice French style pepper sauce. If Thousand Island salad dressing is your best friend. Don’t forget to say hi to this good looking dish.

Lok Wah Hin

Tulipe Pork Burger

Crispy wonton pork burger with ice berg salad, onion and goat cheese with balsamic hot dressing

Pork burger with bread is already good, but a burger with crispy wonton is creative! Imagine all your favorite burger ingredients: ice berg salad, onion and goat cheese served on Chinese style deep fried wanton, then spice up with balsamic hot dressing, how great would it be?

 Lok Wah Hin

Ginger Duck Salapao

Roasted duck in ginger orange sauce stuffed in salspao bun topped of orange juice    

Roasted duck in a ginger orange sauce is classic, but used it as a stuffed for stream bun is something special. Experience a Ginger Duck salapao where a well-prepared duck strews in garlic and special orange, again streamed in a tender salapao. Impressive, isn’t it?

Lok Wah Hin

Lamp Salapao

French lamb shoulder curry salapao topped with lemon cream sauce

Forget about the old way of cooking, a fabulous French lamb shoulder curry salapao is the next dish in the line. A thick juicy lamb meat cooked in spicy curry sauce is a perfect combination of tender steam salapao bun. If you want to go a bit more special, try it with lemon cream sauce! 

Lok Wah Hin

Prawn Noodle Soup

Chinese prawn soup with thin spaghetti

Our perfect finale goes for Chinese style prawn soup which thin spaghetti was used instead of noodle. The hot and light soup with a smell of prawn made wonderful ends of our journey.

Lok Wah Hin

Ice Cream Wonton

Crispy wonton with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce topped with grilled almond and orange zest

This good-looking dessert consist of sweet vanilla ice cream, a classic flavor ice cream goes a bit more creative by served on a crispy wonton based, then decorated with crunchy almond, sour orange zest and topped up with chocolate sauce.

Lok Wah Hin

Dim Sum, an all-time-famous Chinese cuisine, teams up with a sense of creation bring us a new experience of fine dining. Forget about the sauce for each dish pair up with a special sauce which represents its personality. If you curious about how Asian dim sum cooked in western concept look like. Visit Lok Wah Hin for more information! The restaurant open daily from 11.30-14.30 (lunch) and 18.00-22.30 (Dinner)

Lok Wah Hin

This creative dim sum will be available exclusively from now till the end of May at the price of 999++ THB for one set (suitable for 1-2 persons). If you also can’t get enough of authentic style dim sum, visit Lok Wah Hin for Dim Sum Lunch Buffet only at 620++ THB per person.

Lok Wah Hin

2nd Floor Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square

Lunch from 11:30 – 14:30 hrs..

Dinner from 18:00 – 22:30 hrs.

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