Redefine experience at Jojo, The St.Regis Bangkok

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With the coming of new Chef De Cuisine, Stephano Merlo, Jojo transform to be a place where the guest can enjoy the sensational of Italian antipasti buffet with the selected ‘a la minute’ main course at lunch, while traditional Italian cuisine is blended seamlessly with modern Italian cuisine.


With over 20 years of culinary experiences, Chef Stephano Merlo created his own style of Italian cuisine by blending all of his world wide experience together. His long journey start from his homeland, Padua, in northern Italy then across the world to Japan, Australia, Portugal and Thailand. He collected pieces of culinary experience from his worldwide journey. Especially, while he had a chance to work at Le Calandre, a three-star Michelin restaurant known as one of the finest restaurant in Italy. Also, another great opportunity to collaborate closely with Michelin Star Chef Alfredo Russo from “Dolce Stil Novo” restaurant in Turin.

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He put all this treasure experiences into his own style which focus at the original taste of ingredients, and presents every dish as the precious picture which reflect the story and interesting technic behind it as well. He made his great of start at Jojo with new lunch concept and the new interesting series of many signature menus.


Chef Stephano introduce Jojo new menus as the perfect combination among traditional and modern of Italian cuisine which focus on the “Slow Food” concept, the new trend of worldwide culinary that links to the pleasure of dining with a sustainability of the community and the environment. This is made from Stephano’s experience. He learned that culinary is a part of the world and the industry must be a part of it. Starting from select the ingredient which produced by left no negative effect to both community and environment, as he said “From preserving as well as marinating the produce to preparing the sauces and presenting the final dish, the culinary focus remains on having deep respect for all ingredients. My style of cuisine lies in using the finest ingredients and in honoring quality ingredients by cooking it the right way.”

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Cappesante affumicate : Hokkaido scallops, green apple, zucchini, apple fume

” Serve in the glass bowl covered by plastic wrap filled with smoke of apple sense, after cut the cover out expose the grilled giant scallop with apple fume inside, with the fresh taste of high quality scallop and sweet with a little sour of apple fume and zucchini. This menu is such a great dish for start the meal. (Available for both Lunch & Dinner) “


Plin ripieni di quaglia : Plin ravioli filled with braised quail

” Firm plin ravioli which give a soft touch at the surface then crunchy with firm braised quail that filled full inside each piece of ravioli, give a salty taste from the sauce and aromatic smell of cooked quail from every bite. This is a simple traditional dish with respected taste to the original as Chef Stephano philosophy. Available for you to try the authentic last during dinner.  “


Coniglio e carote : Rabbit leg and loin, baby carrots in 4 ways, licorice jus

”  The exotic taste & touch of rabbit meat is something rarely. You will be amazed by the different taste & texture of rabbit leg and loin. Together with modernize presentation. The smell and light taste of carrot support the strong taste of carrot meat. Don’t miss the licorice jus, black strong taste and smell sauce onside in the dish, it is a key to complete this exotic journey in the rabbit hole. ”   


To complete the experience, Chef Stephano make sure all ladies & gentlemen of Jojo will know the story and technic behind each menu, so they can pass this interesting information through the dinner. This is the essential service which truly create memorable experiences, and diner will return to the restaurant again to learn more about his captivating story.


Not just introduce the new menus, Chef Stephano also introduces the new lunch experience. Following the trend of business lunch, he brought “Antipasti Buffet” to Jojo’s weekday lunch with more casual and relaxed surrounding of Jojo under the daylight.

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The Antipasti buffet feature the Tuna Tartar, Beef carpaccio rocket and parmesan, Marinated Artichoke, Prawn in cocktail sauces, Smoked Salmon, Polenta with cod fish mousse, home-made ravioli and spaghetti cream sauce, Taleggio, Toma Piemontese and Parmesan Cheese, salads with fresh leaves, cold cuts, a choice of pizza or homemade pasta, fresh fruit and soft drink. Guest can enjoy a quick and light lunch or add the main dish from Chef Stephano new Lunch Menu highlight as follow

Spaghetti : Tomato ‘Passata’ and Burrata Cheese

” The perfect cooked spaghetti with sour tomato sauce break with the fresh cool taste & touch of Burette Cheese. This is one of the authentic dish by Chef Stephano “


Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder : Trio of Parsnip

” With the slow cooked technic, the lamb is come out super soft and melted in the mouth. The lamb shoulder have more layer of meat and fat, this create more details of touch. The dish also compliment by the special recipe sauce. “

Braised Cuttlefish : Soft Polenta

” Special cooked cuttlefish made it come out perfect with complicate technic. The dish is show of the professional culinary skill of Chef Stephano. The crunchy & sticky touch of cuttlefish is rarely to find. “

Or you can put some sweet in to the meal by selecting some dessert with the choices between traditional Italian sweet and contemporary dessert.

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It is the beginning of the transformation by Chef Stephano at Jojo Restaurant, genius and match with nowadays lifestyle. You can expect from the casual atmosphere with the variety food to great service during lunch, and finest Italian restaurant with the great sustainable menu beyond professional service in the night time as well.

To prove what we told you by experiencing yourself in the exceptional dining at Jojo.


 Jojo, Italian Restaurant, The St.Regis Bangkok

Lunch : 12:00 – 15:00 hrs.

Dinner : 18:00 – 23:00 hrs.

Antipasti Lunch Buffet

THB 795++ per person included Antipasti buffet

THB 895++ per person included Antipasti buffet and dessert (selection from trolley)

Special “1 Get 1” promotion for Antipasti Lunch Buffet (Weekday)

From now until 9th October 2015

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