Water Library at Chamchuri, a famous fine dining restaurant and a flagship of all sister branch in Water Library’s original venue, is far most a wealthy restaurant with a full fine dining standard. Under the supervision of Chef Mirco Keller, a young talented chef and restaurant manager, fame for his extraordinary techniques. This time we visited Water Library for the most exclusive occasion, try out the newest menu inspired from a cross culture creation in which the east and west culinary will be meet in both form of appearance and taste. 

Water Library - Q1 201651

Talking to Chef Mirco, our creative chef come up with an idea to make his menu become more accessible for those who are already in or interested to try fine dining experience. Over 10 years experiences living in Asia, he decided to present his newest creation in A La Carte, which is, of course, more familiar for Asian people and added some special feature inspired from Thai culinary. How would this collection look like? Here we are about to find out! 

Water Library - Q1 201653

Knife, Fork, dish and glass, looking at this beautiful table set! Do not be hesitate if you will use a wrong object for the dinning collection will be change according to your order of foods and drinks. What you need to do is relax and enjoy the food. Oh! Do not forget to place a napkin on your lab It’s not necessary to fully open a large napkin; just fold it in half. Knowing your table manners gives you more confidence in embracing new dining experiences.

Water Library - Q1 201609

The waiter will bring you a small cold napkin to wash your hands before the meal started. This is quite fancy, a small roll of white napkin will change its size after a drop of water. Now, after a few step, now it’s time to eat. What we are expecting today is 2 special set menus and A La Carte. The set menu can be choose between a Seasonal Tasting Menu (change in every 3-6 months) and Classic Tasting (a permanent menu available all year long). Those 2 set with 4-course is available at 2,190++ THB and add 990++ THB for Wine Paring. 

Water Library - Q1 201654

The A La Carte Menu is divided into small section: Cold Starter / Warm Starter / Main Course from the Sea / Main Course from the Land และ Sweet Finale. The price start from 290++ up to 1,590++ THB which is actually a reasonable price for its fine dining quality. If you still not sure what to order, ask the waiter, they are all free to help. 


The order will start from the drink, just like its name ‘Water Library’, the restaurant provided you over 30 different brands of mineral water in which 10 of the list is available exclusively only for this restaurant. For wine lover, Water Library features more than 400 Labels where 25 labels are knowing as a best wine in USA. (Don’t be shy, the price is not that high compare to its quality)

 Water Library - Q1 201628

As always, a meal start with little snack. Cashew Nuts fried with spicy spice was served to us while waiting for our order. Thanks to Chef Mirco, this adorable Nuts and mineral water is the new idea from the chef. If you are expecting for sparkling, your drink will be accompany with a slice of lemon. 

Water Library - Q1 201626

Water Library - Q1 201623

Move to the fresh baked bread from Water Library’s kitchen. The set of good-looking bread accompany by: A crunchy creamy French Croissant, where the flour was directly sent from France. A special bread served in a box full of heated rock in order to keep the bread warm. This remarkable bread is hard from the outside, but soft and tender with just a touch of sweet in the interior. I personally prefer this bread over the croissant, especially when eating with garlic butter. 

Water Library - Q1 201630

As a tradition of Fine Dining, we are serve Amuse-bouche, known as an appetizer, which will be change according to chef’s creativities. Today, our chef come up with a small bite-sized portions of buffy bread served with minced red and green tomato mixed in a bit spicy mayonnaise wasabi sauce. 

 Water Library - Q1 201638

Foie gras, khao tom, lemon, peanut

Here comes the food! We started with Chef Mirko’s favorite, a porridge, served in a form of steamy soup accompany with a salty minced foie gras mold in billet shape and covered with minced nuts, then spice up with a sour cream sauce made from lemon. Just another way around to enjoy a foie gras in a creative way. 

 Water Library - Q1 201639

Seared Canadian scallop, béchamel, green pea, ikura

The next starter feature a fried premium size of Canadian scallop served in a béchamel sauce, a white sour with a slice of sweetness sauce which always used as a base of all White sauce in French recipe. This dish go a bit more colourful with crabmeat ravioli, green beans and salmon’s eggs. What a wonderful starter where all the premium ingredients are joining in the same plate. 

 Water Library - Q1 201647

White prawn, lettuce, sauce remoulade

A deep fried prawns served on lettuce sauce and remoulade sauce, which comes with a little sense of mayonnaise, then spice up with colourful red papaya. This dish might look Chinese from the first glance, but actually bring out the western taste from lettuce and a little sweetness from papaya. 

Water Library - Q1 201653

Lobster bisque

A smooth Lobster soup or Lobster bisque come with a surprise spicy taste from chilly. For those who fancy of Thai soup such as Tom Yum Kung, you must love this one! 

Water Library - Q1 201660

Pomfret, spinach, soy, brown butter

A Chinese style stream pomfret fish served with spinach, soy sauce and oyster sauce. Added western look with bakery brown butter. You wouldn’t expect to see this eastern creation in such a European style kitchen like Water Library Chamchuri. 

Water Library - Q1 201663

Pigeon, pepper, mango, eggplant

A Roast Pigeon served with a signature sauce made from eggplant, paper, mango and bell pepper. Served aside is a deep fried roll taro. A salty sauce come with special flavor which perfectly match with a Pigeon meat while a touch of fresh mango light up a taste of a whole dish. 

Water Library - Q1 201676

Wagyu beef tenderloin, daikon, mustard, dashi

A first class Wagyu beef served on signature sauce from Chef Mirco. The salty and creamy taste of the sauce spice up with a spicy mustard, then topped up with minced vegetables. This good-looking Main Course inspired from Chef Mirco’s favorite Japanese garden.  

Water Library - Q1 201679

 Filo pastry, coconut, blood orange, raspberry

Save Room for dessert! The first dessert consist of many lovely elements which should be eat together for a colourful taste. This fancy sweet is outstanding for its sour raspberry pudding, accompany with creamy coconut ice-cream, then go a bit sour by Blood Orange and a chewy chocolate on top. 

 Water Library - Q1 201684

Satin Blanc white chocolate, sesame, kumquat, rice crispy

A proudly present dessert from Chef Mirco feature a Mint Snow Cone served on sesame and kumquat sauce, then decorated with white chocolate and caramel popcorn. What a playful dessert mixed of a varieties types of sweetness.

Water Library - Q1 201688

Gianduja, pineapple, coconut, honey

Our last dessert goes a bit more Asian with a pineapple sherbet ice-cream served with coconut milk and honey before topped up with chocolate powder. This will surely bring you back the sense of Thai traditional sweet which you could hardly imagine from the outlook.  

Water Library - Q1 201612

This is only a brief example of Chef Mirco’s creation. If you can get enough of fun, why don’t you come and experience your special meal at Water Library? The Fine dining food and services are ready to welcome you in a reasonable price, just drop by and enjoy! 


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