Bangkok is truly one of the world’s gourmet paradises. Whether it be by type of fine dining or casual dinner, one can find just everything and anything here from to bottom. Within various options, the customer selection does not just line upon a 5-star-hotel title anymore. Restaurants nowaday have made the effort to put up front their idea and identity to catch audience’s attention.


Experienced Executive, Chef James Norman is another one who keep this trend in mind by put aside a restaurant old-school serving by creating a brand new concept to surprise worldwide audience at Niche, Siam Kempinski.


“Unlike Sra Bua and Brasserie Europa, Niched was set to be an all-day-dining restaurant, the same food has to be served at lunch and dinner from midday to midnight. By doing this, Niche’s idea is to be relaxed and informal. When we have this concept, It’s so easy to go down the road we use to did before, giving burger, pad thai, and so on because people always order this and people will always be happy with it but they won’t remember it and they won’t come back for that”


By this matter, Chef James drawing upon a wealth of experience gained at five-star establishments to create an exciting concept where diners may choose their favorite ingredient and decide upon as Asian or Non-Asian presentation. The chef also encourages guests to make multiple selections in order to enjoy the tremendous variety on the menu.


“When you use a word like Pad thai. Automatically, in your mind, you know what it’s gonna be. To avoid any confusion. We make it same with Western food. We list a principle the ingredient, and that’s it.People can imagine how their dishes are going to be. I also want to make a portion smaller, so it gives people a chance to select a variety of dishes and compare” said Executive Chef.


“Fun Filled , informal Dining” is said to be a main concept of Niche, Guests can take pleasure in this fun-filled dynamic atmosphere in the air-conditioned restaurant with open kitchen or the outdoor terrace overlooking the lush green garden and free-form swimming pool. The decor of the restaurant has been designed to be calm and relaxed for casual dining. With the new food and drink concept, guests can enjoy a magnificent yet comfortable setting while having a great conversation among friends.


After a small talk, now it’s time for food. Follow us to witness a part of a new menu on creative Asian and Non-Asian dishes.



Asian: Coconut Crispy Scallops Cucumber Chili Salad Thai Salas Verde

The deep fried is an excellent way to cook scallops, and this dish is a remarkable one for a starter. The Scallops are first dipped in a coconut seasoned flour mixture, then fry it to crisp and served with sour and spicy chili salad. The perfect way to cut down the flavor and bring it to balance.

Non-Asian : Seared Scallops Cauliflower Variations Truffle Vinaigrette

Truffle Vinaigrette and Cauliflower Variations is just perfect for scallops. The medium-rare seared scallops are warm in the middle but still moist. Served with rich and creamy Western style cream-based sauce, the same Hokkaido Scallop was present in totally different.


FDC Oysters

Asian : Fresh Shucked Chili and Ginger Granite

Said to be one of the most famous oysters in the world, this French Fine de Claire have an agreeable marine odor and a taste with good salt balance. This fabulous oyster served fresh with Asian style chili and ginger sauce.

Non-Asian : Baked, Champagne Sabayon Sturgeon Caviar

The fresher the better, Nin-Asian Fine de Claire oyster served on top with iced champagne sturgeon to keep them fresh but not cold. As for eating a Sturgeon Caviar created a playful texture for this starter.


Smoked Beef Rib

Asian : Tamarind Glaze, Coriander seed, Fragrant Herb Salad

When cooked right – beef ribs are some mighty good eating! A highlighted dish from Niche is a smoked beef rib cooked in different ways. An Asian style features a loose and tender beef with a sour and sweet tamarind glaze, this sauce not only helps the meat tenderize but also bring more flavor to the table.

Non-Asian : Texan Dry Rub, BBQ Sauce, Buttered Corn

Low and slow is a key to smoking beef ribs. Have it slow cooked for 48 hours, a rib is tender enough to pull right off the bone. To caramelize crust, a barbecue sauce was directly on a finish rib and slap it on a hot grill. If that is not enough, try a side dish, sweet buttered corn, best friend for barbecue meal ever!


Australian Lamb

Asian: Rendang Spiced Rack, Chili Lamb Kromeski, Kaffir Lime Jus

Wanna try Australian Lamb in Indonesian style? Try it in Rendang way! Representing an all-time-famous dish, this spicy meat spiced up with ginger, turmeric , galangal, lemon grass , garlic, onion, and chili. Have it grill to medium rare, the meat is pink in colour with a little pink juice flowing. Another perfect menu for lamb lover!

Non-Asian : Parsley Crusted Rack, “Pulled” Lamb Shoulder, Spring Onion, and Pomegranate

The lamb has an incredible flavour, and slow roasting gives time for the herbs and spices to work their way into the meat and gives us beautifully tender meat that falls off the bone. Served with a rich sauce and fresh pomegranate, you’ll be in heaven with this meal!



Asian : Black Bean Crust, Guava Chive Salad, Garlic Crisps

This fantastic grilled fish dish features tender snow fish with sweet black bean sauce flavour, sour guava chive salad, and garlic crisps to balance the taste. It’s sure to be one of the best refreshing dishes among all.

Non-Asian : Saffron Infused Fillet, Prawn Mussel Nage

A well-seasoned prawn and mussel nage soup dress up these tender, flaky snow fish and this is our favorite way to have it perked up with saffron. Snow fish is always the best choice of seafood. Its firm texture stands up to grilling.


Doughnut Eclair

Asian : Thai Tea Custard, Condensed Milk and Grass Jelly

It’s very visual, eye-catching, full of colour. Asian Doughnut Eclair offers sweet and outstanding flavour, created by chef James. The plumptious beauties come stuffed with fillings such as homemade Thai Tea Custard, Condensed milk and whipping cream. If you love sweets and tea, you can have it at the same time.

Non-Asian : Strawberry Jam and Whipped Cream

From the classic to the creative, there is enough different flavour for Asian and Non-Asian.  Highlights from an all-time-popular strawberry Jam filling together with creamy whipped cream on top. Final answer for strawberry lovers.


The drinks menu also follows the same concept where the principal ingredients play the main role and guests can choose between an ‘Asian’ or ‘non-Asian’ beverage style to suit their preferences. Among various choices of the finest ingredient, which one will be our favorite glass for tonight? Follow us to a bar station!  



Asian : Mocktail

This Non-Alcoholic apple delight is a refreshing drink to be enjoyed in a lovely presentation with fresh Pomegranate seeds on top. A drink is mixed of sweet apple juice blend with sour tamarind and Pomegranate juice to create more sense of Asian.

Non-Asian : Cocktail

Based with Apple juice and Cognac, this Non-Asian alcoholic drink is outstanding with a sweet vanilla smell.Going sour by blended with Lemon, and Cointreau (an orange-flavoured liqueur). If you love fruit cocktail and you like it to be western, don’t miss this glass!



Asian : Cocktail

Want to make the most of berry season? Try this mixed berries cocktail twist on umeshu, banana liqueur padanus and lime. This low-alcohol drink give you a little booze fix without getting you too drunk. Suitable for a lady who seeking for a chill night with friends.

Non-Asian : Cocktail

Vodka, Chambord and pineapple, these three are to make the best cocktail with a strong alcoholic content. Infused a European charm with raspberry liqueur, French Chambord while egg white gives your cocktail a rich, creamy texture and a beautiful foamy. This strong shorts drink is best for a gentleman who pay a lot of attention to texture in cocktails.


Promising to please the palate of those who seeking for dining excitement, Niche is open daily from 12.00 hrs to 24.00 hrs and is located on the ground floor of the Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok.  Chef James Norman expects the new menu to be very popular with moviegoers and early evening shoppers at the nearby Siam Paragon, Siam Centre and Siam Discovery malls.  



Asian or Non-Asian

Niche @ Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok

Open daily from 12:00 – 24:00 hrs.

Dress Code : Casual


More information or reservation

Call : 02 254 9005 / LINE@ : @greatgastro