Legendary Authentic Thai Cuisine

Celadon @ The Sukhothai Bangkok

“Celadon” is known as a magnificent pottery that created and developed by master potters to duplicate their beloved opaque jade. A hard, typically green stone which people believe it can bring good luck into their life. Ancient people believed that it had miraculous powers, should the food was poisoned, it would change color when served on Celadon… Today, Where To Fin brings you all to experience one of the most famous authentic Thai restaurant in Bangkok, “Celadon” at The Sukhothai Bangkok, then introduce you Thai chef, Khun Rossarin Sriprathum including the appetizing Thai signature menus.


Celadon is authentic Thai restaurant of The Sukhothai Bangkok hotel. This restaurant named as “Best Restaurant in Bangkok” by Travel and Leisure magazine. The architecture was inspired by the traditional arts in the Sukhothai period. With the setting color in earth tone, gold and beige color blend with the lights make the luxurious and elegant look. Outside the restaurant surrounded by greenery and lotus pond, you will be relaxed in dining. The professional waiter always there to serve all you need. More importantly, There is Herbs Garden at the backyard of the restaurant which grow the organic vegetables for using as ingredients in the kitchen also.

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Chef Rossarin Sripathum (or Chef Rin), Master Chef of Celadon


“Kindly advise you to savor the amazing of Thai dishes at Celadon for once, this place will take you to experience the miraculous tastes of the authentic Thai foods.” – Chef Rossarin Sriprathum

Chef Rin born and raised in Thailand. Because of the inspiration from her grandmothers who are also Thai Chef, she intends to learn, practice and understand authentic Thai recipes, then become a chef since 20 years old and then she has an opportunity to show her Thai culinary skills in several countries including Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Japan. After that, she has a good chance working as Assistant Head Chef at the renowned Siam House Restaurant and Millennium Hilton Bangkok. Finally, she joins the Celadon at The Sukhothai Bangkok. With more 20 years experiences in Thai cuisine, Chef Rin has her own style which extremely focus on the original taste of authentic Thai foods, this is how the Celadon do, they not only serves you the delicious Thai menus, but keep remaining the authentic recipes also.


“I will not change the taste of Thai food along the foreigner taste buds. The foreigner has to know the original tastes of authentic Thai food. Every menu has their own delicious tastes, so I will let them savor the original delicious tastes of authentic Thai foods.” – Chef Rossarin Sriprathum


Celadon is a traditional Thai restaurant, every menu prepared as the authentic Thai foods and original tastes. Each dishes served in a beautiful fusion style but still have the touch of Thai cultures and arts. The menus are including Thai famous dishes, ancient Thai dishes, and rare Thai royal dishes. However, the restaurant only serves you an organic food by using the organic ingredients such as organic vegetables and herbs from their Herbs Garden, so you can enjoy clean foods, good tastes.



First, start your perfect dining with nice appetizers, “KHONG WAANG CELADON”, the Celadon appetizer selection including Chicken or Pork Satays, Deep-fried Prawn Cakes, Crispy Spring Roll, Thai Style Fish & Chicken Dumpling as well as Chicken Fried in Pandan Leaves and 3 different style of Dipping Sauces. This is one of most famous dishes at Celadon because there is a variety of tastes and you can eat many Thai authentic appetizers in one dish.



“KHAW TANG KAKE SONGKREANG”, one of the ‘Celadon signature dishes’. This menu is ancient Thai appetizer, the Rice Crispy served with Toasted Dried Shrimps, Toasted Coconut, Peanut, Lime, Ginger-Palm Sugar & Shrimp Paste Dipping Sauce. The aromatic of Herbs coming with a little bit sweet then sour tastes will delight your taste buds.



“SANGWA PLA SALMON”, another dish from the ‘Celadon signature dishes’ which named as a Thai royal recipe. From an inspiration of the royal cuisine in King Chulalongkorn, Rama V period, this menu made by grinding fish to small pieces, then mixed with herbs such as sliced of Siamese ginger, shallot, kaffir lime leaves and then fry it. ‘SANGWA’ in Thai means ‘seem like’. The salmon is so crispy, topped with sour-salty fish sauce dressing, it is a little bit salty then cut with the sour taste and then sweet ending.

In addition, there are many ‘Celadon Signature Dishes’ waiting for you to savor, for example: GUAY TIEW HOR NUEAPOO, GAENG NOK MOR, GAENGSOM SUBPAROS PLAHIMA and KHAO KLUK NAAMPRIK PANAENG.



‘Curry’ is indispensable to Thai menus, today Chef Rin presents her favorite dish “GAENG MUSSAMUN GAI” which will imprint your mind. The curry is intense aromatic flavor, sweet and harmonious. You can choose the curry with chicken or lamb as well. Should eat this dish with some quality Thai jasmine rice or brown rice from the restaurant, it is certainly tasty.



Another fantastic menu that will make you be stunned is “PHAD THAI NUEAPOO GOONG MAENAAM YAANG”, the Thai signature traditional dish called Phad Thai served with Ayutthaya giant freshwater shrimp topped on Fried Rice noodles cooked with giant crabmeat. Phad Thai sauce made from Tamarind juice, Coconut sugar to present the aromatic taste. The flavor of the shrimp and crab is harmonious in the noodles. The shrimp and crabmeat are so big, fresh, sweet and flavorful taste.



It’s the perfect way to end the meal with “KHAW NIEW MAMUWANG”, Celadon use an organic and high-quality sticky rice in Surin , then add coconut juice to glutinous rice. The sticky rice is aromatic sweet taste. To eat with juicy ripe mango is the best. Finally, these are the exclusive experience that Chef Rin and Celadon give us. Prove it by yourself, we promise you will be ‘FIN’.


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The Sukhothai Bangkok

Lunch : 12:00 – 15:00 hrs. (Last order: 14:30 น.)

Dinner : 18:30 – 23:00 hrs. (Last order: 22:30 น.)



More information and reserve your best experience with Where To Fin call 02 633 3998

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