Dine in Style upon “The Roof”

The Roof at Siam@Siam design hotel Bangkok

The Roof restaurant & bar located at Siam @ Siam Design Hotel Bangkok is one of the few places in Bangkok where you can enjoy dining, drinking and seeing the panorama view of Bangkok at the same time. The restaurant located on 25th floor and the hotel located nearby MBK Shopping Center and Thailand National Stadium, you can experience to Bangkok view in a different way. Otherwise, the cooking from Chef Gilles Poitevin and many beverages that are not too much expensive is the reason why The Roof restaurant & bar is one of the most popular ‘Roof Top Venue in Bangkok’. Today, we will take you to the Roof and see how it’s amazing! 


Siam @ Siam Design Hotel Bangkok designed by an inspiration of Siamese Yaksha which represent to power, strength and authority. The decoration is modern and strange and created as the bodies of Yaksha, the Roof is located on the roof top which represents the Yaksha head.  After you come into this restaurant, you will see many colorful pictures in different styles on both sides wall. Then, the restaurant on the rooftop has a multi-level design, there are some tables on the rooftop and terrace bar below.

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The Roof Restaurants

The decoration with setting the bright deep-blue light, bright deep-red light and bright deep-green Yaksha head’s standing light gives joyful and charming atmosphere. You can enjoy seeing a panorama view of Bangkok by sitting at the terrace, there are the Bangkok big buildings night view, national stadium view and many Thai agricultures on the Rattanakosin Island such as Wat Phu Khao Thong (Golden Mount). There are a popular “Signature Hot Stone Grill” menus which you can cook the favorite menus by yourself. This a good chance to enjoy “Hot Stone Grill” for the first time.

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LaVue ( ในกรณีที่ฝนตกคุณสามารถนั่งรับประทานอาหารพร้อมรับชมทัศนียภาพย์ของกรุงเทพ ณ LaVue แทนได้ )

“When I am cooking, I feel like I am writing the rhythm. My food is full of my memories, it represents to my world” – Chef Gilles Poitevin

Chef Gilles Poitevin graduated at Jean Drouant professional French cooking school & hospitality. He used to work with Michelin Starred Chef Joel Robuchon in Paris. With more than 20 years in cooking experiences, he made better and improved his culinary skills, then became one of the original French cuisine professional chefs. He used to cook some French menus to the royal. Before Chef Gilles Poitevin came to Siam @ Siam Design Hotel & Spa Bangkok, he had been the Head Chef at VATEL Silpakorn University International College and Santiburi Beach Resort & Spa also.

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“I love to create the authentic French cuisine by using high-quality ingredients imported from its original country. I understand the ingredients and know how to present their flavor into the French authentic menus.” – Chef Gilles Poitevin


Chef Gilles Poitevin punctiliously presents his food with French Earth Gastronomic Cuisine. He uses natural gourmet like flowers, woods, mushrooms or herbs and then combines the natural tastes to his French foods. Today, Chef Gilles Poitevin presents new signature menus of the raining seasonal menus, Monsoon a la carte Raining Season, let’s discover them together!

– Appetizer –

Cream of Oyster and Black Truffle Soup


The appetizer menu, “Cream of Oyster and Black Truffle Soup”, the soup made of Oyster blending with an aromatic taste of Black Truffle. The tender soup topped with a little bit Black Truffle oil bring you to the harmonious taste of the Oyster and Black Truffle. Don’t miss to try this soup!

Warm Potato Salad


Another appetizer menu, “Warm Potato Salad with Mascarpone, chorizo and parma ham. The yellow ball potatoes are so appetizing, topped with Chorizo and Parma Ham. The tender potatoes coming with a little bit sweet taste from Mascarpone, the Chorizo and Parma Ham is enough salty.

Tuna Nicoise Salad


A classical French salad, “Tuna Nicoise Salad”, coming with many organic garden vegetables served with tuna and topped with a little sour dressing sauce that makes you feel fresh from natural taste. It’s suitable with healthy food & clean food lover.

Occitane Snail Fricassée


“Occitane Snail Fricassée”, a la carte appetizer coming with Escargot Snail served with some slice of bread on a little hot-sour cream sauce. The snail is chewy and compatible with the tasty sauce.

– Main Course –

 Sablefish in Salty Crust


Should you love to eat fish, don’t miss the chef recommended “Sablefish in Salty Crust”, the sablefish served with cream sauces, potatoes and mushrooms. The fish texture is so tender, topped with the sauce to let it be more sour-sweet. Enjoy the aromatic taste from mushroom and baked potatoes.

 Pan-seared Beef Sirloin


For someone who like the beef, we advise “Pan-seared Beef Sirloin”, the special menus made from high-quality beef grilled on the hot stones. The beef coming with an aromatic taste from red wine sauce, served with stew made from bacon, potato, mushroom and red wine. The highlight of this dish is the flavor of sauce and a touch of fine beef.

– Dessert –

After finished the main course, the restaurant recommended us to delight the taste buds with 3 highlight French desserts created by Chef Gilles Poitevin.

White Chocolate Mousse


The sweet made from white chocolate mousse gives some sweet tastes and a piece of crispy white chocolate topping, then cut you to feel fresh with the sour from blueberries sauce.

 Strawberry mille-feuille


A slice of crispy mille-feuille with strawberry filling will make you feel fresh and delight your mouth!

Kiwi Macarons


Big macaron with custard filling and circled with Kiwi surrounded by the piece of sugar, the texture of macaron is crispy and smooth inside, sweet and sour tastes.

 – Craft Beer –

Furthermore, throughout this winter, The Roof also presents new beverage promotions, 22 kinds of imported Premium Craft Beer such as Ryan & the Beaster Bunny and Falco from America, Punk IPA and 5AM from Scotland and many more. Today, we already sipped 3 recommended crafted beer as follows:


Punk IPA, the bright light yellow beer coming with the aromatic of the juice beer, the taste is a little bit sweet, suitable for the lady who seek and need to try some harmonious crafted beer.


Molotov Cocktail, deep yellow-peach beer, there are some aromatic from fruit but the taste is enough bitter to wake you up!


The last drink of this night is Ashtray Heart, the presentation of this crafted beer is the deep-black color and the smell of the ash. It’s very bitter, after go on sipping, it’s amazing that the bitter taste will change to tender taste.

Let’s take a look at something special in “Monsoon a la carte raining season”

Sea asparagus Parmentière Salmon


Southwestern French salad with Duck Foie Gras


Grilled Tiger Prawn Salad


Braised duck leg


Bolhabaisa “Occitan Provençal” Fish Bouillabaise Soup


The Roof at 25th floor, Siam@Siam Design Hotel Bangkok

Dinner Opening Time 17:30 – 23:30 hrs.


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More information and reserve your best experience with Where To Fin call 02 633 3998

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