“Three Sixty” Indulgence

Three Sixty Lounge @ Millennium Hilton Bangkok

Millennium Hilton Bangkok’s boat waiting for us at Sathorn Pier, a staff boat greeted with a smile then takes us to the Millennium Hilton Bangkok. We had already come to Three Sixty Lounge which located on the rooftop of the hotel where you can experience to the colorful cocktails, enjoy Jazz music, sit on the rooftop surrounded by a fabulous view of Bangkok.


Three Sixty Lounge is divided into 2 parts. The first one is Three Sixty Outdoor Lounge on the 31st floor. It’s perfect for people who want to sit outside and enjoy outside view. There are tables for socializing with friends and a sweet sofa for sweet lovers facing the beautiful view as far as the eye can see. To delight your perfect night, we recommend you to sip some good drinks while looking the lively Chao Phraya River as well as Thonburi beautiful architecture from here.

Three Sixty Outdoor Terrace

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Another part of Three Sixty is located on the 32nd floor of Millennium Hilton Bangkok as Three Sixty Indoor Jazz Lounge decorated with charming blue lights for fascinating atmosphere. Because of the nice location of the hotel which located on the heart of Thonburi and Pranakorn as well as Chao Phraya riverside, you should take a seat nearby high glass ceiling then enjoy Bangkok’s panorama view. Three Sixty Lounge also named as “the Highest Jazz Lounge in Bangkok”. There are so many famous singer around the world come here for showing their amazing Jazz songs. Most recently, forever popular international Jazz singer, Tabitha King already come to show her beautiful voice, jazz lovers don’t miss to experience for once!

Three Sixty Indoor Jazz Lounge

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Today, Great Gastro have a great opportunity meeting with Khun Yod, Hilton South East Asia Bartender & Mixologist Award Winning! He will perform his colorful and flavorful cocktails for us.


Khun Yod Award winning mixologist of Three Sixty Jazz Lounge 

Robusto Mojito


“Robusto Mojito”, made from Cuban cigar-infused rum with fresh lime, mint and hazelnut syrup. Indulge in the aromatic flavor of cigar coming with the exotic presentation from fresh mint and topped with sugar sprinkled round ice. Feel fresh from sour taste of lemon mixed with mint taste that give you fresh-harmonious feeling.

Bohemian Bliss


The next cocktail which Khun Yod recommended is “Bohemian Bliss”, the cocktails inspired by Absinthe. This cocktail featured with Green apple with a blue flame on top to make you feel excited. With a mixture of Honeydew melon, Galliano vanilla and many herbs, the tastes of this cocktail is sweet from the natural flavors and herbs. You will feel like many flora are flow down into your throat.

Isan Summer


“Isan Summer”, the signature cocktail created by Khun Yod that brought him get Hilton South East Asia Bartender & Mixologist Award Winning. Isan Summer cocktail inspired by his childhood memories while he was in the North Eastern Thailand (Isan). He uses the ingredients and flavors of the Northeast Thailand to create a new special cocktail. He uses a syrup made from sugar cane and Thai tea and then use a mixture of tropical fruits like tangerine and passion fruit, including kaffir lime leaves, even the Zacapa Rum that is made from sugar cane. Furthermore, with roasted rice on the glass edge and aromatic kaffir lime leaf burn which delight your taste buds with the sour, hot and spicy flavors like Isan food.

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There are so many special cocktails like Red Jazz, Three Sixty and much more waiting for you!

How about drinking at Three Sixty Outdoor Lounge at the 31st floor? The cocktail menus are different from the indoor lounge. The flavors of Outdoor Lounge cocktails are tender and fresh, suitable for sipping outside. Khun Pure & Khun Bank 2 award winning mixologist is ready to mix you their great refreshment.


Khun Pure & Khun Bank, Award Winning Mixologist at Three Sixty Outdoor Lounge

 Brandy Crusta


“Brandy Crusta”, coming with orange fragrance. With the mixture from an orange liqueur, lemon juice, brandy, bitters, and a sugar rim, it gives a strong taste blended with the fresh feeling.

 Strawberry Crush


For the ladies, try this “Strawberry Crush”, fresh strawberry crushed in a glass with a little sugar added. The taste of this cocktail is sweet coming with aromatic flavor from lemon and strawberry, and a bit spicy from the ginger. Strawberry topping is sweet & sour, make you feel fresh.

 Citrus Mojito


“Citrus Mojito”, a cool and refreshing mojito for a perfect day. There are some oranges, lemons and limes flavored with some mint leaves give the right touch, sour-fresh, good smell and delightful.


In addition, the lounge outside has a signature ‘Picnic Basket‘ coming with highlight international appetizers includes garlic bread, sashimi, beefsteak sandwiches, cracker and Italian sauce, foie gras, lobster salad, Italian pasta and much more. Who have never been to the Three Sixty Lounge must find some chance meeting your friends or your sweetheart, sit on the rooftop lounge, then enjoy the fantastic view of Bangkok and delightful jazz music for once!

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Three Sixty Lounge @ Millennium Hilton 

Opening Time 17:00 – 01:00 hrs.


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