Say goodbye to an old style of buffet! Today Great Gastro will brought you a new trend of eating where the organic and nutrition come first. Meet ‘Seafood and Grill Dinner Buffet’, a creative all you can eat promotion captured a ‘clean food’ ideal as a main theme before illustrating the eating well concept via creative menus available in unlimited order.

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Seasonal Tastes at the Westin Grande Sukhumvit, is a contemporary restaurant serving an enticing range of gourmet international cuisine in a visually dramatic setting. Created the marine time atmosphere, the restaurant choose where blue and white is a primary colour and decorate the rooftop with the picture of the sea wave. Are you ready to set sail? Here we go!

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Start with the S-Shave counter where the different kinds of cold cut are prepared. If you would like to go healthy, why don’t you start with something fresher like a colourful salad or a seasonal vegetable grilled?

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Move a bit to the Seafood on ice section. For this highlight, Alaskan King crab, freshly shucked oyster, New Zealand mussel, tiger prawn, rock lobster and much more, they are all served you in the best quality. Prepare your seafood sauce cos this will surely keep you coming for more.

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If you fancy of Sushi, do not miss also the sushi bar just next by. Enjoy a finest sushi and sashimi prepared with freshest ingredients and the flair of culinary master. If you once enchanted with the charm of Kisso Japanese restaurant, here you are at the right spot.

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Followed by a Mediterranean cuisine serving fresh pasta, pizza, and salads via an open kitchen, where all the cooling activities are here for you to experience. Who is fancy of Italian food, cheese and pasta, just drop by and say hi!

Seasonal Taste91

Our sail going to something a bit Asia at Thai’s station. If you accompany by an elder generation who is in love with authentic taste of Siam, here we would like to recommend you to a classical Thai culinary where you can find a spicy fruit salad, a spicy salad with deep fried fish, a spicy minced pork, a fried chicken, a grilled pork, a Thai spicy dipping accompany with boiled egg and fresh seasonal vegetables.

Seasonal Taste50

We continue our journey to China. Let’s have a look at fresh homemade Dim Sum, a grilled duck and pock. There are all served you a memorable taste of Chinese.

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Still hungry? Follow us to the hot dish station where a varieties kind of international dish are well-prepared such as Lamp stew ‘Navarin’, Pan Fried Grouper Fish Fillet, Sauteen bok choy with Soya sauce, Stir fried beef XO sauce, Deep fried grouper terr flavor sauce, Chicken yellow curry and if you want to go for more rice, Fried rice with seafood is ready for you.

Seasonal Tastes

We are just arrived at the grill station, the next highlight of our sail. The sizzle of Australian beef tenderloin, lamp cutles, foie gras, rock lobster, salmon, snow fish intensify the irresistible allure.

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Seasonal Taste102

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Beware! Cos the wave of wonderful sweet is coming on the way! Here we reach to the dessert station where all of your favorite choice of sweet is waiting. A seven flavors of fabulous Mövenpick ice-cream served on fresh baked waffle, a made-by-order French crepe with different toppings, a soft and tender pudding, a fresh fruit tart, a wonderful chocolate fountain and much more. If you want to go for something more traditional, do not miss our famous sticky rice with mango and other fresh and fabulous seasonal fruits.

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What an impressive sail for today? For those who would love to experience a culinary concept of eating well infused with fresh inspiration, join us at Seasonal Tastes’ ‘Seafood and Grill Dinner Buffet’. Available every Friday and Saturday evening from 18.00-22.30 hrs. at only 2,490 Baht net per person.

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Special for SPG Member (Contact Restaurant Staff for a FREE Enrollment) through out April 2016. Enjoy an irresistible offer “1 THB Buffet”This offer is valid on all buffets where every 2nd diner at the table pays only 1 baht for the indulgent spread (adults only). Pay one, save one! from 1st – 30th April 2016 only! Reserve your table now!


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Seasonal Tastes

Westin Grande Sukhumvit

Seafood & Grill Dinner Buffet (Friday – Saturday) from 18:00 – 22:30 hrs. THB 2,490 net per person

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