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Today, Where To Fin would like to take you to discover the secret of the original mooncakes recipe from celebrity chef of Liu Restaurant, Chef Jacky Chan. Let us introduce you some information about the Mid-Autumn Festival first, then you will be more understand about one of the most important Chinese festival of the year. Let celebrate and “FIN” with delicious mooncake from Liu.

The Mid-Autumn Festival, the day when the moon shine is brightest and most beautiful in autumn. It is time for the family comes together to celebrate the night under the beautiful moonlight with this special dessert, mooncake (月饼) with represent to unity and harmony of people. Therefore, people love to give mooncake to each other for celebrating, it is represented in making good wishes. Giving the mooncakes is the best way to impress your recipeent. And now, Where To Fin already brought one of most delicious mooncakes in Thailand here! The mooncakes baked by Chef Jacky Chan, Cantonese Chef of Liu Restaurant. To Experience together with us.

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The event to unveil secret of Liu’s delicious mooncake

Chef Jacky Chan, “Chef Master in Guangzhou Food & Beverage Industry” awarded by Guangzhou Tourism Bureau, said the Dough kneading with syrup and peanut oil would make itself soft and smooth. The most important thing is the dough must be enough thin, and then put more the filling. The filling of Liu Restaurant was made by the special secret recipe of Chef Jacky Chan, it’s very smooth as cream, melt in your mouth. Then, place the filling and then put half cut salted egg yolk in the center of the filling and then shape it into a round shape. To Sprinkle some flour in the mold and place mooncake and press it firmly after that. However, the most special thing is baking step which have to be baked with good temperature and suitable time, and do not forget brushing surface with the egg mixture as well. Finally, the delicious mooncakes is available for everyone to try out!

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Chef Jacky Chan show his secret on how to make the traditional delicious mooncake

To share this special experience with your special person during the Mid-Autumn Festival by giving these exclusive mooncakes, the original mooncake recipe from Liu Restaurant. With the soft and thin dough, smooth filling, greasy salted egg yolk, including beautiful shape with classic color, Liu’s mooncakes show its quality as the original of Cantonese mooncake recipe. This year, Liu Restaurant offers 5 flavors – Custard, Durian, White Lotus, Multi-coarse Grain and Red Bean, come with these exquisite mooncake gift sets.

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Price & Package

1 piece  THB 115.-net per box
Signature Box 4 pcs.  THB 650.-net per box
Signature Box 8 pcs.  THB 1,150.-net per box
Luxury Box 8 pcs.  THB 1,950.-net perbox

Available from August 5th – September 27th, 2015

For more information and to order please contact

Deli by Conrad, 2nd Floor from 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Tel: 0 2690 9222

Email: bkkci.deli@conradhotels.com

Liu, 3rd Floor from 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Tel: 0 2690 9255

Email: bkkci.liu@conradhotels.com

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