Celebrating its 23 years of establishment this year, an award-winning Japanese restaurant, Kisso attracts guests with exceptional Japanese dishes focusing on seasonal variations imported fresh from Japan and excellent service in a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere.

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Located on the 8th floor of The Westin Grande Sukhumvit Bangkok, Kisso reveals itself behind a wall of sake barrels with its décor that revolves around the traditional aesthetic with a glimpse of the contemporary in “wabi-sabi” style, a classic design that embraces the art of appreciating the beauty of the imperfection. Carved Japanese partition screens, sakura ceiling motifs, brown leather chairs fill out the low-lit dining area to exude a classic yet friendly ambience.

Kisso Kisso

The private rooms—two Western-style rooms and two Japanese-style rooms with tatami mats—are separated from the main dining area by the colorful sliding panels, while the sushi bar and Japanese charcoal grill offer diners the chance to watch the culinary team in action.

Kisso Kisso

Here, the menu highlights the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients imported from Japan to ensure the unique characteristics of Japanese cuisine.

Kisso Kisso

Lunch Chefs Course Menu

Three Appetizers of The Day

The tantalizing 6-course menu at Kisso starts with the three appetizers of the day: koebi no karaage, a Japanese style deep fried shrimp that yields a flavorful, non-greasy meat with a crispy crust; hiyashi wakame, a fresh and briny Japanese seaweed topped with flying fish roe; and kamo rosu, a seared marinated duck breast with salad greens.


Clear Soup

This traditional clear soup, osuimono, is packed with the umami flavor and the appetizing aroma of the ingredients such as dashi, soy sauce and sake, served with the egg shrimp ball which works pleasantly with the light soup, ending up nourishing and flavorful.

Fresh Sliced Raw Fish

The Japanese delicacy, which comes next, is the fresh sliced raw fish known as sashimi in Japanese. Served chilled on a bowl of ice, this assorted sashimi bowl consists of salmon, chutoro (tuna medium belly), hamachi (yellow tail) and amaebi (sweet prawn), each comes fantastically fresh with its natural flavor.


Australian Wagyu Beef

For the main, a perfect medium-rare steak made with the highly marbled Australian wagyu beef arrives with a beautiful pattern of fat, offering a pleasant beefy flavor with extremely tender, juicy textures. The steak is served along with crispy garlic slices and vegetable stir-fry with cabbage, mushroom, green pea and carrot.


Steamed Rice with Seasonal Ingredients

Considered a staple food source for Japan, the steamed Japanese rice comes with a slightly sticky texture, short and round, topped with salmon flakes, kinshi tamago (shredded egg crêpes) and ikura (salmon roe), accompanied by a savory cup of miso soup and pickles.


The lunch chefs course menu ends with chef’s signature dessert that changes on daily basis. Fresh seasonal fruit like melon, strawberry, papaya, watermelon and dragon fruit, beautifully cut and arranged on the plate, is foremost among them.


Kisso À La Carte Menu

Salmon Lover Box

Knowing that Thai people are very fond of salmon, the chef has created the salmon lover box using only Norwegian salmon as the main ingredient. This Japanese style bento of salmon consists of salmon sashimi, salmon roll with salmon roe, salmon sushi, flamed salmon sushi, grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce and with natural salt, salmon salad, and spicy salmon with avocado.


Japanese Wagyu Shabu-Shabu Salad

The healthy dish for a guilt-free meal, wagyu shabu-shabu salad, consists of thin slices of the finest Japanese wagyu beef—shabu-shabu style—and mixed greens, mingled with sesame and ponzu citrus sauce. The appetizing sliced beef comes with a large swath of fat, making it tender and juicy, while the deliciously acidic sauce helps intensify the taste sensations of the cuts.


Eel and Foie Gras with Teriyaki Sauce

The bold and rich eel commonly known as unagi is grilled over the charcoal made of three different types of wood—eucalyptus, tamarind and mangrove—offering the authentic grilled flavor and distinctive aroma. The fillet comes with the foie gras and balsamic teriyaki sauce, creating an unmistakable combination of Japanese and French cuisine.


Kisso Lunch Set

Grilled Snow Fish

The lunch set at Kisso is a perfect choice to fill your stomach without contributing excess calories. Highlight is the grilled snow fish with a choice of natural salt or teriyaki sauce, served with small appetizer, egg custard, sashimi, miso soup, rice and pickles.


Udon Noodles with Preserved Cod Roe

Another lunch set highlight at Kisso is the chewy and soft udon noodles soaked in a rich cream soup with preserved cod roe known for its distinct briny taste and pop texture, served hot with small appetizer, egg custard, salmon flake rice and pickles.


Lunchtime Desserts

Crepes with Strawberry, Banana and Pudding

For dessert, the popular Japanese style crepe comes with 3 different fillings: strawberry, banana, and pudding, served with vanilla ice cream and dressed with chocolate sauce.


Japanese Style Parfait

Continue the dessert highlights with the Japanese style parfait featuring vanilla and green tea ice cream, together with red bean paste, green tea mochi, green tea cake, chestnut and strawberry.


Boiled Rice Cake with Sweet Soy Powder

The Japanese traditional dessert abekawa mochi or boiled rice cake offers a chewy marshmallow-like texture, served with sweet soy powder and red bean paste for delicate sweetness.


Plum Wine Jelly and Premium Sake Sorbet

Finish your meal in style with a refreshing and light plum wine jelly topped with a Japanese pickled plum and premium sake sorbet, a frozen treat that will cool your throat on a hot day.


With Kisso’s seasonal ingredients and flavors as well as its meticulous preparation and stunning presentation, a fancy trip to eat out in Japan is dispensable.



The Westin Grande Sukhumvit

Lunch from 12:00 – 14:30 hrs.

Dinner from 18:00 – 22:30 hrs


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