Shang Palace Chinese Restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok has recently unveiled its latest Cantonese specialties created by the Chinese-born Chef Chow Wai Man who has over 40 years of experience in traditional Chinese cuisine.

Shang Palace

This year, he is bringing his passion and skills for cooking to create the new innovative menu showcasing his experimental inspirations and visual aesthetics.

Shang Palace

Good Fortune Potion

Start off the meal with a refreshing drink from the restaurant. The oolong tea infused with lychee, mint, lemon, and honey comes with fresh-made Chinese almond cookies and cashew nuts with wasabi.

Shang Palace

Dim Sum Combination

The Dim Sum Combination arrives with 4 different types of dim sum delicacies. The classic steamed dumpling is filled with a big chunk of sweet prawn, while the authentic prawn Har Gow is wrapped in translucent dough revealing the beautiful pink of the meat. The other highlights include spring roll prawn and fried prawn wonton that come with a variety of dipping sauces.

Shang Palace

Barbecued Meat Platter

Another tempting platter is the Barbecued Meat Platter featuring crispy pork belly that comes moist and tender, while leaving the skin a fabulously crisp; barbecued red pork marinated with honey offering the meat a delectably sweet; roasted duck that is cooked perfectly with no greasy taste; and jellyfish salad with sesame oil that contributes a crunchy texture to the dish.

Shang Palace

Traditional ‘Peking Style’ Oven Roasted Goose

The famous Peking Duck is served with Chinese pancakes, spring onions, cucumbers, and hoisin sauce made from soy beans and garlic. Spread the sweet hoisin sauce over the steamed pancake, add crispy thin duck skin, cucumber and spring onion, and roll it up. Then allow its crunchy and appealing skin to melt in your mouth with a great firm texture contrast.

Shang PalaceShang Palace

Buddha Jumps over the Wall

As its name suggests, the Chinese nutritious soup is said to be so tasty that it made the vegetarian Buddha jump over the wall to try it. The soup here is no different. Using only the finest ingredients from the regional Chinese provinces such as abalone, dried scallop, sea cucumber, fish maw and shitake mushrooms, this Chinese nutritious soup offers a rich and exotic flavor, while helps boosting health levels and strengthening body systems.

Shang Palace

Stir-fried Live Prawn with Soya Sauce

Inspired by Chef Chow’s home recipe, the simple yet complex stir-fried live prawn with soya sauce are truly outstanding. The fresh prawns, which sizzle and fry in the wok until they turn orange in color, are loaded with a natural sweet flavor and a pleasant crunch elevating by the savory soya sauce.

Shang Palace

Baked Lobster with Superior Stock

A rising star among the new menu is the Baked Lobster with Superior Stock. The lobster rolls in with a very firm, white meat that is sweet and luscious. Dished out with Superior Stock, it intensifies the savory oceanic notes of the meat in every bite. The gorgeous dish is amazingly decorated with the lobster head and tail as well as colorful vegetables, making this menu a real feast for the eyes and a succulent treat for the taste buds.

Shang PalaceShang Palace

Deep-fried Soon Hock with Soya Sauce

An innovative feast continues with the Deep-fried Soon Hock with Soya Sauce. The golden fried soon hock (marble goby fish) commands a very subtle flavor with a delightful contrast to the meat, tender on the inside, crispy on the outside. Pour the sauce made from soya sauce, ginger, and fish sauce on top of fried fish, then garnish with spring onion and red chili pepper.

Shang Palace

Braised Chinese Spinach topped with Salted Egg and Century Egg

The combination of salted egg and century egg gives this creative Cantonese dish a kick. The smooth and springy braised Chinese spinach matches nicely with the saltiness of salted egg and the unique flavor of the century egg, reinforced by the fish-based stock that creates an exhilarating twist to the dish.

Shang Palace

Mango Pudding

Save some room for dessert. The incredible mango pudding offers a brilliant fresh mango flavor with a touch of coconut milk, served with red sticky rice or fresh berries with mango puree to give it a flavor boost.

Shang Palace

These new creations by Chef Chow Wai Man can be paired perfectly with a variety of rare tea leaves from China which also include classics like oolong and green tea.

Shang Palace

New Innovative Cantonese Menu

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