“The Journey”, a new, modern Thai set menu, brings you a new experience of Thai Molecular Gastronomy by Michelin-Starred Chef Henrik Yde Andersen at Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin, Siam Kempinski hotel.

Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin, a well-known Thai restaurant at Siam Kempinski hotel, is famous for creating Molecular Gastronomy. By changing its form or state while remaining its original taste, this creates new dining experience to customer.

Chef Henrik

 Every plates is a piece of art – Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin’s dishes are made from Michelin-Starred Chef Henrik Yde Andersen’s creativity, who came from Kiin Kiin restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark.  For a good start of this year, Chef Henrik has travelled to Thailand with new dishes, which are inspired by Thai local dining cultures from all over the country. Now, Great Gastro proudly presents you the 13 courses of “The Journey”:


To start the course, “The Nibbling” is going to surprise you with new kinds of appetizer:

Sra Bua 1

Thin-sliced, sugar-coated, crispy lotus root with crushed lime leaves is served in a jar filled with dried lotus as to hint us this dish is from lotus.

Sra Bua 2

Who knows soy sauce can made into a meringue!? Chef Henrik has made this crunchy, salty meringue with almond on top, serving with the original yogurt-wasabi dipping sauce. After the meringue and the sauce has combined, this meal has shift itself from a sweet to savory food. This meringue is served in a jar filled with light brown seeds.

Sra Bua 3

Believe it or not? this meal is actually chicken satay! The thin, soft dough sheet tastes like chicken, on top with satay sauce in a shape of cream cheese, powdered with satay seasoning powder, is served in a small bite on a big wooden plate as a symbol of firewood. Amazing!

Sra Bua 4

Served in a beautiful lotus floating in a vase, minced scallop is mixed with sweet-chill coconut sauce and topped sliced lemon grass for a fresh smell. No one knew this is not just a decoration flower but a meal, until a lovely waitress suggested us to try!  

Sra Bua 5

This new, crispy wonton Miang Kam is made from mincing shallots, pomelo,chili, and lime and cashews is added for extra crispiness. All is wrapped inside a fried wanton in a cone shape. Moreover, since Miang Kam is originated from northern Thailand, where is famous for wood engraving, Chef Henrik chooses to present this meal on top of a wooden masterpiece decorated with orchids. This meal is just simply beautiful and mesmerizing. 

Sra Bua 6

Miso Flan, whose texture is like a custard, comes with a little bit of sweet in every pieces.

Sra Bua 7

Thai style chicken sausage is served inside a dish cover with firewood smoke inside. This gave a feeling of a genuine Thai street food when you are standing on the street waiting to get this sausage. 

Sra Bua 8

The meat is from minced chicken’s heart fried with sauce and basil, then powdered with crispy rice. This meal is served in a heart-shaped plate on a box of hay.

Sra Bua 9

This one is unique. Who could have known that what you need to do is to use a small pliers to pick a worm! But after we tried, it’s actually a piece of salmon in a soup that is covered by malt powder, topped with a veggie shoots as if it is a shoots of a tree. This is literally one of the most exciting menus we have ever experienced!

Now, after appetizers, the party just begins.

Sra Bua 10

This meal is delicious Tom Yam Kung. The high-seasoned soup comes in a teapot and we have to use a cylinder to eject noodles and drink it for the best taste. In this meal, there are two types of shrimp: fried shrimp with spicy mayonnaise, and ball-shaped shrimp toast. This Tom Yam Kung is so unique and the taste is spicy, sour, and authentic.

Sra Bua 11

Three types of oyster: Chinese styled oyster uses sour sauce, ginger, and parsley. The French uses fresh lemon, and the Phuket styled comes in a close package, inside there are fresh oyster in a sour, spicy, and high-seasoned seafood sauce. Pearls, symbolizing Phuket as the pearl of Andaman sea, are also served inside which are made from coconut meat. Crispy fried oyster is also included. All comes in a wooden nest with stones and smoke from dried ice to show how ornate this meal is.

Sra Bua 12

A minced duck powered with Thai Larb Spices before wrap up with thin slice of cucumber, then topped up with a cotton candy made of varieties types of vegetables, cucumber and sugar. An extraordinary spicy duck served with a crispy roasted rice and spice up with spicy Larb sauce. From the appearance, one could hardly imagine the hidden taste of sweet, sour and spicy which are all the perfect combination of Thai Larb Spices. 

Sra Bua 13

This section, chef present a two different types of Thai classic dishes in creative jelly look, Hor Mok Talay and Green curry with cod fish. Hor Mok Talay served on salty source with a full senses of spices, then topped up with a slice of crab while Green Curry come with a bit more sweet taste from a Green Curry paste.  

Sra Bua 14

Do not be misled from the sweet look, this dish is, actually, savory. The dish of sweet and sour veal featured a tender veal served with a piece of flour, sugar, and a slicedsheets of dried and crispy pork powered with a frozen sour sauce on top. Mixed all the taste of sour, sweet and a bit salty from veal, this creation is truly master piece from Molecular Michelin Star chef.

Sra Bua 15

Beef with oyster sauce, an ordinary Thai culinary, comes in a super creative display. Accompany by an oyster sauce and basil moose, the medium rare beef served on the bone as a decoration. This piece of arts is not only beautiful but also tasteful for it well captured a harmony sense of Thai culinary. 

Sra Bua 16

The main player for this sweet section is Lod Chong Pandan and Pistachio. The Lod Chong made from age-old local recipes while the coconut syrup was served as a sherbert, then, again, covered with a frozen piece of coconut milk. When the dessert was served, a hot coconut milk will be added into the cup. Melted all the element together, this dessert is surely added a colour to an authentic Thai recipes in such a creative way. 

The dinner still feature several types of desserts such as:  

Sra Bua 17

A Mango sheet hanging on the rope. 

Sra Bua 18

A Roll of creamy earl grey cream served in dim sum style. 
Sra Bua 19
A black macaron displayed in a bucket of back stone. Beware of what you pick!

The Journey set menu surprised us from the beginning till the end with not only an authentic taste of Thai culinary but also a creative and playful presentation. Incorporates the art of Western cooking techniques into age-old local recipes to produce a unique Thai-inspired modern concept, this dinner will surely become one of the most adventurous experience of fine dining, Thanks for the creativities of Chef Henrik Yde Andersen. 

For those who would like to try out a modern-style Thai food recipes, a special Cookbook for 10 years anniversary of Kiin Kiin, Copenhagen is also available at Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin, Siam Kempinski at the price of 3,000. The book covered a varieties types of cooking recipes, material and method in accompany with beautiful pictures and the idea of every dishes inspired from Chef Henrik Yde Andersen. 



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