Suan Bua, The long-established Thai restaurant at Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao Bangkok is truly outstanding and popular when it comes to a royal Thai cuisine. If you are looking for an authentic flavor of Thai cuisine, Suan Bua should always be on top of your list.

Suan Bua

Suan Bua Thai Restaurant is located in the middle of the lush gardens by the swimming pool at Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao Bangkok, the only 5-star hotel in Northern Bangkok. Recently undergone refurbishment, this over-30-year restaurant has transformed to a haven of beauty and comfort with a spacious wooden hall Influenced by the architectural traditions of Thailand. Wood planks and timber poles compliment perfectly with warm lights for an inviting and welcoming atmosphere while window pane glass walls give the impression of more space. There is also an alfresco terrace which allows you to enjoy a full view of garden and swimming pool while relishing a delightful meal or a glass of drink.

Suan Bua
Suan Bua

The restaurant also includes two private rooms for those seeking a tranquil escape with complete privacy—perfect for a corporate lunch or dinner and a special gathering for family and friend.

Suan Bua

Dominating the kitchen at Suan Bua is Chef Santiphap ‘Por’ Pechwao who oversees everything that goes out of the kitchen to ensure a maximum quality of flavors from the time-honored recipes passed down the generations.

Grew up with a passion for cooking, Chef Por had his grandmother as a spark of inspiration. As a boy, he spent hours with her learning the sophisticated and meticulous cooking techniques from her. He started his career as a stock analyst first but then he discovered his inner chef and decided to change his career path by seeking his own knowledge from many famous culinary institutions. Luckily, he had got an opportunity to work and learn from Chef Pimnipa Narongphan whose ancestor was a courtier in Dusit Palace approximately 100 years ago. Since then, he has honed and perfected his cooking skills and become who he is as of today.

Suan Bua

From his own experiences and inspiration, Chef Por mainly concentrates on high-quality ingredients locally sourced from the best suppliers. He also adds a modern touch to the original recipe to make sure Millennials’ taste buds stay enticed on the go, especially fresh chili paste, an important element of many Thai dishes.

Suan Bua

On the occasion of our visit to the restaurant, Chef Por has introduced us a variety of traditional Thai dishes from royal recipes. Highlights include:

Suan Bua

Ma Hor

Marinated minced pork and peanut on pineapple

Start with an ancient traditional Thai appetizer that has become more and more popular recently. Ma Hor consists of a juicy slice of pineapple and pork mixture of garlic, chili, grounded peanut, and palm sugar. It is stylishly garnished with a coriander leaf, chili, and jasmine! Chef Por’s Ma Hor is distinctive with a smooth texture and a combination of flavors—sweet, salty, sour, and spicy.

Suan Bua

Mieng Goong Kleab Bua

Fluffy river prawn in lotus leave with sweet sauce

A twist on the classic, Chef Por uses lotus petals instead of betel leaves! This simple menu represents the beauty of Thai ingredients by using the whole shell of river prawn as an adornment. The prawn meat, on the other hand, is deep-fried until it becomes crispy and fluffy and served in the pinkish lotus petals together with roasted coconut, roasted peanut, and sweet-flavored sauce made with palm sugar, coconut, galangal, and lemongrass. This one-bite treat offers a sweet scent of the lotus petal with mild and fresh flavors. More importantly, there is no bitter taste as expected.

Suan Bua

Yum Cha-Kram Nuea Poo

Thai samphire and crab-meat salad

Another appetizer recommended by the Chef is the Yum Cha-Kram Nuea Poo which will entice you with the freshness straight from the sea. Cha-Kram or Thai samphire, which can be found at a coastal plain or a mangrove forest, is mixed with huge chunks of crab meat from Samut Sakhon together with roasted shallot, garlic, and dried chili before enhancing the flavors with lime and sugar.

Suan Bua

Kapi Kua

Preserved shrimp paste and grilled fish in coconut cream with vegetables

Continue the feast with the preserved shrimp paste from Samut Sakhon, also known as Kapi Kua Khlong Khon, which is addictively rich and salty with a unique fishy aroma. It is meant to eat with fresh vegetables like cucumber, lotus stem, long bean, cabbage, lettuce, and white turmeric. Plus, there is also delicate grilled fish as an accompaniment.

Suan Bua

Tom goong yang plung sod Rama V

Hot and sour soup with grilled prawns and green mango

Inspired by the royal recipe during the reign of King Rama V, this ancient-style Tom Yum soup is succulently hot and sour with a whole jumbo grilled prawn that is juicily fresh and delightful. Topped with crispy shallots and mint leaves, it provides also a very unrivalled aroma. Apart from its superior flavors of prawn and other spices, this soup is also known for its ability to treat cold and nasal congestion.

Suan Bua

Tom Jiew Nuae Wagyu Rue Moo Kurobuta

Hot and sour soup with Wagyu beef flank or Kurobuta pork

Tom Jiew is an ancient menu derived from the first cookbook in Thailand “Mae Krua Hua Bark” by Lady Plean Pasakornwon. Chef Por has used Wagyu beef flank instead of beef shank as stated in the cookbook. But if you are not a beef person, the chef will use Kurobuta pork instead. Both Wagyu beef flank and Kurobuta pork promise an extraordinary tenderness and juiciness with a burst of flavor. This hot and sour soup also comes with carrot and Japanese potato adding more vibrant colors to the dish. Because when the dish looks better, it tastes better.

Suan Bua

Gang Phed Ped Yang

Royal project duck curry with eggplant

Chef Por has used Yi-Liang Duck from the Royal Project as a main ingredient. This duck can be consumed only after 4-6 weeks old. Its meat is very flavorful and distinctively aromatic. Originated from Yunnan province in China, Queen Sirikit ordered the officers from Department of Livestock Development to breed and farm it at Prachinburi Provincial Livestock Office. Chef Por has grilled the meat to perfection and fried it with homemade chili paste and other ingredients—a Thai specialty you should not miss.

Suan Bua

At Suan Bua Thai Restaurant, you will be served with 2 types of steamed rice: germinated sangyod brown rice and organic germinated rice grown on volcanic soil from Buri Ram. Both are well-known for its health benefits and minerals.

Suan Bua

Kanom pung sang ka ya bai toey kub I-tim Vanilla

Thai custard bread and vanilla ice-cream

For dessert, the vanilla ice cream sits refreshingly atop the thick slice of Thai custard bread dressed with pandan leaf sauce and coconut cream, lending a true Thai touch to the menu

Suan Bua

Som Chun lare Ja mongkut borand rama II

Tropical fruits in scented syrup and Thai candies with watermelon seeds

Cap off your meal with Som Chun, comprising tropical fruits (mangosteens and lychees) drowned in scented syrup with a hint of citrus. Served cold with ice, it also comes with Kanom Ja Mongkut, a traditional Thai dessert made with glutinous rice flour and sugar and coated with watermelon seeds.

Suan Bua

The newly refurbished Thai restaurant Suan Bua led by Chef Santiphap ‘Por’ Pechwao has been served many discerning customers for over 30 years. Revered for its 5-star service in a warm and modern atmosphere, Suan Bua offers succulent Thai delicacies from the ancient recipes, using only high-quality ingredients sourced locally from around the region. It is no wonder that Suan Bua is listed among top Thai restaurants in Bangkok—a place worth a visit!

Suan Bua

Suan Bua

Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao Bangkok

Lunch from 11:30 – 14:30 hrs

Dinner from 18:00 – 22:30 hrs.

To make a reservation, please call 02 541 1234 Ext 4151


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