Chinese New Year brings together families for a sumptuous feast, and reunion dining is made extra special at Mei Jiang as Chinese Cuisine Executive Chef Jackie Ho presents two curated menus, entitled “Fortune” and “Wealth”, from 20 January to 5 February, plus a selection of  a la carte dishes.

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Chef Jackie’s Year of the Rooster delights include Yu Shang salmon sashimi with shredded mixed vegetables, and Roasted crispy pork belly, Japanese cucumber and jelly fish salad in mild chilli sauce, Braised fish maw soup with shredded abalone, Stewed sun-dried oyster with sea moss and shiitake mushroom, Stir-fried broccoli topped with crab meat and Yunnan Ham, Pan-seared Australian pork tenderloin in home-made barbecue sauce, and a sweetened red bean cream with sesame dumpling dessert. These Special Chinese New Year’s set menus are perfect for sharing with loved ones or friends.

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The Fortune set menu is priced at THB 2,380++ per person

The Wealth set menu is priced at THB 2,880++ per person

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Great Gastro is pleased to take you to the Chinese restaurant, Mei Jiang at The Peninsula Bangkok to try the Chinese New Year set menu (Wealth Set Menu) created by Chef Jackie Ho.

Start with the traditional bite-size appetizer that the chef has meticulously created will be changed on a daily basis.

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‘Yu Shang’ salmon sashimi with shredded mixed vegetables

The first menu arrives with the fresh salmon placed beautifully in the middle of the plate, surrounded by various kinds of shredded vegetables which represent the longevity and prosperity. The dish also comes with a choice of ground peanuts, youtiao (deep-fried dough stick), and dried fish, with sour salad dressing. It is a perfect start to the Chinese New Year feast.

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Double-boiled deluxe fish maw soup and capon chicken

Continue with the delightfully hot soup that comes with a subtle flavor and a rich appetizing aroma. The bowl consists of capon chicken and fish maw which are traditionally eaten during the Chinese New Year for luck.

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Braised whole abalone with sun-dried oyster and sea moss

Next is the seafood dish that will surely satisfy your palate. The whole abalone which exhibits a soft and chewy texture is bathed in a sweet and briny broth, while the sun-dried oyster which fully absorbs the flavor of the soup is juicy and sweet. Serve along with sea moss and bok choy to add more flavor to the menu.

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Stir-fried broccoli topped with crab meat and Yunnan Ham

Get some nutrition from stir-fried broccoli which offers a bright-green color and crisp texture. It is served in the aromatic thick broth made with crab meat and topped with crispy Yunnan ham. The menu is light keeping the ingredients their natural flavors.

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Pan-seared Australian pork tenderloin in BBQ sauce

The extraordinarily tender pan-seared Australian pork tenderloin comes with a scented BBQ sauce that goes perfectly well together. Serve together with braised vegetables to enhance the flavor and texture of the dish.

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Stewed E-Fu noodles with roasted duck and Enoki mushrooms

The golden yellow E-Fu noodles is stewed with roasted duck, allowing the distinctive flavor and fragrance of the duck to penetrate into the noodle strands. It is then fried with enoki mushrooms which offer a crisp texture and unique aroma to the menu.

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Sweetened red bean cream with sesame dumplings

For dessert, the classic sweet rice balls, typically served during the Chinese New Year representing family togetherness, are filled with sesame floating in the sweetened red bean cream.

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Chinese New Year Petits Fours

Petit fours served in a traditional steaming basket offers a twist at the end of a meal featuring two fried glutinous balls: one is filled with peanuts; the other is coated with young coconut meat. It’s a proper send-off for prosperity throughout the year.

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