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Welcome this cold season with something cool. There is no better way to celebrate your cool Sunday brunch than treating yourself to one of the five best full-scale Japanese Buffet in Bangkok: The Tzu-Nami at JW Marriott Bangkok.

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Cool Sunday Brunch

Tsu-Nami, JW Marriott Bangkok Hotel

Every Sunday, from  11:30 – 15:00

At price of 2,690++ Bath for food with

Free Flow red wine, white wine, sparking, beer, Sake, Cocktail and soft drink all included.

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For its slogan of “Coolest Japanese Sunday Brunch in Town”, the restaurant offers a modern and colourful decoration compete with light, and playful disco-style music rather than a traditional Japanese style decoration. For those who never visit the restaurant, Tsu and Nami are actually two distinct Japanese restaurants. Tzu feature a Traditional Japanese while Nami is Teppanyaki Bar offers guests a Japanese steakhouse. These two exclusive restaurant come together for Sunday Branch.

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The atmosphere from Tsu zone

Let’s get started! Warm your stomach up a bit with something light from Appetizer Corner.

Tsu Nami-28

 The Japanese style appetizer served you from DIY salad to miso soup, Japanese Steamed Egg, smoked salmon to many kind of seaweed mixed with sauce.

Continue to the sushi and sashimi bar, the all-time-highlight of Japanese buffet. It wouldn’t be such a waste not to try those fresh and fabulous Sashimi and a nice sushi set prepared by a real sushi chef. No wonder this sushi bar is one of the most mentionable from all buffet offered in Bangkok.

Tsu Nami-34

Sushi sashimi and much more.

Tsu Nami-33

Eat it Raw! Don’t you want to ask for more salmon, hamaji, kagami, tako, crab Sticks etc.?

Tsu Nami-32

Crispy Crunchy Roll with egg fish in small-bite size.

Tsu Nami-36

Salmon sushi grill served with special signature sauce. If you are a fan of salmon, this is something you shouldn’t miss!

Tsu Nami-35

Do anybody fancy of this crispy skin Unagi sushi?

Tsu Nami-30

 Step to the Sake Bar in which more Oyster, Alaskan King Crab and Beverage will be served. From here you can experience an oysters cooked in many different way.

Tsu Nami-38Oysters from France come in sweet and juicy flavor accompany with Alaska King crab, what a perfect match for a sea food lover!

Tsu Nami-39

 Grilled oyster over flame. For those who afraid of raw food, you should try this.

Tsu Nami-25

Can you resist this Grilled oyster?

We continue our culinary journey to Nami restaurant, where all the culinary activities will be present to you from the Live station. All the food will be made fresh by order and later served you right to the table.

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 The atmosphere from Nami restaurant

The First Live Station presented you a Raman in which you can choose between miso soup and other kind of topping for example pork, crab stick, boiled egg, shiguwa, seaweed and many more types of vegetables.

Tsu Nami-14D.I.Y. Ramen is here to enjoy.

Tsu Nami-42

Choose your topping from seaweed and vegetables.

Tsu Nami-44

More option from pork, crab stick, shiguwa, boiled egg and much more.

Go ahead to Deep Fried zone. This corner offer you all kind of famous Japanese fried dish such as Tonkatsu, Prawn, Tako, and vegetables Tempura. Kare rice is also available at this station.

Tsu Nami-61

All deep fried Tonkatsu and varieties types of Tempura.

Tsu Nami-62

More Tempura this way.

Still hungry? Don’t worry, we also served you a fresh vegetable yakisoba, fried rice with (or without) garlic.

Tsu Nami-55

Here you start hesitating again, at Teppanyaki cooking station.

The highlight of this Teppanyaki cooking station is a wide selection of high grade imported meats or seafood from best pieces of Australian beef (Striploin, Tenderloin and Rib Eye), New Zealand Lamb Rack, pork and chicken to prawn, squid salmon etc. What you shouldn’t miss here is the signature ‘Foie Gras with Miso Source’.

Tsu Nami-16

Highlight from Teppanyaki station.

Tsu Nami-47

All the best of pork, chicken breast are ready to be cooked.

Tsu Nami-50

Striploin, Tenderloin, Lamb Rack all at once.

Tsu Nami-52

Duck with foie gras is also waiting for you.

Tsu Nami-54

Salmon, Saba for fish lover.

Tsu Nami-70

All made fresh from your order.

Tsu Nami-72

 Almost done!

Don’t you want to save room for some dessert? Enjoy varieties kinds of cakes, Dorayaki, Tiramitsu, Yusu orange Choux Cream, Mont Blanc, crape, white wine Jelly and much more. For those who fancy of French sweet, Mille Feuille. Cupcake, tart, custard are also available for you. Thai dessert is also a highlight! Do not miss mango sticky rice and ice cream. Getting a bit more exciting with Banana Flambé, make fresh in front of you.

Tsu Nami-45

Sweet corner full of sweet collection.

Tsu Nami-46

Cake, tart, creme brulee and custard.

Tsu Nami-64

All colourful topping.

Tsu Nami-65

Cheesy dish is always a best friend.

Tsu Nami-98

Banana on fire is so excited!

Tsu Nami-105

Here we go! Banana Flambé 

Think of Japanese treat, think of Tsu Nami. For here served you the best Japanese buffet can offer with all high quality ingredients. Tsu and Nami are the perfect way to experience the best food on a chilled-out Sunday.  

Tsu Nami-82

Tsu-Nami also serve you a signature cocktail. If you love to drink, now is your chance.

For more information or make a reservation please call 02 254 9005 or click the button below.