During summer, the best way to escape the heat in Bangkok is up of the roof. And Bangkok is blessed with many rooftop restaurants that come complete with exceptional panoramas of the capital below, they offer an experience that is beyond compare. Among all, Great Gastro provides one of the best rooftop bar and restaurants for those who are seeking for a special night out with great food, good service, and magnificent sky-high views. All you need to do is follow us to the next paragraph!

Red SkyRed Sky

Towering above the famous shopping spot in Central World, Red Sky is part of theCentara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld . So it seems to be a perfect combination of a relaxed urban bistro, a creative cuisine, and stunning vistas on one of the most convenient locations in town.

Red SkyRed SkyRed Sky

Known as a must-visit rooftop bar and visit when in Bangkok, Red Sky Restaurant on 55th floor, allows you to choose whether dining in air-conditioned comfort indoor or in the dramatic outdoor setting distributed around the circular tower. From here you could see the city skyline transforms into a totally different scene after sunset.

Red SkyRed SkyRed Sky

The main attraction, other than the exquisite seasonal menu and delicious drink, is a view at night from Red Sky Bar on 56th floor overlooking the 55th-floor restaurant. This is the perfect spot for an evening drink when you’re craving a little elegance and luxe.

Red Sky

After a warm welcome by friendly staff, now it’s time for food! Here at Red Sky, you will be a delight in Chef Alan Wesley Kwan’s creative menu that ensure an enchanting experience for any diners longing for new flavours to be had along with fine wine from the extensive wine cellar.

Red Sky

North Atlantic Salmon Tartar

(Horseradish, chili, cucumber, avocado)

Whether you’re dining or drinking, this fresh and fabulous salmon tartar is not to miss! Grab an opportunity to fill yourself up as well as add fiber and other nutrients to your meal with fresh minced salmon, buttery avocado spread and a big cut of cucumber.

Red SkyRed Sky

Wagyu Beef Tenderloin “Rossini”

(with foie gras, truffle, wild mushrooms and Madeira sauce)

Chef’s signature dishes include a truffle-infused Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Rossini. The beef was beautifully cooked in medium rare and seasoned by the chef to perfection: tender, juicy, and just melts in your mouth. Add the taste to another level with a finesse buttery foie gras and Madeira sauce on top, make sure to order or you will have to come back and order it again!

Red SkyRed Sky

Verrigni Spaghetti with Nova Scotia Lobster

(Whole lobster sauteed with garlic, chilli, artichokes and E.V.O.O)

A highlight for this adorable spaghetti is an imported Nova Scotia Lobster. If you haven’t eaten Nova Scotia lobster, then probably you haven’t really eaten lobster. This popular crustacean is seasoned with spices, then fried  with a firm ‘al dente’ spaghetti. If you love spaghetti and you like it to be spicy, with a full sense of chili and pepper. Here you get it!

Red SkyRed Sky

The Red Sky Surf and Turf Tower

(An assortment of the freshest seafood and prime quality meat Wagyu rib eye, lamb rack, grilled Maine lobster, giant Andaman prawns, Alaskan King crab and U.S. scallops, accompanied by seasonal vegetables, potatoes and delicious dips and sauces)

Do not leave Red Sky before try this gigantic delicious tower! Bring you nothing but the best from earth and sea, this fantastic dish to share features a collection of the freshest seafood(grilled Maine lobster, giant Andaman prawns, Alaskan King crab and U.S. scallops) and prime quality wagyu and lamb rack, accompanied by seasonal vegetables, potatoes and delicious dips and sauces (cream butter, Thousand island, and Thai-style seafood sauce).

Red SkyRed SkyRed SkyRed Sky

It’s always a good idea sipping a drink during dining, follow us see what is being served at the Red Sky Bar.

Red Sky

Two rivers

(Homemade virgin colada mix with raspberries and fresh lime juice)

Mocktails are the new cocktails! Up your vitamin take and whizz up a fruit-based cocktail. Mixing raspberries and fresh lime with homemade virgin colada, then get creative by serving in a different layer and flavour, pink and white, sweet and sour.

Red Sky

Passion Fruit Martini

(Super premium vodka, passion fruit, lychee, mint and a foam cup)

There are hundreds of alcohols, liqueurs, and mixers that can be blended together to make some seriously delicious cocktails. But if you looking for something strong and creative, then this vodka-based cocktail is the right choice! Using passion fruit and lychee and spice to taste – a touch of mint and a rich, creamy texture from egg white should do a beautiful foamy cap.

Red Sky

Wild Strawberry Caipiroska

(Absolut vanilla, fragoli liqueur, syrup)

When it comes to cocktails, strawberries get short shrift. Using absolute vanilla, fragoli liqueur, and fresh strawberries make this iteration super refreshing on a hot summer day.

Red Sky

Imperial Mojito

(Havana 7 years, lime juice, brown sugar, mint and topped with champagne flavoured mojitos are available; lychee, mango, pineapple, strawberry, passion fruit)

Escape the heat with a charming glass of tropical delight! This refreshing cocktail takes the classic mojito as a jumping-off point and adds a sweet fruitiness with champagne flavored: lychee, mango, pineapple, strawberry, or passion fruit that makes a sophisticated cocktail at all time!

Red Sky

There is always a room for dessert! If you agree with us, then prepare your spoon and fork for the next round!

Chilled dessert “Dark chocolate sphere”

(Panama flavor and vanilla ice cream)

A chocolate ball that sits so simply, will blow everyone away with its magical charm as soon as the warm sauce tantalizingly lands on its smooth, round surface. Topped with hot melted chocolate, the sphere melts, and the whole thing collapses into a warm chocolate with tangerine jelly and vanilla ice cream. This dessert is hot and cold, sweet and sour with a faintly bitter. Totally awesome!

Red SkyRed SkyRed Sky

Warm dessert “Flamed red berry sabayon”

(citrus zests and cherry sorbet)

Sabayon is foamy, yet substantive. It can stand on its own as a creamy dessert and offers a great medium for dessert such as this adorable berries items. Have all the fruits flamed in rum and allow a remaining alcohol soaked into the fruit gives buries a playful smell, then topped up with sour cherry sorbet to balance a flavour. Such a wonderful final dessert for tonight!  

Red SkyRed Sky

With its iconic décor, food, service and many other elements combine to create the ambiance and atmosphere of a rooftop restaurnat & bar, Red Sky requiring no more introduction. A freshest locally sourced seafood and prime imported stake, a finesse drink from premium alcohol collection and a stunning panorama. Considering overall 5-star rooftop experience, Red sky is certainly the best choice.    

Red SkyRed Sky

Red Sky

Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre at Central World

Dining from 18:00 – 23:30 hrs.

Drinking from 16:00 – 01:00 hrs.

Happy Hours for Buy 1 Get 1 selected drink

from 16:00 – 18:00 hrs.

More information or reservation

Call : 02 254 9005 / LINE@ : @greatgastro 

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