The past few years have seen an explosion in Spanish restaurants in Bangkok, but who would think we could now enjoy a full authentic Spanish lunch course at the heart of Bangkok only a few minutes walk from Central World! From tapas to more traditional Spanish food, UNO MAS at Centara Grand offers you a range of Spanish cuisine from Iberia to Catalan. If you have 30 minutes for lunch, follow us for more details!


Influenced by Spain and the Mediterranean, this recently-opened restaurant has now become a new meeting spot for Bangkok fine dining lovers. The place located on a 54 floor, so it allows diners to enjoy a magnificent view over Bangkok. Once you are inside, the restaurant divided into 3 sections, a Wine Cellar, a Tapas & Raw Bar, and a Dining Deck. The first highlight appears when you upon walking into UNO MAS, it seems as though you are floating through blue crystal clear waters that lead to a remarkably varied 2-story-tall Wine Cellar. This is where you could enjoy over 2,000 bottles, 30 kinds of wine.


However, if you are more into a food, you could choose between a casual Tapas & Raw Bar or a more formal seating at Dining Deck where the windows have smashed down to create the new semi-alfresco atmosphere.


Great Gastro visit to UNO MAS is, of course, for a newcomer special offer. This newly launched menu “UNO MAS Business Lunch” is a great deal for a lunchtime. With a price of 799++ for 2 courses and 999++ for 3 courses, you could create your meal from a 14-dishes available at a great selection of starter, main course, and dessert. What are on this menu? Here we bring you some example!



Salmorejo Andaluz

(Thick chilled tomato soup with Iberian Joselito ham)

whet your appetite with a Mediterranean style cold soup served over a crispy bread with Iberian Joselito ham on top. The ham comes on strong in the mouth, with a warm and harmonious aroma reminiscent of a moist acorn. In which the creamy and silky soup with a touch of sour tomato created a good balance of flavours overall.



(Tou dels til-lers cheese, Iberian ham, and sherry vinaigrette)

A simple but beautiful salad for a sour person. This signature Salad is dressed with a gorgeous Sour and olive oil Dressing that is tangy, and healthy. Throw in nuts, freshness from cherry tomato, broccoli,mushroom and a few Iberian ham on top with creamy Tou dels til-lers cheese, and you have yourself a salad worth of a meal in itself!


Seafood ‘Fideua’

Spanish noodles cooked like a Paella

Influenced by a famous Paella, this seafood fideua is a similar seafood dish, but with noodles instead of rice. Its main ingredients are chewy pasta noodles, squid, and shellfish. All served in best quality if you love seafood this is what you should order!


Huevos Rotos

Confit potatoes, “Sobrasada” paprika spiced sausage and quail eggs

Huevos rotos literally means broken eggs. This popular Spanish snack is made of pouch potato filled with sausage, then fried it to crispy. The highlight of this dish is fried quail eggs only until perfectly over easy and to break the yolk with the tip of a knife just before eating.



Argentinean Beef Tenderloin

(Mashed potatoes peppers and tempranillo red wine reduction)

Argentineans love beef. In fact, the famous Argentinean Beef is no need to be marinated or seasoning with anything other than salt. Still, this perfected cook tenderloin is served with buttery mashed potatoes and grilled peppers. A red wine sauce is also a highlight to rise up the taste of the meat. An impressive combination of stunning flavours.


Chicken Thigh ‘Moruno’ style

(Backed rosemary potatoes and cauliflower puree)

For the love of chicken, do not miss this full flavours Moruno style chicken. Marinate in a hot and spicy Moorish-style herbs, then grilled a chicken thigh on fire until golden brown and cooked through. A simple spice blend gives tons of flavor to the crispy skin and moist, juicy thigh meat.


‘Cochinillo’ Pressed Suckling Pig

(Josper Grilled pineapple and pork jus)

A roast suckling pig is one of the signature dishes of the restaurant. If you visit UNO MAS for a dinner, you might experience an exciting scene when they roast up Cochinillo suckling pig the Spanish way, cut it with a plate, and then proceeded to break the plate. However, what served you at lunch is an exact sucking pig perfectly salted and permeated with the flavor of fresh Mediterranean herbs, but in smaller portions.


Grilled Seabass

(Catalan spinach and pumpkin puree)

You may love sea bass, but you will love it better with Catalan spinach. This classic Catalan recipe is very simple. Fresh bunches of steamed spinach are briefly sauteed in olive oil, garlic, pine nuts, and raisins. This elegant side dish goes perfectly with tender meat and crispy skin sea bass and sweet creamy pumpkin puree.



New Version of the Catalan Cream

(Caramel ice cream)

Know as one of the oldest European desserts, Catalan Cream is served in a new creative version. At it best, the sweet is a pool of cool, silky cream- sweetened with a whisper of sugar and scented with vanilla. Instead of framed the surface, this adorable warm dessert is topped up with caramel ice cream.


Tarta de Santiago

(Galician almond cake, Seville blood orange, hazelnut ice cream)

Almond cake from Galicia with origin in the Middle Ages.It made principally from ground almonds, eggs, and sugar. Without using butter, the cake comes with additional nutty flavours. This UNO MAS Tarta de Santiago is served with blood orange and hazelnut ice cream and crumble cookies. Each bite is warm and cold, sweet and faintly bitter, crunchy and creamy. Wonderful dessert!



(Fruit salad with vanilla ice cream)

If you love sour berries, then it’s yours! A fresh salad composed of small pieces of fruit is added up with creamy sweet vanilla ice cream.


Quesucu Veratu

(Semi-soft goat cheese from Extremadura, dry figs, quince paste)

This might be a bit odd, but a semi-soft goat cheese from Extremadura is definitely a heaven for blue cheese lovers! The cheese is rich, buttery, meaty, with a pungent flavors and even more pungent surface smells.


Spanish cuisine is primarily a fusion of Mediterranean cooking with Arabic spices, UNO MAS is a great proof of this fascinated combination. The restaurant’s soft lighting, colourful decoration, and Moorish style decoration make it a perfect spot for a lovely drink or casual dinner. Located in a center of Bangkok shopping area, it serves up creative items for lunch and exquisite menu for dinner. A wine list is well selected to match the food tone. If you are keen on Spanish UNO MAS is a perfect answer!



 Business Set Lunch

UNO MAS @ Centara Grand at Central World

Monday – Friday from 11:30 – 14:30 hrs.

Select from 2-course or 3-course

 THB 799++ for 2-course

THB 999++ for 3-course

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