VIVIN, an exciting developer and purveyor of fine food products and groceries under the creator’s family name. The selected products are a combination of international classics and delicacies by local artisans. VIVIN is renown for combining locally produced ingredients with classic sensibilities to create original gourmet products. Now you can taste and purchase premium product from VIVIN at Gourmet Market as well as enjoy VIVIN Rossini Style Steak at YOU Hunt WE Cook counter.


Introducing VIVIN x YOU Hunt WE Cook decadent collaboration at Gourmet Market Siam Paragon. Enjoy 35 Grams of VIVIN Whole Duck Foie Gras Terrine atop of you meat of choice which you can choose from a wild variety selection at Gourmet Market Butchery store, for that incredibly creamy and decadent taste. This is the easiest way to have Rossini Style steak in the vibrant surrounding of Gourmet Market. The Experience start now at Gourmet Market Siam Paragon and soon at selected branch close to your place.



➢Choose your meats from Gourmet Market Butchery counter (Beef,Pork,Chicken,Lamb) PAY FOR MEAT AT CASHIER.

➢Bring your selected meat to Chef at YOU HUNT, WE COOK counter, request how you like your steak cooked.

➢Select from the sauces menu, VIVIN Foie gras, Rossini style (240THB)

➢Sit down and enjoy your juicy VIVIN Rossini!


100 THB cooking charge per portion (350 Gram).

More information of  VIVIN’s product at


VIVIN Rossini Style

Gourmet Market (Siam Paragon and more branch soon)

Bought your preferred meat from Gourmet Market Butchery Counter

Show up at YOU Hunt WE Cook counter and select your style of cooking (Rare, Medium Rare, Medium…)

Additional “Rossini Style” by top it with VIVIN Foie Gras (Just THB 250.-)

Enjoy your Rossini Steak in the comfortable setup in the middle of Gourmet Market

More information or reservation

Call : 02 254 9005 / LINE@ : @greatgastro