VOGUE has been defining the global fashion and luxury lifestyle sectors for more than 100 years. It has been a trendsetter in lifestyle, food, and beverage and delivers the latest in beauty, style, luxury, culture, society, health, fitness and celebrity lifestyles. VOGUE puts fashion in the context of the larger world we live in – how we dress, entertain, what we eat, listen to and watch; who leads us, excites us and inspires us. As a Bangkok people, we are lucky enough to host the world’s first premium bar & restaurant, VOGUE Lounge, in which become a top-of-the-list for those who fancy of high taste dining and chic lifestyle for more than 2 years.

vogue loungevogue lounge

VOGUE Lounge is situated on the 6th floor of the MahaNakhon CUBE building, which holds a number of luxury dining and lifestyle international brands and is a part of the MahaNakhon development, Thailand’s tallest architectural landmark on Narathiwas Rajanakarin Road (Sathorn – Silom) adjacent to the BTS Chong nonsi Station. Within various newcomer restaurants open up at this trendy space , L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, restaurant by the world’s most decorated Michelin star chef, Morimoto, a Japanese restaurant by a famous iron chef, and an Exclusive Chinese restaurant, M Krub by chef Man, are surely a star among all.

vogue loungevogue lounge

This winter, There have been several exciting changes at the restaurant recently. Chef Cyril Cocconi has devised a range of delicious meat and vegetarian platters. These dishes are perfect for sharing and have been designed with the intention of making VOGUE Lounge a prime dining destination. Also new to the venue is mixologist Francesco Moretti, whose creativity will take our drinks to an even higher level. Today Great Gastro : Ultimate Dining Experience is in charge to bring you a very exclusive review on VOGUE Fall/Winter collection 2016.

vogue loungevogue Lounge

Start with a bite-sized menu collection, a food philosophy at VOGUE. The main menu selection will be changed regularly using the season’s freshest ingredients.

vogue lounge

Smoked Salmon Finger Sandwich

This first served comes beautifully with a big cut of smoked salmon and Nordic sour and salty Gravlax sauce made of egg, mustard, dill and cucumber, then season up by salt and sugar. To be more creative, Gravlax sauce is, again, used to make a fancy plate presentation as you could see how elegant it is.

vogue lounge

Manila Clams Chawanmushi, Lemon Espuma

Warm up your insides by a simple dish with something a little different, like a Chawanmushi, a traditional Japanese appetiser made from steamed savory egg custard topped up with a crab in white wine and sour creamy orange marmalade foam. For a fancy VOGUE experience, this tasty treat is served in a small golden egg.

vogue lounge

King Prawn Wrap, Pickled Mango

A chilli tortilla wraps filled with king prawn, mango, green salads, and sweet-sour mayonnaise creamy sauce. If you feel like eating summer food, this light, and a fresh wrap is perfect on a hot day.

vogue lounge

Salmon Cone, Horserandish, Salmon Eggs

Welcome to another highlight of VOGUE Lounge, salmon tartar filled in crispy cone topped up with sweet creamy signature Horseradish Sauce and salmon egg. it’s fun to look at, it’s distinctive, delicious, definitely a dish for everyone.

vogue lounge

Comte Cheese, Smoked Bacon Beef Burger

If you really want a cheese that will contribute a great deal of flavor to the overall cheeseburger experience, go for a Comte Cheese, Smoked Bacon Beef Burger. A Comte Cheese is sweet and creamy, yet doesn’t overpower the subtle flavour of the meat. It could bring you a revelatory experience eating this remarkable burger

vogue lounge

Now we are moving to newest Fare Share edition features a small portion of food which you could share with friends. This idea gets you to enjoy a wide variety of food without formality dinner atmosphere. The menu included: beef, lamb, pork, cold cut, cheese, foie gras, lobster and much more. All prepared and season up by professional chef and served you in style.

vogue lounge

Pork Selection

Among the many new menus in VOGUE Lounge, Pork Selection is another highlight we would like recommended. From this menu, you could enjoy 3 kinds of Pork, from a different part, cooked in a different way. A melt-in-your-mouth premium BBQ rib, a sweet and tender slow cook Teriyaki pork belly, and a signature herbal pork sausage with hot and spicy spices. All served with onion confit and tomato and green mustard salsa, perfect refreshing side dish.

vogue lounge

Australian Beef Prime Rib, Béarnaise Saúce

1 Kg imported Australian Prime Rib cooking medium rare (or any level you request) served with a famous béarnaise sauce. Made from egg yolk, butter, and white wine vinegar, this creamy cream-base French sauce has proved to be a perfect match to a stake.

vogue lounge

Mediterranean Medley

Enjoy a variation of Mediterranean seafood, this fabulous medley included pissaladiere and puffed chickpea. Pissaladiere is a traditional treat from Nice in Southern France with a bread dough thicker than a classic Margherita pizza, with a topping consist of olives, garlic, and anchovies. Served aside is a puffed chickpea, a highly nutritious deep-fried snack food filled with melted Mozzarella cheese. To cut the flavour, a Mediterranean fruit and spices (olive, pickled onion and dried tomato) served aside.

vogue lounge

No matter how stuffed you are after the main course you always have room for a little dessert. Follow us for an array of beautiful dessert from VOGUE Lounge.

“Baba Au Rhum” Bourbon Vanilla Chantilly Cream

Originated from France, Baba Au Rhum is a small cake made from yeast dough baked in cylindrical molds and then soaked with sugar syrup flavoured with rum. After the cake was soaked in rum for 2 days, an aromatic smell is filled with its skin. VOGUE takes this cake to another level with Vanilla Chantilly Cream imported from Madagascar and colourful berries. This remarkable dessert is the best combination of sweet vanilla and aromatic rum.

vogue lounge

Matcha Tea Cheese Cake, Ivoire Ice-Cream

Moist, soft and tasty, this cheesecake is going to satisfy all of your sweet cravings. An ideal dessert teams up with all-time-famous Matcha tea to create a fantastic creamy, rich yet not, overwhelming green tea cheesecake. White chocolate ice cream is served aside to balance a hint of bitterness from tea powder, then a colourful sour berry is decorated on a very top.

vogue lounge

VOGUE lounges feature a wide collection of premium desserts such as Apple Tatin Tart, Bourbon Vanilla Ice cream. Those all-time-best-seller sweets are highlighted in many VOGUE’s collections. Moreover, Summer Berry and Lime-Basil Vacherin are also good choices to clear your pallet after a long dinner.

vogue lounge

A special selection of drinks prepared by a new head mixologist, Francesco Moretti who used to create a remarkable cocktail at CHAR, one of the Bangkok leading rooftop bar. This time, Francesco Moretti is here to introduces us to his first mixing drink collection inspired by VOGUE’s food philosophy. Follow Great Gastro for more details.

vogue lounge

This Is Not a Pipe

A golden liquid served in a pipe-shape glass. With havana Club 3 Years, Illegal Mezcal and Amaretto Disaronno, this cocktail is sweet with lemon and almond infusion. What surprised us the most is the way to drink, by suck up your drink, you will get a lemon bitter smoked from the tube.

vogue lounge

Aroma Negroni

Negroni return with a special touch of Italian coffee soft bitter tone crafted for a new sensation to wake up in Rome create by our Italian Mixologist Francesco Moretti. The drink features Gin Breafeter, Mancino Rosso, Campari rested with Italian coffee beans. One drop Vanilla oil chocolate bitter infuse with Italians herbs.

vogue lounge

Oh Beautiful

Surprise your lady with a beautiful glass of sweet cocktail. This signature is a sign elegance freedom and balance , born as a true love story. Infused Tequila with Galliano pineapple skin, then season up with a drop of sweet homemade pandanus leaf syrup, a sweet smooth taste will let you fly like a butterfly.

vogue lounge

VOGUE Lounge’s hidden treasure is not just this. On every first week of October-December, diners could enjoy a special signature dish “Lobster Thermidor”. By the end of this month, do not miss a chance to join us for an unlimited fun at Dia de Los Muertos, Halloween theme party. Moreover, a very special buy 1 get 1 drink is still available at VOGUE Lounge’s fashion hours every day from 17:00 – 21:00 hrs. A unique experience await you to discover an incredible power of food and fashion!

vogue lounge

VOGUE Lounge

6th Floor, MahaNakorn CUBE

Open daily from 17:00 – 02:00 hrs.



Buy 1 Get 1 on selected drink

Everyday from 17:00 – 21:00 hrs.


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