In Vogue is a fascinating look at the history of the world’s most influential magazine. During this period of time, where fashion was changing constantly and so much was going on socially, Vogue was there to talk about it, and with vogue, we can today see how a world of fashion been through from the past to present.

Vogue LoungeVogue Lounge

Here, this Iconic Fashion’s Bible acts as the catalyst for a deeper exploration of the world of fashion in every part of a lifestyle, including food and beverage. Promising more than just a restaurant and bar, now Bangkok people are lucky enough to welcome The world’s first VOGUE Lounge ever features the highest quality food, classic cocktails, and contemporary music.

Vogue LoungeVogue Lounge

Becoming a newest destination for fine dining lovers, VOGUE Lounge on the 6 floor is yet another reason for us to visit MahaNakorn CUBE situated directly adjacent to the Chongnonsi BTS station. Combineing food and fashion, a beautiful interior design was inspired by David Collins Studio, a world leading architects and designers for luxury interior design. In which divided this Lounge into 3 elegant spaces: Indoor, Outdoor, and Bar Stool. Suitable for all kinds of social event from private party to romantic dinner.

Vogue LoungeVogue Lounge

Had another brilliant evening at Bangkok’s coolest Lounge, a food here are presented in small unique Bite-Sized menu, special created from famous three Michelin-stars, Chef Vincent Thierry. Breaking the barrier to fine dining, offering an elegant, sophisticated yet casual environment to enjoy his beautiful food, he, together with Executive Chef Cyril Cocconi, and the head mixologist of VOGUE Lounge, is excited to bring his fine dining signature style to Bangkok in a way you never expect before.

Vogue LoungeVogue Lounge

Following calendar of fashion product seasonal selling, a menu here is changing every 3 months. Throughout June to September 2016 VOGUE Lounge put on a runway “Crustacean Kings” featuring all fresh and fabulous seafood (crab, prawn, and lobster) for this summer season.

Lobster Caesar Salad Roll

Boost Your Appetite and get the nutrients you need with a VOGUE Lounge’s signature Lobster Caesar Salad Roll. They mix up a classic salad with spring roll is a fine remix indeed. A roll filled with hits of rich and creamy caesar dressing, chewy lobster and fresh vegetable leaves. Then pile into a roll, beautifully served with loaded of crunchy crisp, bacon bits, and crispy bread. This is one fresh up treat that’s hard to beat.

Vogue Lounge

Tuna Skewers, Herb Crusted, Spiced Tomato

The next menu features a spicy bite-sized tuna served on a spike with tomatoes and bell peppers. Everything here is fresh and juicy with a sweet and sour taste of tomatoes and a touch of spice from bell peppers. This unique menu accompanied by a special sour sauce, then decorated with a thin sesame dough. That are even more perfect when paired together.

Vogue Lounge

Comte Cheese, Smoked Bacon Beef Burger

It’s hardly finding a person who doesn’t like a burger. However, finding the one who doesn’t like it to be served in style is even harder! Come on try a little bite-sized smoked bacon beef burger together with melted Comte cheese. Combining those mouthwatering items in a buttery sesame bun, this one will surely bring you to heaven!

Vogue Lounge

Fried Lobster Ravioli In Soup, Pumpkin Gnocchi

A truly Italian menu of Ravioli stuffed with fried lobster meat and rich cream sauce is undeniably amazing. If you like Italian food and you love it to be contemporary Fusion, this unique chewy ravioli will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Vogue Lounge

Clam with Zucchini Cream

This soup is so creamy and silky – it tastes like it’s full of cream. But it indeed used Zucchini as the main idea. Focus on a refreshing touch, this exceptional soup does it talking by combine a crap’s salty smell with fresh zucchini in a silky cream sauce. Added more special with crispy bread bite on top.

Vogue Lounge

King Crab, Sea Urchin Pannacotta, Capsicum

Don’t be misled by its look! We do not yet get to dessert! Outstanding by its appearance, this fashion bite is separated generously with a tender creamy Sea Urchin Pannacotta and savory fluffy king crab. On the top layer, a big piece king crab is there to surprise us with fresh and juicy texture. Never mention how creative it is to add a touch of spice from red capsicum jelly. No wonder it’s 3 stars Michelin’s creation.

Vogue Lounge

Duck and Foie Gras Terrine, Apple Chutney And Pickles

Don’t leave savory section unless you tried this exceptional Terrine. Made of duck meat and foie gras cooking in Terrine mold, this rich sour and buttery taste of pure foie gras was well balanced by sour pickles and sweet Apple chutney, along with a big piece of crisp bread. If this still can’t make you smile, try it with Mythical Garden, a surprised wine pairing with a touch of apple, perfectly bring your meal to well balance.

Vogue LoungeVogue Lounge

Save room for dessert cos collection of sweet is about to begin.

Apple Tatin Tart, Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream

If you love apple tart, don’t think you had the best until you try his Apple Tatin Tart. Creamy and smooth, a rich and silky signature cream doesn’t overcome a sweet and sour apple together with crunchy cookie base. And best of all, it comes with a milky bourbon vanilla ice cream, rich in flavor served in style.

Vogue LoungeVogue Lounge

Summer Berry Mille-Feuille, Almond Ice Cream

Because one always needs a good excuse going for second dessert! And because VOGUE Lounge always seems to do things a bit differently, his Mille-Feuille is actually a beautiful creation between fresh berries and almond ice cream, made fun between those crusty layers of Mille-Feuille. Perfect accompaniment to VOGUE world-famous lifestyle.

Vogue LoungeVogue Lounge

A good lounge is a great mix between an entertainment venue, social club and bar, which allows people to come up and sharing a good time. The launch of VOGUE lounge has made a call to Bangkok audience with full of excitement. Offering life entertainment, a diverse food menu from 3-Michelin-star chef, and a wide selection of signature cocktails. VOGUE has proven as a new destination of food and beverage. However, if your are here rely on snacks and drinks, here is our recommendation.

Vogue Lounge


The first cocktail for tonight is focusing on classic Margarita, a sour sweet drink with a fresh-up flavor from Italian Brandy, Beccaris Grappa Nebbiolo. By balancing an essential sense of warm brandy with Tequila and Triple sec, an acid flavor is added up with lemon and herbed salt. With a lower alcohol content, a Mixologist suggests Francesca as a first serve.

Vogue LoungeVogue Lounge

Brownish Negroni

One part gin, one part vermouth Rosso, and one part Mead, this Brownish Negroni is inspired from an all-time-famous Negroni. Instead of using Campari, Mead is another kind of alcoholic drink with it’s honey flavors characteristic. Mead itself is an acquired taste, being a deeply sweet, it can get you drunk easily.

Vogue LoungeVogue Lounge

El Mar

Travel to the ocean with a glass of El Mar. With it sour-sweet tastes from Tres Magueyes, Manzanilla Sherry and Triple Sec, no wonder an idea was taken from classic Margarita. line a glass with sea salt mixed with seaweed, this signature drink will surely bring you back to the seaside.

Vogue LoungeVogue Lounge

Famed for its world class in design and food, this exclusive lounge is yet famous for its life entertainment under the supervision of Mr. Maarten Goetheer, Music Director who is constantly looking to bring you even more exceptional experience by hosting numbers of world class DJs. House, Disco, Nu-Disco and much more, be prepared to see who’s stepping up to the lounge next!

Vogue Lounge


VOGUE Lounge

6th Floor, MahaNakorn CUBE

Open daily from 17:00 – 02:00 hrs.

Food starting from THB 250++

Drink starting from THB 250++



Buy 1 Get 1 on selected drink

Everyday from 17:00 – 21:00 hrs.


More information or reservation

Call : 02 254 9005 / LINE@ : @greatgastro