Following the schedule, every two months Voila performs their best on the original tastes. A chance to experience the rare recipes, the foods cooked from the heart, original tastes from grandmother’s kitchen. Where To Fin will make our way back into the past with Voila again, and wish to be delighted by their fantastic culinary concept and magnifique service as it used to.


Thai cuisine as know as one of the world’s most popular cuisine with a tasteful and varieties of special ingredient. The secret behind each dish is the legacy passed down from the great grandmother, generation to generation. Nowadays, just a few recipes which Thai people prefer to have in daily life, but some unique recipe are rarely and most mark its place in Luxury Thai restaurant. This August, Voila brings those simple menus with unique taste back to live, and features in the bountiful buffet. Each delicate menu was selected to show the authentic taste with the original technique. The main flavor is the combination of strongly tastes: salty, sweet and sour which come from selected local ingredients including Thai herbs. Some menu has been twist to be more modern but completely keep the original taste. What we experience from this event is another dimension of Thai cuisine which beyond our expectation on Thai buffet.


To make this authentic experience happen and push it across the boundary of expectation, Voila invited one of the most experiences and professional in Thai cuisine, Chef Jamnong Nirungsan, President of Thailand Chefs Association, Advisor & Judge for the famous TV Show Iron Chef Thailand. Chef Jamnong career was inspired by his grand mother since he was young and live together. He growth up in traditional Thai family which stick on folkways. His family always support neighborhood in religion event and ceremony. It’s a chance for him to join his family on cooking and preparing tradition Thai food. With this abundant experience made him one of the top chef of Thailand, guaranteed by multi award-winning. His experience in authentic Thai cuisine shines out at the magnifique buffet of Voila. To combine the charming of delicious Thai cuisine with the international dinner buffet.

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The highlight included papaya salad, grilled chicken and sticky rice, spicy grilled beef salad, spicy seafood salad, delicious vermicelli noodle , minced chicken with ground roasted rice. Flavorful Thai soup such as classic tom yam goong and gaeng liang soups. Main course dishes of lamb rack massaman, green curry with fish balls, red curry with roasted duck and fruit, sweet and sour sea bass, fried pork spare ribs with garlic and pepper, wok-fried mixed vegetables and much more. Thai food must pare with rice, steamed jasmine rice and brown rice are available for your option. For dessert, chef Jamnong present mango with sweet sticky rice and Bua Loy Kai Waan to end up your meal.

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Bountiful Buffet Dinner with Thai Grandmother Recipe


With the great additional menu by Chef Jamnong, Voila create the unforgettable dining experience which combine favorite French inspired International cuisine with authentic Thai food. Not just the unlimited line up of delicacies, It’s also a chance for us to journey back to the time when we live with our own grandmother and be delighted by her simple meal but made from the heart and always delicious. The Grandmother recipe experience will be back again on October with Italian Cuisine. Until that time, Voila offer the magnifique dining experience which offer daily International Buffet for lunch and dinner, Sensational seafood buffet on Friday & Saturday night and one of the best Sunday brunch in the city with Magnifique Moet & Chandon Champagne Brunch on every Sunday.

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 Magnifique Dining Room

 Voila, Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit

Lunch : 12:00 – 15:00 hrs.

Dinner : 18:00 – 22:30 hrs.

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