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Water Library Chamchuri Square, one of the leading restaurants in Bangkok’s Fine Dining Kingdom. Known as the finest european culinary and formal vigilant atmosphere (especially after the sunset). Led by Chef Mirco Keller, young German chef with great passion on his cooking style, who make this place the exclusive venue for nobleman, grandeur and Bangkok’s Hi-Society.

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To celebrate this festive season, Chef Mirco proudly present the “Unique Dining Experience” for the first time ever in Water Library history, offering the finest experience at the most comfortable price. This is a chance for all of us to experience his creation. As well as a chance for Chef Mirco himself to achieved his philosophy in culinary life. As he said :

Water Library C 1

“Anyone can dine with Wine”

A special 4 course menu with wine pairing

Starting with special baked bread (served in hot stone box) with garlic butter, this is one of the best pre-meal bread in Bangkok: crispy from outside to soft and fluffy inside serve like the main course.

Caution : Eat it hot to taste it’s best!

Water Library Special Menu-53

– First Course –

” Yellow fin tuna, roasted duck, sauerkraut, cucumber “

Paired with Zarea brut 100 years anniversary, Romania, NV

Water Library Special Menu-24 

Fresh yellow fin tuna mixed in secret recipe sauce (taste like miso sauce) tartar style. Add more fresh element from cucumber. Serve with deep fried mixed of roasted duck, sauerkraut and potato. Compliment by the sparkling touch of Zarea which will add the aroma sense of fruity to this course.

Tip : Drink the Sparkling first to clear your mouth and prepare your palate to discover the real art of culinary

– Second Course –

” Canadian scallop, white asparagus, carrot, sauce hollandaise ” 

Paired with Sauvignon blance, Shaky Ground, New Zealand, 2014

Water Library Special Menu-41

Premium fresh scallop, grilled to recall it’s aroma and create a complex touch, is served with sour taste hollandaise sauce. Add a touch of nature with baby carrot, then paired with white wine which has a strong aroma, but soft at taste. The definition of this pairing is “FRESH” from sense to taste. 

   Tip : Try to taste each element (Scallop, carrot, sauce and wine) one by one, then eat them together within one time. You will explore your ability in tasting the finest dish. 

– Sorbet –

” Chef Mirco special mullet wine sorbet “

Water Library Special Menu-57

Mullet wine became sorbet: all I can say is “We LIKE mullet wine but LOVE the mullet wine sorbet.”

– Third Course –

Option I

” Beef cheek, spinach, boudin noir, sichuan pepper sauce “

 Paired with Malbec, Reserva, Finca Flichman, Argentina, 2013

Water Library Special Menu-63

Perfectly slow-cooked beef cheek! served on spinach sauce. Add a crispy touch with cashew nut. Wake your palate up with stronger taste and spice of red wine “Malbec, Reserva”

Tip : This dish can cost over 1,500 THB in other fine dining restaurant. 

Option II

“Scottish Salmon, jerusalem artichoke, sauce ravigote”

Paired with Chardonnay, Reserva, Finca Flichman, Argentina, 2012

 Water Library Special Menu-68

Big, bold piece of premium salmon served in a bit sour sauce, then added more touch of element with artichoke. Paired with easy going white wine with soft fresh aroma to let the taste of salmon dip in the sauce shine out.

– Forth Course –

“White chocolate, Sesame, kumquat, rice crispy”

White mullet wine infused by Chef Mirco

 Water Library Special Menu-75

The grand finale after the journey of the finest taste. One of Chef Mirco’s bespoke dessert. The sweet ending of all mixed element. Complimented by white chilled mullet wine.

Tip : Chilled mullet wine is kind of rarely to find in Bangkok. So don’t miss it. 

This ” Anyone can Dine with Wine ” set menu serve daily from 15 December 2015 – 15 January 2016 only!

Don’t miss this irresistible chance to experience the finest art of culinary.

Only THB 1,650++ per person (Including still water)

This is a gift from Chef Mirco Keller to both Water Library royalty and everyone who looking for a chance to experience the finest food with great drink at incredible price.

” The truth is on the plate “

Chef Mirco Keller 


More information or reserve your table with Where To Fin call 02 254 9005

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