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Exclusive for 3 days only! From Thursday 19th – Saturday 21st Mat 2016… Wine Pub at Pullman Bangkok King Power invites you to a new experience of the freshly harvested oysters of best French oysters from Normandy and Brittany featuring a choice of 6 oyster varieties to refresh your palate. Including Tsarskaya, Belon, Emeraude, Gilladeau, La Rose and Special Lambert served with lemon and condiments. Discover ‘Live Oyster Shucking’ delivered directly to your table by master shuckers of Sarl Lambert Family, Mathieu Bon (left) and Sarah Bon (right), the youngest son and eldest daughter of Philippe Bon (middle), the owner of Lambert oyster farms in France including Marennes-Oléron, Paimpol and Brittany and overseas. The Lambert farms feature ancient shallow ponds, which contain a very high mineral environment and are rich in nutrients which give the oysters a distinctive aroma and flavor.

Wine Pub Oyster

Tsarskaya Oyster : A special oyster recognized several times by the renowned French Agricultural Exhibition. This oyster represents the essence of what the Russian monarchy loved about Cancale oysters, making it a real “Pearl of the Tsars”. It is pure and powerful on the palette with a hint of iodine, starting off as crunchy and tender before releasing a sugary flavor that tastes almost like sweet almonds.

Belon Oyster : Known as ‘The European Flat Oyster’ and originating from the Belon River of France this oyster is noted for its taste of iodine as well as its firm flesh, light, nutty flavor and slight acidity.

Gillardeau Oyster : Known as the ‘Queen of Oysters’ and oval in shape with a deep cavity this oyster is particularly thick-shelled, giving it a unique appearance. Gillardeau also has uncommonly juicy taste, rich flavor and delightful lingering aftertaste.

Special Lambert – Utah : Good for fleshy oyster lovers, the flavors are sweet and saline. Special Lambert is perfect for an oyster gourmet.

 Wine Pub Oyster

Best French Oyster

Oysters @ Pullman Bangkok King Power

 19 – 21 May 2016

From 18:00 – 22:00 hrs.

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