Chinese food is well known and popular to many people as the unique taste of Asian food. With the variety of ingredients and the process of cooking make the Chinese food has its own unique style.

Xin Tian Di is one of famous Chinese restaurants in Bangkok where serving you Chinese foods with distinctive Cantonese tasty for Thais. Thus the recognized winner iron chef “Chef Lam Kok Weng” of Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park is the one who is in charge and takes care of every menu for you.


Where To Fin Bangkok have a chance to try array of recommended menus by Chef Lam. The delicious dishes plus the warm welcome atmosphere of Xin Tian Di really brought us to be part of Chinese culture.

The recommended dishes from Xin Tian Di

First is special combination of hors-d’oeuvre comprising of 3 menus; crispy fish, deep-fried pork and original jelly fish. Actually, it is normally served as separated menu, which these all are restaurant’s recommended starter dishes.


The second dish was ‘Deep-fried prawns with wasabi salad dressing’. For people who don’t like the strong hot taste of wasabi, this dish can change your mind. The crispy prawns dressed with wasabi salad cream is perfectly having together as well as the smell and taste of wasabi is not too strong, but has given more tasty to this dish.

Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini_Xin Tian Di_Cuisine_06

The third dish was ‘Barbecued Peking duck’ which serving you in big plate under with crisp rice. Having a slide of crispy Peking duck skin, wrapped with roti and sweet sauce was unstoppable.


The forth dish was ‘Pan-fried “Chef Lam” homemade bean curd with spinach in xo. sauce’ which is another special menu created by Chef Lam. The softness of homemade bean curd is well cooked and dressed with xo sauce turns out to be perfect combination.


Last main dish is “Sweet and sour duck with pineapple and bell pepper”. Well cooked of duck mixed with special sauce leaded on sweet and sour flavours is the normal menu but cannot deny to recommend as special dish for this journey.


For recommended soups were brought to serve with ‘Double boiled sea horse with Chinese yam wolfberry and Black Chicken’ and ‘Double boiled sliced garoupa, century egg in superior bouillon’ which was absolutely undoubted how great of cooking by Chef Lam. The smell and taste of soup is unique and special like no place can do the same. Well, you must try by yourself.



However, we finished this dinner with signature desserts by starting with Chilled lemongrass jelly with tropical fresh fruits’. When you have them all together, the sweet of lemongrass jelly and the sour of tropical fruits are well mixed in your mouth.


The second was brought up with ‘Crispy pancake stuffed with red date paste’. This one is also recommended as must try too, with the crispy, crunchy and sweet of red date paste has been well baked.


However, we ended this journey with ‘Chilled tapioca with cantaloupe in coconut milk’. The little sweet taste of cantaloupe mixed well with coconut milk on ice, which would be the cool ending for this journey ever.


There is nothing to say more than ‘Having a good food is as same as having a good time’. If you love experiencing real Chinese food, this is the place Where To Fin would like to recommend for you.

 Xin Tian Di

22nd floor, Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park

Opening Time

Lunch : 11:30 – 14:30 hrs.

Dinner : 18:00 – 22:30 hrs.