Welcome, this Thai New Year with authentic tastes from 4 regions of Thailand. This time, we visit Basil, Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit’s award-winning Thai restaurant for the finest authentic cuisine cooked and served by a spirited local chef born and raised in each region with a deep love and respect for their traditional dishes and cooking styles. If you hungry for Local Thai Taste yet don’t have time to travel along the way to countryside, now it’s your chance!  


Chief Veera, a talented and skilled Chief Concierge of Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit invite us to explore on an opening celebration of the latest menus represent the charms of 4 regions of Thailand. Our professional chef starts the night with an interesting background story of each Thai local cuisine which, actually, is a Signature Service of the Luxury Collection one of the leading hotel in Starwood Hotels & Resorts business chains.


We star from the North. These Northern regions are not familiar with creamy coconut dishes, yet more favor of vegetables and spices. Inspired by Myanmar, Lanna and Shan (Tai Yai) etc., this region house much famous local food such as Northern style chilli dip, Streaky pork with crispy crackling, Hang-le curry, Asgaew and much more. What we should miss in every Northern-style cuisine is a warm steamed sticky rice. 

Sweet is a heart of Central region cuisine. We always found creamy coconut as a soup base such as green curry, Thai Chicken Coconut Soup, Cassia curry etc. A Reginal dish is also included spicy clear soup such as Thai Spicy Mixed Vegetable Soup, Tom Yum and so on. What we always have on table is various kinds of chili sauce in which created from different kinds of regional ingredients. Stream Jasmin rice and steam vegetables is a classic combination.  

Travel along the way to the South. This southern region influenced by Islamic culture, but still captured its spiciest characteristic among four regions. A well-known dishes from this sea land is mixed with seafood and spices such as Curried fish sauce, Biryani, Nasi kerabu, Fish organs sour soup etc. Don’t forget to bring out fresh vegetables as a side dish. Healthy, isn’t it? 

Our journey goes a bit up to the Northeastern region in which the food well represent the characteristic of their people. Spicy, Funny, Fluent and straightforward are the best words describes Northeastern people and those character shows up in the way they cook and eat. Papaya salad, Roast chicken, Spicy minced beef, Spicy minced pork, Pickled fish and Sliced grilled beef salad, these are all unique dishes easy to made but capture people with several tastes from sweet to salty, add up to sour and spice. 


Even you are a fan of North, South, Center or Northeastern if you fancy of Thai food, Basil is one of the best choices. The restaurant also provides you 3 private rooms in which you can enjoy your happy meal with your loved one in privacy. The menu can choose from 4 regional A La Cart or Thai set menu where 5 dishes from each region will be served at a price of 1,600++ THB per person.  

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Basil Thai Restaurant

2nd floor, Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit

Lunch from 12:00 – 14:30 hrs. (Mon – Fri, Except public holiday)

Dinner from 18:00 – 22:30 hrs.

Dress Code : Smart Casual (No Shorts, No sports wear, as well as no singlet’s and closed shoes for men)

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Call : 02 254 9005 / LINE@ : @greatgastro


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