An Exclusive Interview with the New GM of Conrad Bangkok 


The happiness of people is different depending on each person’s perception and needs. Travelling, shopping, partying, or even dining is considered of pleasure in some people’s lives as well. This special issue, Where To Fin would like to introduce you a person who has deep passion and deep thought through dining. Moreover, Where To Fin has been honoured to be the first media in Thailand to get an exclusive interviewing with him.

Khun Herman Ehrlich_General Manager-Edit

Mr. Herman J. Ehrlich, the new General Manager of Conrad Bangkok.

“Food is my philosophy”

I believe to the principle and theory of Abraham Maslow that ‘Our primary need is to feed ourselves’.



Mr. Ehrlich has been working with many diverse food industries for long time and this is his first property in Thailand with Conrad Bangkok. Likewise, it can say that he has experienced and well known about distinct varieties of food by most of his career’s lifetime as he said, “Food is my hobby”.

‘Food’ in perception of Mr. Ehrlich is more than his passion, but it is determined as his philosophy as well. He stated his believe to the principle and theory of Abraham Maslow that ‘Our primary need is to feed ourselves’. With this interesting statement has also led us to new stories whether about his vision to Conrad Bangkok or Fine-Dining.

Conrad Bangkok is well known as one of top five star hotels, which has run many famous restaurants like KiSara –Japanese, Liu – Chinese and Café@2 – International. Thus, Mr. Ehrlich has now become part of this top recognized hotel, undoubting that with his passion for fine food would make these outlets to be more standout.


Herman J. Ehrlich_General Manager

“When we eat, we understand the culture of foods – Every food has history behind”, Mr. Ehrlich.


  • His thought through dining with 5 star restaurants

Mr. Ehrlich gave a good point of why some people love dining in high-ended restaurants, which he said that it is actually all about ‘the experience’. In fact, people can eat everywhere and they can eat at home too, but if we sense the feeling of fine dining, it is another level of how you eat. As he mentioned to why sometimes people misunderstood about the reason of dining in 5-star restaurants, and the answer for this reason is they come to experience, to be part of 5-6 star atmospheres.

  • His passion through Japanese food and KiSara restaurant

Mr. Ehrlich had worked in Japan more than 10 years before being the GM at Conrad as well as he even wrote a book which about guiding places of having Japanese food in Japan too. He said that, “the most important thing of eating Japanese food is Fresh’’.

Likewise, if you have tried ‘Konnichiwa Brunch’ at KiSara, here, will serve you with À la cart buffet as he also mentioned to this special brunch that “Some types of food better suit for buffet than others but Japanese food is not suit for buffet – Product needs to be fresh which customer can eat something fresh”. It also leads to the chefs who cook with the passion like artist. Because the cooking technique is something that can be practiced, but how they can be part of food is something that cannot be taught.


  • His inspiration to what he loves “Food”

Mr. Ehrlich loves to experience new things especially different types of food as he said, “When we eat, we understand the culture of foods – Every food has history behind”. Many people are travelling so they experience a lot about food and that is why food cannot judge to be good or bad by one person but it can say that “Good food is what you like”.

A man who has been loving with food and has deep passion to work for what he loves is the best guaranteed that if you have a chance to dine in any restaurant at Conrad Bangkok, your dining satisfaction will be fully fulfilled from all his vision to serve the best for his customers. With the warm welcomed, this interview could say nothing more than…

‘It is not only about quantity, it is about quality’.