Apart from its Spanish delights, UNO MAS at Centara Grand and Bangkok Contention Centre at Central World is also well-known for its exclusive monthly dining event featuring renowned guest chefs from around world. And on August 10, we, Great Gastro, were invited to join an exclusive wine dinner with a young and talented Michelin-Starred Guest Chef Miguel Cobo, the owner of the acclaimed restaurant Cobo Vintage in Burgos, Spain.

Chef Miguel Cobo

On this special night, Chef Miguel Cobo meticulously created an exciting 10-course dinner menu combining a traditional Castilian cuisine with modern techniques and using only the freshest seasonal ingredients imported directly from his homeland.

Chef Miguel Cobo

Corn nut cookie
served with creamy foie gras and preserves

His gastronomic delights started with the crispy corn nut cookies served with creamy foie gras in between. On top of it displayed a bite-sized piece of foie gras which was extremely rich and delicate. It was small in size but certainly big in flavor.

Chef Miguel Cobo

Marinated salmon
served with Sanbaizu sauce, avocado cream and pickles

Next up was a thick filet of marinated salmon doused with remarkably sour Sanbaizu sauce and topped with smooth avocado cream and pickles—a well-balanced diet to whet one’s appetite.

Chef Miguel Cobo

Lobster royale
served with shitake dashi

Delivering an interesting sea and earth combination, this Lobster Royale was comprised of freshly delicate lobster meat and jelly-like dashi stock made with shitake mushroom. It was then topped with delicious foam for the scent of the sea.

Chef Miguel Cobo

Gillardeau oyster
served with sour apple soup, cucumber and celery frost

Fresh Gillardeau oysters were bathed in sour apple soup served attractively with cucumber and celery frost. It was a refreshing treat with authentic flavors and tempting aroma.

Preserved tuna
served with devil sauce and passion fruit gel

The preserved tuna, which arrived next, was beautifully plated and flavorfully cooked. This slightly briny fish was well blended with the hot and spicy devil sauce and the zesty passion fruit gel, carrying the flavors and textures of modern gastronomy.

Chef Miguel Cobo

Glazed Iberian pork jowl
served with salted yolk and creamy tubers

The slow cooked Iberian pork jowl offered an incredible melt-in-your-mouth texture with a mouthwatering aroma of the meat. It was glazed in a delectably thick sauce and accompanied by creamy tubers as well as salted yolk and raspberry puree popping with flavor.

Chef Miguel Cobo

Roasted monkfish
served with black olive marinade and crustacean ‘Pil Pil’

This succulent Monkfish coated with black olive marinade and crustacean ‘Pil Pil’ was roasted to perfection offering a velvety, juicy texture with a luscious flavor. It came served with a sweet and sour mayo sauce as a flavor enhancer.

Chef Miguel Cobo

Iberian ‘Presa’ pork
served with ginger and nori seaweeds

Another menu using Iberian pork as a main ingredient was truly the star of the show. The pork was delicately flavored with the aromatic ground ginger for a hint of spiciness and the nori seaweeds for a unique taste. It was then pleasingly served with chef’s homemade sauce and lemon gel.

Chef Miguel Cobo

Thai panna cotta
served with coconut ice cream and yuzu gel

For desserts, the smooth panna cotta was served with the aromatic coconut ice cream and the yuzu gel for a refreshing bite, giving somewhat an impression of being on a beautiful tropical beach.

Chef Miguel Cobo

Apple, Orange and Mango

Lastly, the chef served up a refreshing scoop of apple, orange, and mango sherbet, placed on top of a satisfying piece of cake. It provided a fun and exciting end to this splendid meal and also acted as an excellent palate cleanser.

Chef Miguel Cobo

Avid Chef Miguel Cobo is definitely one of the most distinguished chefs in the world with his creative and innovative dishes that also reflect his own origin. It was once again a memorable dining experience which UNO MAS had to offer.

Chef Miguel Cobo


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