Cuddled up on the 2nd floor of Chamchuri Square (next to the Sam Yan MRT Station), Water Library at Chamchuri Square offers a harmonizing blend of a modern design and a boutique décor in an elegant and stylish environment with a view of the busy street and people on the move.

Water Library

Remarkable for its aquatic oasis with a vast collection of bottled water brands from all over the world, this uniquely inventive restaurant led by Berlin-born Chef Mirco Keller is introducing a four-course and five-course brand new seasonal tasting menu reflecting the simple, yet sophisticated contemporary European cuisine.

Water Library

Beef or Tuna Tartare, Tonnato, Mustard Seed, Caper

The taste of the modern European cuisine by chef Mirco Keller kicks off with a choice of beef or tuna tartare. The excellently minced raw meat is shaped into a small cake, topped with mustard seed, fried caper, and dehydrated olives to add crunchy texture as well as pleasant aroma to a dish, and served with a cream, tangy tonnato sauce made with cooked tuna and mayonnaise that blends seamlessly with the flavorful steak tartare.

Water Library

Cauliflower, Royal Oscietra Caviar, Scallop

When the chef’s life-long passion for cooking and love of Chinese food meet, you get this beautifully folded, Chinese-inspired dumpling filled with warm, savory cauliflower purée with a touch of butter. The dish also arrives with the sparkling black royal Oscietra caviar topped on the aromatic grilled Canadian scallop offering a feast of flavors that comes straight from the sea, all accompanied by the light and silky velouté sauce.

Water Library

Döner Sandwich, Pulled Pork, Cole Slaw, Lobster Rouille

The Döner Sandwich derived from the chef’s hometown in Berlin is utterly desirable characteristics of freshly-baked kebab bread, stuffed with juicy authentic barbecued pulled pork, coleslaw, and lobster rouille. The bread drizzled with sesame seeds gets a very good crackling crust that fits perfectly with the sweet and piquant pork and the thick creamy sauce inside. This balance of simplicity and complexity ensures a playful interpretation of a fine dining dish.

Water Library

Bresse Pigeon, Smoked Eel, Boudin Noir, Cucumber

Continue a spectacular meal at Water Library with roasted Bresse pigeon from the eastern France. The young poultry acquires an irresistible taste of its tender meat and glossy skin, accented by the smoked sea eel sauce and pigeon jus that provide a dense consistency and amusing flavor without letting the syrupy sauce overpower the subtle pigeon meat. This dish also comes with boudin noir and pickled cucumber to add refreshing elements to your meal.

Water Library

Lobster, Homemade Pasta, Bisque

Another main dish of your choice to contribute to an Italian taste is the famous Lobster Pasta. The handmade half-moon ravioli stuffed with intense lobster bisque and Maine lobster creates a flavor explosion of the lobster inside the silky pasta à la minute. Served in a smooth, rich lobster bisque made from cottage cheese, parmesan cheese, and carrot puree; and topped with big chunks of claw and knuckle lobster meat, it is impossible to ignore this bold and delicious menu.

Water Library

Coffee, Cream Cheese, Yuzu, Caramel

Chef Mirco Keller provides an explosive close to the meal with a refreshing chilled dessert featuring homemade caramel ice-cream, coffee crumbles, yuzu sake jelly, and cream cheese. The moderate bitterness of the coffee pleasantly contrasts the sweetness of the frozen treat.

Water Library

New Seasonal Tasting Menu

Water Library at Chamchuri Square

Lunch from 11:30 – 14:30  hrs.

Dinner from 18:00 – 22:00 hrs.


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