OSHA, one of the leading Thai fine dining restaurant in Bangkok open its towering doors for a worldwide audience who seeking for authentic Thai food served in style. Along with the modern touches, the food is brilliant with an original sense of traditional Thai cuisine. Today our Great Gastro visit OSHA visit this wonderful restaurant located at Soi Ruam Ruedi at the corner of Ruam Ruedee and Witthayu roads for a Thai classic menu for summer “Khao Chae“. 


It’s hardly imagine that this luxury restaurant originated from United States of America. With its huge success, the owner, who is Thai, decided to open new OSHA venue in Bangkok. The story of OSHA Thai Restaurant & Bar famous chain takes us back to 1997, when the first restaurant established in San Francisco. After 17 years of business, Osha Bangkok is recently open as the brand’s 10th outlet, and its first outside San Francisco.


Space is very elegant, decorated in contemporary Thai architecture style in which classic wooden craft in gold-on-black theme definitely leaves a lasting impression on visitors. At the first glance, we will see a huge 8-meter gigantic wooden door as the first sign of extravaganza interior. 


The atmosphere in the restaurant is modern style and Thai gimmick. Once you step inside, you would see the world biggest handmade ‘chada’ (crown) hanging in the center over a bar corner. The dining area is going up to second surrounded by an enormous Ramayana artwork and a golden roof. 


 A private room for 12 guests is also available at the end of the hallway. Embrace by its exquisite setting and a blend of glittering gold Thai décor and modern arts, OSHA has its own charm in which we would love you to come and experience it with your own eyes.  


Osha Bangkok’s cuisine is under the supervision of celebrity chef, Chef Purida Theeraphong, an iron lady of Thai culinary world. With the great passion of cooking, her Thai cuisine is extremely innovative and creative with lots of twists, which is very entertaining especially if you are the new comer in modern Thai culinary. However, what we would like to highlight today is traditional summer dish ‘Khao Chae’ inspired from The Royal Recipe by professor Kobkaew Najpinij, the expert in authentic Thai culinary. The food was beautifully presented in modern style, definitely another memorable Khao Chae experience you could have in Bangkok. 


The Royal Recipe of Khao-Chae

Khao Chae

Originated from Mon culture, chef Theeraphong chooses the finest selection of steamed white rice, popular in Mon culinary, soaked in flower-scented water. Roses, Chmnad, Ylang and many different kinds of Thai local flower were chilled in a cold water over night, then add a bit of aroma smell with candle smoke. It might be interesting to notice that OSHA is one of a few restaurant in town where Chmanad (Vallaris), a rarely found traditional flower with signature aroma smell, was used. This definitely light up the heritage sense and make this dish become much more remarkable among the others. The presentation was pretty amazing, serving in a transparence bowl full of dry ice is not only a cold preservation, but also, make this dish become more interesting with more creative though less attention-seeking dishes. 

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Within the genial walls of OSHA Thai Restaurant & Bar Bangkok, dinner can enjoy brilliant Thai cuisine with lots of twists in luxurious authentic Thai atmosphere. Can’t get enough? Don’t worry, tons of food is coming in the next episode. Stay tuned! 

Royal Recipe Khao Chae 

OSHA Thai Restaurant & Bar

1 April – 15 May 2016

Lunch : 11:00 – 14:30 hrs. (Khao Chae available for lunch only)

Dinner : 18:30 – 24:00 hrs.

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