The famous Italian restaurant “Rossini” at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit hotel is guaranteed with qualified awards. In March, they have brought back the Michelin Star dining experiences for us Bangkokians again! This time is the famous Italian Michelin Star Chef Errico Recanati with the best Italian cuisine.

Rossini Michelin Chef Errico33

From Andriena restaurant in Marche, Italy, Chef Errico Ricanati is famous for his technique to merge an old-fashioned Italian cooking style to create a new type of food. With the finest ingredients and cookery, Chef Errico is considered one of the most revolutionary chef for Italian cuisine, who brings the old-style Italian food to the contemporary.  


Today, Great Gastro is more than welcome to bring you to experience Chef Errico’s masterpieces at Rossini restaurant at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit.

Rossini Michelin Chef Errico05

Starting with a plate of warm slices of bread as an appetizer, 4 different types of bread with 3 spreads are served.

Rossini Michelin Chef Errico09

“Animelle, Ricci Di Mare, Capesante” Veal Sweetbread, Sea Urchin, Scallops

Veal’s liver is chosen from calves with less than 3 years old. The grilled, savory liver is placed on grilled scallops with the sauce made from Sea Urchin. We could feel the three main ingredients that come with a distinguish sweet smell.

Rossini Michelin Chef Errico18

“Pensando ad un brodetto” Thinking about a seafood soup

This soup has a similar taste to Lobster Bisque with a fresh ocean breeze. It comes in a pot with a plate of boiled seafood: scallop, crab meat, shellfish, and shrimp. This soup just perfectly reminds us of the day at the beach.

Rossini Michelin Chef Errico19

“Tortello Di Piccione, Mascarpone, Castagne E Tartufo Nero” Pigeon Tortelli, Mascarpone, Chestnuts, Black Truffle

The pigeon Tortelli pasta is served as the first dish. The distinguish smell of pigeon combines with Mascapone cheese sauce gave us a soft taste. Topped with a thin-sliced chestnuts, black truffle, and black truffle caviar, this pasta has combined best ingredients with distinctive smells. 

Rossini Michelin Chef Errico21

“Gnocco Di Patate Viola Ripiene Di Lepre In Salmi, Burro, Salvia E Mirtilli” Butter Stewed Hare Violet Gnocchi, Sage, Blueberry

 The next Pasta present ‘Gnocchi pasta’. A creative menu twists from original Gnocchi pasta in rabbit meat sauce to Gnocchi filled with stewed rabbit. The Gnocchi is thick and soft served under minced violet potato and sour blueberry. 

Rossini Michelin Chef Errico26

“Agnello, Asparagi, Caprino” Baby Lamb, Asparagus, Goat Cheese

Our main dish for today is medium rare Baby Lamb served with smooth tender asparagus sauce, spiced up with goat cheese, and then decorated with a thin slice of asparagus. The fresh smell of asparagus in the creamy sauce and sour baby lamb meat create the great harmony of this remarkable dish. 

Rossini Michelin Chef Errico25

“Anatra, Tamarindo E Cacao” Duck Breast, Tamarind, Cocoa

Here come the star of our dinner, a medium rare French imported duck breast grilled served with sweet tamarind sauce and sour beetroot before topped up with thine slice of beetroot. The highlight of this menu is cheery made of foie gras terrine mixed with beetroot. Featured all the tastes of sour, sweet and salty, this dish is the perfect answer to Thai people. 

Rossini Michelin Chef Errico29

“Il Tiramisu Tutto In Una Sfera” Traditional Tiramisu In a Sphere

Let’s get started with dessert. The first station is modern style Tiramisu served in chocolate dome shape, the interior consist of cake and ice cream. The waitress will serve this dish by melting a chocolate dome with a sweet sauce. From the first glance, you might not recognize it as Tiramisu, but after the first bite, all your doubt will disappear. 

Rossini Michelin Chef Errico30

“Il Cioccolate Ca Al Mercato Delle Spezie” Our Dark Chocolate Went To The Spice Market

 Inspired by market in India, this sweet feature a chocolate mousse covered by 6 different kinds of spices, each of them come with a signature smell. Then, add more texture with the small chocolate ball covered in gold. What a fancy dessert, isn’t it? 

Rossini Michelin Chef Errico28

“A Mio Nonno” A Dedication To My Grandfather

The last dessert comes up with a traditional dessert from Italy. Inspired by layering custard and sponge cake, Zuppa Inglease, this dessert has it special aroma smell from rose rum. This good-looking cake creates such a perfect end of our journey. 

Rossini Michelin Chef Errico04

Enchanted once again by Rossini, this leading Italian restaurant surprised us with an unexpected Italian culinary experience. 


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