Summer is coming! Welcome this Thai summer with something fresh and fabulous! Today Great Gastro would like to introduce you all to the best fresh up activity which will surely light up your mood with great food, good dessert and glorious tea.  

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The St.Regis Bangkok, a luxurious hotel captured an environment that recalls the grace and character of a stately New York’s lifestyle, proudly present you a traditional Afternoon tea from Astor’s family, a founder of The St.Regis. The legendary tea set represent an upper class’s lifestyle of the people of New York via a classic food and beverages. Visit St.Regis for a legendary tea with 3 different remarkable atmosphere available at your choices: impress yourself at The Lounge on the Ground floor main entrance, enjoy luxury penthouse surrounding at the Drawing Room or zip your tea on 12 floor with a panoramic view of the Royal Bangkok Sports Club. 

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A New York style Afternoon Tea at The St.Regist Bangkok available daily. From Monday to Saturday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in 2 different styles: Thai Afternoon Tea for 2 people (THB 850++) and The St.Regis Afternoon Tea for 2 people (THB 1,200++). For Sunday, the Afternoon Tea Buffet will be present from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the price of THB 750++ per person (tea or coffee included). A package with one glass of Sparking wine is also available at THB 1,000++ per person. 

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Today we visit St.Regis once again for this two fabulous Afternoon Tea sets in which the menu in each set will be set according to seasonal ingredients. So, if you visit St.Regis Bar in different season, of course, you will meet up with different delight. Curious? Let’s check it out! 

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Thai Afternoon Tea for Two

How the Thai Afternoon tea set would taste like, you may ask. If it’s going to be a bit too western? Here we can guarantee you the most authentic taste of Thai savory and sweet as if you are not dining in a western standard hotel. 

1823 Tea St.Regis Bar - High Tea43

Starting with snacks and savories (from the left)

Thai curry with rice crisoies Thai curry with rice crisoies – A crispy rice served with creamy curry.

Seafood and hot basil with chili on German rye bread A Rye Sandwich filled with Thai Style salty and spicy Seafood with hot chili and basil. This surely will surprise you with an East meet West taste. 

Egg and Thai herbs on a mini pretzel A fresh baked mini pretzel filled with quail eggs, then topped up with sweet sauce mixed with herbs. Eat it fresh for the pretzel served best taste when it’s warm. 

 1823 Tea St.Regis Bar - High Tea44

Turmeric chicken on wheat bread A soft and tender wheat sandwich came with sweet and salty Turmeric chicken. What a perfect starter! 

Rice paper spring rolls with tom yam seasoning A fresh spring rolls wrapped up with varieties vegetables and spicy tom yum sauce.

 1823 Tea St.Regis Bar - High Tea42

Here comes the sweets! 

Pandan leaf and Coconut scones with Pineapple, Ginger and Tangerine, Lime Jam, Clotted and Whipped Cream Scone is always a must in every tea event. This time, it comes with a little special feature by mixed with pandan leaf and coconut before, again, topped up with coconut powder. Then served with a creamy Clotted Cream and Whipped Cream. Don’t forget about jams! Here we served you special recipes one from pineapple and Ginger, another with orange and lime.  

Coconut panna cotta with passion fruit jelly Creamy coconut panna cotta comes with sour passion fruit jelly before added a little sweetness by golden threads. 

Pumpkin custard A sweet and tender Thai custard accompany by streamed Pumpkin. What a perfect combination! 

Thai may bean marzipan A good-looking Thai dessert made from sweet bean. 

Mango and sticky rice Do not miss our all-time-famous Thai dessert, a mango sticky rice, served you in style. A bit sweetness with a pandan smell from sticky rice made a great combination with sour and sweet fresh mango.  

 1823 Tea St.Regis Bar - High Tea33

A fine selection of teas For tea loves, we features varieties types of popular tea from TWG: 1837 Black, Vanilla Bourbon, Silver Moon and much more. 

 1823 Tea St.Regis Bar - High Tea64

St.Regis Afternoon Tea New Year Resolution 2016

Inspired by the Afternoon Tea Traditional from Astor’s family, the St Regies Bangkok Afternoon Tea signature boasts charming high society’s lifestyle of New York. This legendary tea set was served in a glorious golden bird cage in which features a different kinds of seasonal savories and sweets.  

1823 Tea St.Regis Bar - High Tea59

Plain and Lemon Scented Scones House-made Jam and Preserves, English Clotted Cream  Again, starting with Scone. A fluffy original and lemon scone served with thick clotted cream and whipped cream.    

1823 Tea St.Regis Bar - High Tea53

Followed in the set, a savories and snacks (from the left)

Duck Rillettes, Quail Egg Crostini, Herbs and EV Olive Oil Crunchy bread served with salty Duck Rillettes, quail eggs, sweet herbs and olive oil.   

Beetroot Cured Salmon Brioche, Capers and Sour Cream Fresh baked bread filled with salmon, beetroot and sour cream. Spice up a bit with chopped caper. Eat it before its cold.  

Foie Gras Pate and Chocolate Tart Port Wine Jelly Chocolate tart served with sour Port Wine Jelly. The special tart filled with Foie Gras Pate which spice up the sweet taste of chocolate.  

Fried Brie and Cucumber Ribbons Deep fried Brie cheese eat with fresh cucumber.  

 1823 Tea St.Regis Bar - High Tea52

The sweet collection started from the top! 

St.Regis Macaroons A New York style Macaroons fresh and crunchy from the exterior, but soft and tender with just a touch of sweet. If you think Lasuree is a bit too sweet, then you should try this macaroons. 

Madeleines, Honey and Icing Sugar French Honey Egg Cake covered with icing sugars. This is surely for a honey lover.  

1823 Tea St.Regis Bar - High Tea56

Streamed Chocolate Pudding, Butter Scotch Sauce Soft chocolate cake filled with chocolate sauce, then covered with Butter Scotch Sauce. If you once fall in love with chocolate Lava, this sweet will surely enchanted once again. 

Classic Profiteroles, Orange Scented Pastry Cream Choux Cream a-like sweet comes in a tender and crunchy puff filled with sweet fresh cream, then covered with white chocolate cream and ended up with a pieces of sour orange. 

The Golden Cheese Cake, Blueberry A thick cheese cake mixed with blueberry served in gold. 

House-made Nougat, Candied Hazelnuts Nougat is a sweet made of sugar, honey and a crunchy Hazelnuts cut in square piece.  

1823 Tea St.Regis Bar - High Tea37

A fine selection of teas Choose your favorite coffee or tea from premium TWG collection.   

The St.Regis Bangkok เท่านั้นExperience New York’s legendary Afternoon Tea culture initiated by Caroline Astor, upper class girl from Aston family, in a stylish and hip atmosphere at the center of Bangkok by yourself at St.Regis. This extraordinary experience offers you a first class tea with homemade premium desserts which will surely fresh up your mood in this summer season.  


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The St.Regis Afternoon Tea

St.Regis Bar, 12th floor at The St.Regis Bangkok

Monday – Saturday from 14:00 – 17:00 hrs.

Thai Afternoon Tea for 2 price at 850++ THB

The St.Regis Afternoon Tea for 2 price at 1,200++ THB

Every Sunday from 14:00 – 18:00 hrs.

Afternoon Tea Buffet

750++ THB per person, including complimentary coffee or tea

1,000++ THB per person, including a glass of sparkling wine

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